3/4 to a hearty meat and wine! Open new meat Bal met House furnace-(Rock) Tokyo / Akihabara


Mite House hearth, (read: miito a light locking), named “furnace” and as a “use”furnace”= fire”Gu”= plot” means “a hearty meat dishes such as”Rock”lump meat’. It is, feel free to enjoy overwhelming volume and high cost-performance beef matured meat including various meat dishes and tapas deals wine specialties, meat bar.


And 30 seconds walk from Akihabara Station, convenient location is excellent access. Shop casual Interior too Kundra “American factory” raise expectations of food based on the basic concept.

And share the meat still acceptable, while satisfying the mite House hearth, a glass of wine and talk about their time to relax.

Mite House hearth, three features

(1) Overwhelming volume with excellent meat dishes
Unique meat bar menu available.
A simple Grill serving direct quality of the material of cows, pigs, chickens,
Meat platter, fried chicken, Hamburger steak, braised dishes.
To share with friends and enjoy the flavor of the “meat”.

1 for example:
♦ Grilled snow room aged pork (160 g, 1390 Yen plus tax)
♦ 1000 time aged beef grilled (160 g, 2290 Yen plus tax)
♦ Special padding 3 1kg盛ri (3490 Yen plus tax)
[Three] chicken Grill
Wheat Fuji pork Grill
Rare parts cattle were streaked grille

(2) increase the feeling of excitement a stylish casual atmosphere
Pop sprinkled on the wall is a simple illustrated Panel of American taste, beef, pork, chicken, moderately spice for space and creates a conversation with fellow bouncy fun atmosphere.
Increases the expected to the food is transported from this illuminated from the ceiling is a simple spotlight with warm wood tables.



(3) reasonable wines by the glass including drinks perfect for meats
Speaking of meat and wine. Have a happy adult taste.
Is the jug wines, sparkling wines and 10 wines by the glass and assortment would instinctively have distracted.
Also, red or white wine (other than wine) tasting size available. You can feel free to find a cup of your favorite.

1 for example:
♦ naminami sparkling “Luxe No.1 Blancs” (690 Yen plus tax)
* 3/4-offers open only 31 (490 Yen plus tax)
♦ glass wine jug DE rock red / white (590 yen each, plus tax)
♦ Hiroshima, Seto Inland Sea industrial salt Lemon Sour (690 Yen plus tax)
♦ organic Sangria red and white (690 yen each, plus tax)

Mite House hearth, akiha Hara shop overview
♦ address: Tokyo Chiyoda-ku Kanda Sakuma-Cho 1-16 KDX akiha Hara 5F
♦ Grand opening day: 3/4/2016
♦ hours: 17:00-23:30
♦ Tel: 03-5209-0800
♦ seating capacity: 40 seats open, private room seats 12 total 52 seats
(32 seats non-smoking / smoking 20 seats)
♦ store area:81.14 m²
♦ access: akiha Hara station Showa Dori exit 30 seconds walk