[Shock price] All-you-can-drink all-you-can-drink ¥ 2,500! Sake Cost Sake Brewery Held at All 19 Stores Simultaneously-Enriching Japan with Sake-


19 stores in Tokyo, Kanagawa and Saitama! All-you-can-drink draft beer and highball in addition to 20 kinds of sake

Sake Cost Sake Brewery has decided to hold “Unlimited Time All-you-can-drink” for ¥ 2,500 for 10 days from March 9 to March 18, 2020.

[Energize Japan with sake! ]

All-you-can-drink all-you-can-drink at all Sake Cost Brewery stores ( http://sake-genkabar.com ) will be available for a limited time until March 18 (Wed). All-you-can-drink menu, including draft beer and highball

¥ 2,500 (excluding tax)

"I want everyone to enjoy it because of this age"

"I want you to drink the best sake as much as you want"

I decided to hold this project with such thoughts.

We are open from 15:00 to 23:30 on weekdays and from 12:00 to 23:30 on weekends and holidays. * Some stores are different on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. ( http://sake-genkabar.com/shop.html )

We have a wide range of dishes, including Japanese cuisine, as well as delicacies that are perfect for sake.

[All you can drink menu]
* Menu varies depending on the store

[Ikebukuro, Shinjuku Sohon, Akihabara, Yokohama, Shibuya Udagawacho, Gotanda, Toranomon, Ningyocho, Omiya, Meguro]

further! For an extra 500 yen (excluding tax), you can double the type of premium and enjoy all-you-can-drink!

[Shimbashimoto, Shimbashi No.2, Ueno Okachimachi, Shinjuku east exit, Jimbocho, Kawasaki, Kinshicho, Kannai, Kanda]

further! For an extra 500 yen you can double the premium drinks all-you-can-drink!

・ Please order two or more dishes per person
・ Period is limited to 3/8 (Sun)-18 (Wed)
・ Please let us know that you want to drink for unlimited time by either web reservation or telephone reservation
・ Even if Web reservation is completed, reception may not be possible depending on the case. In that case, we will contact you from the shop back
・ You can order from 1 person
・ Cannot be used with other coupons / services
・ No admission fee
・ If you fall asleep or there is an annoying act to the surrounding customers, you may be asked to leave the store
・ If you drink too much, you may be charged extra
・ All stores are completely non-smoking

-List of stores below-


Sake cost sake brewery Shinjuku Sohonten

Sake cost sake brewery Shinjuku east exit store

Sake Cost Brewery Ikebukuro

Sake cost sake brewery Shimbashi second shop

Sake cost sake brewery Shibuya Udagawacho

Sake Cost Brewery Ueno Okachimachi

Sake cost sake brewery Akihabara store

Sake cost sake brewery Kanda store

Sake cost sake brewery Kinshicho store

Sake cost sake brewery Gotanda

Sake cost sake brewery Meguro store

Sake cost sake brewery Toranomon

Sake cost sake brewery Jimbocho store

Sake cost sake brewery Ningyocho store

【Kanagawa Prefecture】

Sake cost sake brewery Yokohama west exit store

Sake cost sake brewery Kannai store

Sake cost sake brewery Kawasaki store

Sake cost sake brewery Omiya store

We look forward to your visit.