ANIMAX CAFE x “Nora GAM ARAGOTO” coaster round 2 begins

Coaster round 2

Concept Cafe produced by Animax Animax CAFE (Tokyo, akiha Hara / Osaka / Japan shop) in a special collaboration with “noragami RGOTO”!
Distribution of no. 2 bullet coaster started 4/13. This coaster is unobtainable in addition to Animax CAFE was lowered for travelling illustrations, each character 10 and set 1 total 11 species.In addition to Animax CAFE x launched “Nora GAM ARAGOTO” original goods. Badge image “acrylic key ring” Takuma holder in bungee-type and Animax CAFE and can strap, and draw the design made of colored paper. Original products both thoroughly soaked in the world of work, is a coveted item.

Take a look at in the Animax CAFE to see Nora GAM ARAGOTO”feet please.
We forward all the cast! (Collaboration with duration: 4/25 until (Monday))

Original toy list

Date: 4 / 25 by (Monday)

Venue: Animax CAFE Akihabara, Osaka Japan Branch

101-0021, Japan
Tokyo, Chiyoda Soto Kanda 3-7-12
Contact: 03-5289-8088
Official site:
* You cannot choose types of coasters and placemats. * Menus, coasters, and other items will be end lasts, please kindly.

Original toy list

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