Akihabara’s visiting tourists in Japan Popular NO. 1 concept cafe “Ninjya Cafe Shinobu Cafe” holds a collaboration event with Kai experience shop “Koshiba” from March

~ A menu where you can experience the hall wearing the armor. It is held from March 20 (Wed) to April 30 (Tuesday), 2019 2019, for foreign tourists visiting the Hanami season and GW. ~ A popular ninja cafe "Shinobu Cafe Akihabara Mansei Castle", which is popular among foreigners, will hold a collaboration with the Kai & Shuriken experience shop "Koshiba" for foreigners visiting Japan from March 20 (Wed.). ■ Ninja concept cafe with a theme of Japanese style Shinobu Cafe is a Japanese-style entertainment cafe that "Contemporary ninjas cut through". It is the only ninja concept cafe in Akihabara, and has developed 5 stores including a series. Since opening […]


【New opening】 Board games & table games LAB “KOTORA”

New opening in Akihabara! On February 28, 2019 in Akihabara, the board game & table game LAB "KOTORA (Kotora)" opened. JR Akihabara Station / Electric street mouth 3 minutes walking, 12: 00-23: 00 Mondays holiday (next day holiday in the case of a holiday). 【Official website】 7 table start with 24 seats. It is planned to increase in the future. Strategic board games · Easy action games for beginners · old-fashioned table games etc. We are preparing many. We are planning to add new released games from time to time. Weekdays … From 12 o'clock to 18 o'clock, no matter how many hours you stay, 1000 yen · After […]


[Boiling rumored in the media] I have not seen it! “Colorful Chicago Pizza” comes down! In 2019, “Movie shine” is decided by this! What?

Topics on SNS! "Chicago pizza evolutionary system" made by cheese shop ~ Masakana "WHITE" "BLACK" "PINK" appears! "Kamakura vegetables and cheese fondue garden farm" operated by GOSSO Corporation "Rakuto cheese shop terrace" "100% CHEESECafé nino * nino" "Fresh cheese all you can eat" CRAFT CHEESE MARKET "" Italian dining space – sora- "We will sell" Chicago Pizza / WHITE "," Chicago Pizza / BLACK & WHITE "," Chicago Pizza / PINK & WHITE "from 5th brand total jointly from Wednesday, 20th of 2019. We are waiting for you to visit our store closely after everyone's invitation. Three original Chicago pizza Popular B grade gourmet "Chicago Pizza" in Chicago, USA. This […]


e Aiming to revitalize the sports market, an all-night event is held in March! Game media “SHIBUYA GAME”, “Inside”, “Game * Spark” cooperate to support the game community

SHIBUYA GAME (Shibuya Game), a web media specialized in e-sports, operated by Bit Cash Co., Ltd., the publisher of electronic money "Bit Cash", is a comprehensive game information site "INIDE" operated by EID Corporation and Co-organized with the game information media "Game * Spark (Game Spark)" to hold a community-led all night event "Gamers Community Festival – meeting 01 -" from Saturday, March 2nd to Sunday March 3rd Decided. We will contribute to support of game community activities, foster e sports culture and further development of e sports market. Esports boasts worldwide popularity, and attention is rising rapidly even in Japan. In recent years, in the domestic e-sports scene, the […]


Atre Akihabara 1, the first zone and floor renewal since opening! ~ Scheduled to be opened sequentially from February ~

Atre Corporation will renew the zone and floor of Atre Akihabara 1 from February 2019. ■ Outline of renewal Atre Akihabara 1 will perform the first zone floor renewal after opening in November 2010. This renewal will be opened in order from February. We will enhance the convenience by enriching the first floor, the "face" of the museum, with more everyday "food" so that more customers can use it. In the composition of industries, we arrange restaurants (4 new stores out of 3 new stores) and cafes (1 new store) that you can use eat-in · take-out easily and offer space that you can use when you want to take […]


“Animeite Yokohama” and “Animate Akihabara” specialty stores of animation · comic · character goods open this spring renewal! Open commemorative campaign including limited items will also be implemented

