Excellent Kamameshi and Obanzai cooked with special rice Delivery specialty store “Ichi no Kamameshi” Akihabara store, Yokohama store, Kyoto Sanjo store Opened on September 17

Daiichi Kosho Co., Ltd. has 9 delivery specialty stores "Ichi no Kamameshi" (reading: Ichino Kamameshi) Akihabara store, Yokohama store, Kyoto Sanjo store with the concept of "excellent kamameshi and obanzai cooked with special rice". It will open on the 17th of March. "Ichi no Kamameshi" is a store specializing in delivery where you can easily enjoy the taste of a specialty store at home, and you can order it through the delivery service "Uber Eats" *. There are 13 types of kamameshi made with carefully selected ingredients, such as eel kamameshi with fluffy and fragrant eel, and special large shrimp kamameshi with freshly fried tempura on top. We have prepared […]


Magnesium diaphragm BA, new custom in-ear monitor that can also select “T2” connector made by Estrone, and collaboration model with popular animation “Girls & Panzer Final Chapter” will be on sale for a limited time

In the custom in-ear monitor category, Onkyo Co., Ltd. has evolved the sound quality of the current model with the "Series M" equipped with a balanced armature driver (hereinafter referred to as "BA driver") that uses a magnesium diaphragm developed by us, and made it customizable. We will release a collaboration model of two new series of expanded "Series J" and the popular anime "Girls & Panzer Final Chapter * 1" for a limited time. In addition, ear molds can be collected at approximately 220 stores of Aigan Co., Ltd. The "Series M" is equipped with a BA driver that uses a magnesium diaphragm developed by our company. Magnesium is […]


Ramen at popular steak bar! ? Meat bar “Beef Kitchen Stand” now offers a unique collaboration menu with “Ramen Nagi”!

A popular meat bar where you can eat the famous Bifuteki for 290 yen! From June 2020, Beef Kitchen Stand, a popular meat bar operated by Nyu Dining Co., Ltd., will begin to provide collaborative menus with Ramen Nagi, a ramen shop that pursues the best Niboshi in Japan. Beef Kitchen Stand, which has nine stores in the Tokyo/Yokohama area under the slogan of “Steak everyday and wonderful everyday”, is a popular meat bar where you can enjoy carefully selected meat and small plate dishes including “specialty beef tech” at a reasonable price. is. We are now offering a collaboration menu with Ramen Nagi, a ramen shop that pursues the […]


A tea store in love with tea “THE ALLEY” x animation “GREAT PRETENDER” tie-up project started from 9/3 (Thu) at limited stores!

We will be selling tapioca milk tea with the original collaboration variety sticker and holding a limited-time POP UP shop at the Harajuku and Akihabara stores. The authentic tea store "THE ALLEY" ( ), which falls in love with tea, is being broadcast on Fuji TV "+Ultra" every Wednesday from 24:55. Broadcasting at each station (Kansai TV / Tokai TV / TV West Japan / Hokkaido Cultural Broadcasting / BS Fuji) We will collaborate with "GREAT PRETENDER" ( ), which is currently being distributed on Netflix. The anime's protagonist Masato Eedamura (Edamame) and Laurent were drinking "ALL tapioca milk tea L size" from THE ALLEY In commemoration of […]


Notice of “SEGA Collaboration Cafe Sword Art Online Alicization War of Underworld”

Implementation period: Saturday, September 12, 2020-Sunday, October 25, 2020 SEGA Entertainment Co., Ltd. will hold a cafe in collaboration with the TV anime "Sword Art Online Alicization War of Underworld" on the 5th floor of Sega Akihabara Building 4 from September 12 (Saturday). During the period, you can enjoy original food, desserts, drinks, etc. in the image of "Sword Art Online Alicization War of Underworld". You can also get an "original coaster" by ordering the original menu. At the item shop on the same floor, you can purchase various goods and original goods limited to the Sega Collaboration Cafe. [SEGA Collaboration Cafe & Item shop Overview】 ■Store name: Sega Collaboration […]


[# salmon roe is a drink] Unlimited amount 60 minutes 500 yen! It will be held from 29 stores directly operated by TKS for a limited time for one month from today!

