“NOHGA HOTEL AKIHABARA TOKYO” (Naga Hotel Akihabara Tokyo) January 16, 2020 (Thursday) reservation start, July 1 (Wed) opening


Nomura Real Estate Group's directly managed hotel “ NOHGA HOTEL '' series 2nd ~ A hotel that creates “ a wonderful experience born from deep connection with the community ''

Nomura Real Estate Co., Ltd. will start booking accommodation for "NOHGA HOTEL AKIHABARA TOKYO" on Thursday, January 16, 2020, and will open on July 1 (Wednesday).
NOHGA HOTEL is a brand based on the concept of "a wonderful experience born from deep connections with the community." The hotel is a hotel where the Group itself develops products and provides services by actively promoting “Creating a city that connects to the future” and “Creating a community that connects people and people, and people and towns”. In addition, as part of our efforts to protect the global environment, we have introduced green power, which reduces CO2 emissions from procured power to zero, utilizing the “CO2 Zero Plan” *. At the same time, we will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by providing products and services that address social issues, such as promoting the reduction of plastics by using paper straws and using highly biodegradable detergents. In 2022, we plan to open a third phase in Kyoto, where we will enter Kansai for the first time, and will continue to develop our directly managed hotels in the future.
* The “CO2 Zero Plan” is a plan to achieve 100% renewable energy and zero CO2 emissions by utilizing non-fossil certificates derived from renewable energy. Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo / Representative Director: Shoji Ito) provides stable CO2 emission reductions.

Official website for accommodation reservation: ( https://nohgahotel.com/akihabara/ ) * Reservations can be made from this website.

Ⅰ. concept

NOHGA HOTEL AKIHABARA TOKYO is a hotel where you can fully experience the diversity, curiosity and creativity of Akihabara, where a wide range of cultures such as art, music and food are mixed.
Space production including up-and-coming artist works, provision of original sound utilizing high-quality acoustic space, holding of music events, workshops and events where you can deeply experience Akihabara in Tokyo, and glasses that can taste the best of manufacturing Through dishes and tableware, menus using plenty of seasonal ingredients from all over Japan, we will deliver not only simple and relaxing guest rooms but also ways to enjoy hotels.

“NOHGA HOTEL AKIHABARA TOKYO”, a hotel with a wide range of cultures, will soon be born.

Tokyo / Akihabara

Interlacing culture, stimulus born.
Akihabara, Tokyo, a city that attracts the attention of the world.

In retrospect, this is always the place where people, information and things are at the forefront of Japanese culture. Many things that can connect the baton of parable culture and creativity. Also, in the days when record shops were lined up, music freaks from all over Japan were enthusiastic and many fashions were spreading from here.

And 2020. As one of Japan's leading electronics towns, as a sacred place for idols and anime, as the epicenter of subcultures centering on manga and games, and as a source of new art, the intersection is more diverse and more enthusiastic. And has evolved.

Get to know the one and only energy that stimulates curiosity around the world.


To be deeply connected to the area.

Noga Hotel values the wonderful experience that comes from it.

We at Noga Hotel aim to share the special and extraordinary moments and the happy experiences with people all over the world, born from this hotel as a starting point and deeply connected with the region.

A wonderful experience that comes from deep local connections. That is the value we value most.

Ⅱ. Hotel facility composition

“NOHGA HOTEL AKIHABARA TOKYO” has 120 rooms, a lobby gallery, a restaurant, a bar, a studio, a terrace, and a fitness facility, as well as art, music, and products from local people. , You can experience the local culture. The restaurant, bar and lobby gallery can be used freely by non-guests and aim to be a community-created hotel where many people gather every day.

1F: Entrance / Restaurant / Bar 2F: Lobby Gallery / Studio Terrace / Fitness

The inside of the building and the surroundings of the entrance have a rich planting environment, and the restaurant and bar that greets customers are open daily from morning to night, so that not only guests but also anyone can use it casually. With an open atrium connected to the lobby gallery on the second floor, we will welcome guests in a cozy space with high-quality speakers in the acoustic space and up-and-coming artists' artwork. In addition, a studio space and a terrace will be set up to hold workshops where you can deeply experience Tokyo and Akihabara, music events centered on DJs active in the Tokyo music scene, and casually as a guest lounge We aim to create a space where you can enjoy changes in various scenes.

