Held a “Shitamachi Lunch & Takeout with a Share Cycle” Campaign


◆ We are looking for restaurants to participate in the campaign! ◆

JR East Urban Development Co., Ltd., in collaboration with neuet Co., Ltd., will carry out a campaign to support restaurants in the East Tokyo area (Akihabara, Okachimachi, Kinshicho area) in order to liven up the AKI-OKA area. Through the share cycle service "Charichari" operated by neuet, we will help attract customers to restaurants and provide transportation that staff can use.

■ Campaign background
We have been developing the "AKI-OKA" under the elevated bicycle between Akihabara and Okachimachi station so that it can be used by many people. Our company operates and manages it. We have set up a port for the share cycle service "Charichari" operated by neuet in commercial facilities between Akihabara and Okachimachi Station and in the empty space under the elevated railway line, and not only make effective use of the empty space under the elevated railway, but also use bicycles. We aim to improve the mobility in the town by creating the last one mile used.
The purpose of this campaign is to improve the mobility of the town, starting from the restaurants that you visit in your daily life. We want you to experience new means of transportation to destinations that are "unusual" and "a little far away", and to feel closer to neuet's mission of "creating the next habit of moving around town." I have a feeling.

■ Campaign overview
Bicycle offers two support benefits.
1. We will provide a ride ticket that allows customers who come to the restaurant to use their bicycles as a means of traveling around the town next time.
――We will provide 3 ride tickets per person, which will be free for up to 15 minutes per ride.
――Please distribute it to customers who visit the store and use it to guide you to the next visit.
――We will prepare ride tickets for 100 people or more per store.
2. As a delivery method for restaurant staff, we will provide a ride ticket that allows you to use a bicycle.
――We will provide 10 ride tickets per person, which will be free for up to 15 minutes per ride.
(Provided for the number of staff)
――Please use it as a means of transportation for delivery, shopping, and going to work.

<Application conditions>
● Restaurants in the Tokyo area of bicycles
● Lunch business (only takeout is possible)

● April 23-May 5 Application period
○ Please fill in the required items from the recruitment form below and apply.
○ * If the number of applications is large, a lottery may be held.
○ * In case of lottery, the result will be notified only to participating stores.

● May 10-May 13 Contact participating stores
○ We will contact the stores participating in the campaign by email.

● May 24th-June 13th Ride ticket offer period
○ Ride tickets can be used.
○ ※ We will distribute the coupon code to get the ride ticket by mail or hand.

<Target area>
● Bicycle Tokyo area
● Akihabara-Ueno-Oshiage-Kinshicho, etc. Area surrounded by red
* Please check the detailed area on the bicycle app.

● Main port information in the Tokyo area

● buychari AKIBA
■ Number of installations: 10 docks

● Parking in Ryogoku Yokotsuna Bicycle Parking Lot
■ Bicycle parking lot near JR Ryogoku Station
■ Number of installations: 10 docks

● Under the Okachimachi elevated
■ Near JR Okachimachi Station, under the JR line elevated
■ Number of installations: 29 docks

■ Would you like to become a port owner?
In addition, we are always looking for places to install bicycle parking ports, so please feel free to contact us if you have any free space.

■ About Charichari
Chari Chari is a share cycle service that you can easily use by unlocking the dedicated red bicycle with the smartphone app. The service started in Fukuoka City on February 27, 2018. We aim to provide an experience that can be used immediately when you want to ride, anytime, anywhere. With more than 370 dedicated bicycle parking ports in Fukuoka City, it has been selected in many scenes as one of the means of transportation for daily life and sightseeing. To date, we have registered 210,000 accounts and have used them more than 4 million times a month and more than 270,000 times a month.
From September 16, 2020, we will start the service in the Asakusa area of Tokyo, and we will recommend the installation of dedicated bicycle parking port facilities under the elevated railways and commercial facilities, etc. We provide it.