Unlimited spending on your favorite dishes! It is also fun to find "unexpected delicious combinations" such as salmon roe x ice cream. TKS Co., Ltd., which mainly operates restaurants in Tokyo centering on the sushi restaurant “Magurojin”, the popular izakaya “Nadeya”, and the Okinawan restaurant “Nankuruunasa” With the theme of "!", an event of "Ikukake unlimited (all-you-can-eat) 60 minutes 500 yen" will be held at 29 directly managed stores for a period of one month from August 8th, the first day of consecutive holidays. ​ Since its founding in 1991, TKS Co., Ltd. has been a "community-based restaurant" for nearly 30 years and has been favored by many people and […]


[Yakiniku×D2C] To enjoy the “ultimate Wagyu experience” at home, the yakiniku restaurant “Beef Master” delivers “A5 Wagyu Yakiniku Set” to customers through its EC site. The project “will start.

A new challenge for the 25th year since the establishment of a high-class yakiniku beef master, D2C, which is the "Yakiniku experience" Under the concept of "enjoy the original taste of A5 rank Japanese black beef with yakiniku," the beef master, Co., Ltd., can't enjoy yakiniku at the store, so it is because "beef master's yakiniku is at home. We will strengthen the sale (D2C) of our "Home cows" set on our own site, which is ideal as a gift for loved ones. Even if you can't eat yakiniku at the shop due to the new coronavirus, we received a lot of voices from customers saying, "I would like to […]


Birth of “Virtual Akihabara”! Reproduce Akihabara in virtual space at ComicVket1, a virtual event specializing in comics held from August 13th to 16th

HIKKY Co., Ltd. will hold a doujinshi sale event "ComicVket 1" (ComicBucket 1) in a virtual reality (VR) space for four days from Thursday, August 13th to Sunday, August 16th, 2020. I will do it. "Virtual Akihabara" will be unveiled as the venue for the first time. *Details on the simultaneous doujin music sale event "Music Vket 1" (Music Bucket 1) will be announced later. [The venue is "Virtual Akihabara"] The stage of "ComicVket1" is "Virtual Akihabara" which reproduces the town of Akihabara. Even at Corona, you can enjoy events and window shopping while staying at home by visiting Akihabara, the world's cultural capital. (Virtual Akihabara (Under construction)) While many […]


“EVA T PARTY2020 with AmiAmi Akihabara Radio Kaikan store” will be held from Saturday, August 1st!!

Limited-body T-shirts available only at EVA T PARTY are also available. Oami Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo) will hold "EVA PARTY 2020 with Amiami Akihabara Radio Kaikan" at its own hobby shop "Amiami Akihabara Radio Kaikan" . ■Attention points Continuing from last year, this year's event will be held at Amiha Akihabara Radio Kaikan ! Limited-body T-shirts available only at EVA T PARTY are now available! Related item 2,000 yen (tax included) A random "EVATPARTY with AmiAmi special T-shirt type sticker (5 types)" will be presented as a gift for each purchase . EVA T PARTY is a sales event for a wide variety of Evangelion T-shirts. "EVA PARTY 2020 […]


Toranoana will hold the 25th anniversary event “Online Torano Matsuri 2020 Summer” to decorate the summer of 2020 from August 1st!

Toranoana Co., Ltd. will hold the "Online Tora Matsuri 2020 Summer", which will be held at both real stores and web services, for a limited time from August 1st to 31st, 2020 as a 25th anniversary project of Toranoana. .. "Toranoana" is a specialty store that sells and sells doujinshi, manga/magazines, DVD/BD, and anime goods. It was founded in Akihabara, Tokyo in 1994 and moved to a holdings system in 2013. We are a leading company in the entertainment comics industry, which has 22 directly managed stores across Japan (*), operates its own e-commerce site, and boasts the world's largest handling volume for coterie items and annual sales of approximately […]