Animate Co., Ltd., which develops specialty shops of animation, comic and character goods, will renew two stores in Kanto this spring.   On March 21, we relocated “Animate Yokohama” in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, within the Yokohama Vivre, a complex commercial facility located 5 minutes on foot from the West Exit of JR Yokohama Station, and renewed it as “Animate Yokohama Vibre” I will. The 3 floor store is gathered on the 1 floor and it will be reborn as a more readable store with the latest character goods. Also, on March 23, we decided to renew “Animate AKIBA Girls Station” in Akihabara, Tokyo, as “Animate Akihabara Annex”. Only shop […]


Opened the world’s first “TAMASHII NATIONS” directly managed flagship shop “TAMASHII NATIONS TOKYO” on Saturday, April 27 in Akihabara, the center of Japan culture

BANDAI SPIRITS Co., Ltd. announces the world’s first directly-managed flagship shop “TAMASHII NATIONS TOKYO (soul nations Tokyo)”, a unified brand for collectors’ products for adults, in Akihabara on Saturday, April 27, 2019 It opens . Since its inception in 2008, “TAMASHII NATIONS” has expanded its fan base with its rich line-up and high-quality products mainly in figures and robots, including “SHFiguarts” and “Superalloy” series, only in Japan As a result, it became a brand loved by everyone in the world. “TAMASHII NATIONS TOKYO” will be opened in the “HULIC & New AKIHABARA” building newly built in Akihabara, the sacred place of Japan pop culture which is drawing attention from all […]


Outdoor girls story Anime “Lo Kan △” event shop opened in Akihabara! “Lo Kan △ Character Pop Store” Started on Friday, January 25!

Original goods and prizes that can be used in outdoor appear! BANDAI NAMCO CORPORATION Amusement will start a limited-time event shop "Lo Kan △ Charapop Store" from Atre Akihabara shop on January 25, 2019 (Fri), at the namco Osaka Nihonbashi Store, namco Hakata Bus Terminal Store in order Expand. In this shop, which is an event shop of TV anime "Lo Kan △" depicting the loose everyday life of high school girls who like outdoor, they are actually active in acrylic stands, can badges and outdoor based on illustration of character pop store limited Goods etc. are sold. Inside the store, a panel of limited-illustration illustrations will be displayed and […]


The real topic tea stand “THE ALLEY” of the topic NEW OPEN the Akihabara store and the two stores of Yutenji store!

At the Akihabara store, a tea leaf salad using tea leaves also appeared! The real item tea stand "THE ALLEY (The Array)" ( ) that develops globally mainly in Taiwan and Asia will be held at Akihabara store, Yutenji store in 1/9 (Wednesday) We will open two stores at the same time. "THE ALLEY" is Japan's first landing in Sanagi Shinjuku in July 2017. In August the following month, we opened a flagship store in Omotesando, Shibuya store, Lumine Shinjuku store, Ebisu store, Jiyugaoka shop. In 2018, which passed a year since its first landing, Naka Meguro store, Tokyo Sky Tree Town · Solamachi shop, Sangenjaya shop, Yurakucho shop, […]


Employment / career change event “Working discovery fair” held on January 26 A booth that can diagnose your strengths and discover jobs that are easy to get active! Establishment of “employment troubles consultation section” to receive psychiatric-based personality diagnosis

DIP Co., Ltd., which manages the general recruitment information website, will hold a job search and change job event "Working Discovery Fair" sponsored by regular employee / contract employee job information site "Vitor NEXT" ( ) It will be held on Akiba Square (JR Akihabara Station 2 min. On foot) on Saturday, January 26, 2019. This time, in addition to the corporate booth, the establishment of "employment trouble consultation corner" was newly decided at the "work finding fair" to be held on Saturday, January 26, 2019. "Employment troubles consultation corner" to deepen self-understanding with the diagnostic tool "psychiatric-based personality diagnosis" "ACTUS by PSA" that finds their strengths from eight […]