Bar (1F) / Studio (2F)
Studio terrace

The interior design is simple but soft and warm so that guests can relax and relax. Using Japanese-made amenities, guest room equipment, and furniture, you can enjoy the quality of Japanese manufacturing.
In addition, speakers will be installed in all rooms to create a space where you can enjoy music in your living room. On TV, you will be able to distribute NOHGA HOTEL original songs and video works by artists.

Superior Double
Deluxe Twin


Accommodation reservations are available from the following TEL or the official website. Hotel information will be uploaded sequentially from the following SNS.
TEL reservation 03-6206-0569 (reception hours: weekdays from 10:00 to 18:00, except weekends and holidays)
Official HP https://nohgahotel.com/akihabara/
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/nohgahotel.akihabara/
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/nohgahotel.akihabara/

Ⅲ. Restaurant

A restaurant that cooperates with MOTHERS Co., Ltd., which operates a number of popular stores mainly in western Tokyo, is also the face of a hotel, and has a bar zone where you can enjoy from morning till night, and a dynamic wood-burning kettle, a seamless and lively open kitchen. It is an all-day dining room with a restaurant zone equipped with a restaurant, where you can enjoy the warmth of Barcelona on a daily basis.
We offer "Spanish Italian", which combines traditional cuisine from various regions and tapas menus loved by bars with a unique sense while using Japanese seasonal ingredients. For breakfast and lunch, we will deliver focaccia grilled in a wood-fired kiln, buffet style that is unique to the open kitchen and freshly made, and dinner will include kiln-baked pizza, homemade tortillas, a variety of playful tapas, etc. Offers. Sophisticated tableware in collaboration with local stores will further enhance the dining scene.


With the mission of "Creating a new city", MOTHERS Co., Ltd. has evolved since its founding in 2001 based on the simple idea of "making the best restaurant in the city".

There are currently 18 stores, including MOTHERS, where you can enjoy a relaxed and enjoyable meal in an unpretentious adult space, and pizzaria CANTERA, which offers whole-grain PIZZA from a large wood-fired kiln.

Ⅳ. Collaboration

We plan to cooperate with arts, music, products, and events in hotels, mainly by local companies and organizations. Various details will be announced again.

<Companies / organizations scheduled for cooperation (example)>
3333 Arts Chiyoda

A multi-cultural facility opened in 2010, renovating the former Chiyoda Ward Nenari Junior High School.
With an "art center open to the local community", it has roots in the local community, such as conducting contemporary art exhibitions, holding courses on local history and culture, and conducting art programs with elementary school students nearby. Activities. As a place where "art dissemination bases" and "local relaxation areas" coexist, it is crowded with many visitors every day.

■ Tokyo Biennale

This international art festival is held every other year from 2020, using public spaces, public facilities, school facilities, temple social halls, etc. in the northeast central Tokyo area, which are characterized by history and culture. The general directors are Masato Nakamura and Kazuko Koike. The hotel will participate in the Artist-in-Residence program.

■ Unprivate Corporation
Since 1996, he has been producing music in a wide range of fields centering on fashion, and is currently working on sound directions in stores such as the Tokyo Collection and Paris Collection shows, as well as Ginza Six and the champagne bar in the Shinsaibashi Daimaru Shinhonkan and Hermes Ginza store. .

■ Taguchi Craft Tech Co., Ltd.

A speaker manufacturer that has received high support from a wide range of customers, including NHK and the National Theater, Kyoto Nishi Honganji Temple, Blue Bottle Coffee, Blue Note Tokyo, etc. We specialize in creating original customized speakers, and plan to produce NOHGA HOTEL original speakers.

■ Moraltex Corporation

A domestic towel brand by the third generation of a long-established towel company in Nihonbashi, Tokyo. No matter how many times you wash or use, you are pursuing the comfort that lasts forever. The company operates a moraltex lab, a towel select shop with a café, and regularly holds workshops on collaboration with local companies and community development.

■ Akiba.TV Co., Ltd.

Akihabara broadcasts the original program “Akiba.TV” distributed from Akihabara and conducts guided tours of “Akiba Deep Travel” where you can go around deep spots efficiently. Is calling to

Ⅴ. Property Overview

Location 3-1-1 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, etc. (lot number) * Residence indication undecided

Access 6 minutes on foot from JR Akihabara Station Electric Town Exit
4 minutes on foot from Exit 3 of Ginza Line “ Suehirocho Station ''

Site area / Total floor area 662.19㎡ (200.31 tsubo) / 4,160.27㎡ (1,258.48 tsubo)

Rooms 120

Scheduled to open July 1, 2020