To Akihabara to the sanctuary of Vtuber! AKIBA Tourism Council, Kizunaai and a total of 14 Vtubers formally formed a tag “Autumn Festival 2018 Fall” to be held! As Akihabara Virtual Tourism Ambassador took office as “Kizunaai”!

Meiji Co., Ltd. became a sponsor, "Akihabara Official Souvenir" also released! From 10/18 until 11/18! "Autumn Festival 2018 Fall" will be held from 18th October by the joint company AKIBA Tourism Council, established for the purpose of vitalizing the city's tourism through the investment of companies related to Akihabara. Meiji Co., Ltd. will sponsor, we will implement measures to encourage the city such as Kizunaai and a total of 14 virtual YouTuber (Virtual YouTube) and about 60 shops in Akihabara to conduct a collaboration campaign. ■ Vtuber collaboration campaign realized as a sponsor of Meiji Co., Ltd. "Akihabara to the holy ground of virtual YouTuber." This time, Meiji Corporation became […]


potato! chestnut! mushroom! The taste of autumn gathers a lot! ! Fall Festival 2018 held!

“Autumn Festival 2018” that you can enjoy the taste of autumn for 3 days from October 6 (Saturday) to October 8 (Mon. · holiday) at the commercial facility “Chaba-ra” with the theme “Japanese food” Holding CHABARA AKI-OKA MARCHE (hereinafter, Chaba), operated by JR East Japan River Development Co., gathers gems from all over Japan selected by buyers, with the theme of “Japanese food”. In autumn, ‘Chubabara’ holds ‘Autumn Festival 2018’ full of autumn tastes such as ‘potato’, ‘chestnut’ and ‘mushroom’. During the period, a popular loose character “Nemiko” in the smartphone apple “Okabei Detective Nanomko Cultivation Kit” appeared inside the baby hall and photographed the ultra-realistic mushroom figure hidden in […]


Interactive horror VR attraction “Taboo” first appearing in Japan appeared in SEGA VR AREA AKIHABARA

Began operating at 10:00 on Saturday, September 22, 2018 Sega Entertainment Co., Ltd. launched Japan's first landed interactive horror VR attraction "taboo" on SEGA VR AREA AKIHABARA (6th Floor, Sega Akihabara Building 3: Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo) on September 22 (Sat) 10: We will start operation from 00. 【Overview of attractions】 ■ Title: Interactive / Horror VR Attraction "Taboo" ■ Playing fee: 1,200 yen per person (tax included) ■ Play time: about 12 minutes ■ Supported languages: Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean ■ Operation start date: September 22, 2018 (Saturday) ■ Business hours: 10: 00 ~ 22: 30 ■ Installation store: SEGA VR AREA AKIHABARA ■ Store location: 1-11-11 Kaikoda Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo […]


The theme is “figure genic” “SNS shine” display a lot of new figures!

MegaHobi EXPO 2018 Autumn Holding Saturday, November 24, 2018 11: 00 ~ 18: 00 AKIBA_SQUARE, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo MegaHouse Corporation will hold "MegaHobi EXPO 2018 Autumn" centered on exhibits of hobby commodities such as figures at AKIBA_SQUARE (Tokyo) on Saturday, November 24, 2018. In addition to the mega house organized, Hobby Japan Co., Ltd., Alter Co., Ltd., Tsuya Co., Ltd., Revolve Corporation, ANIPLEX +, Ricorde Corporation, Yoyogi Animation Gakuin, Stringer Co., Ltd., KADOKAWA (Dengeki Hobby Web) Exhibited. A total of 10 companies will exhibit new products and stage events of hobby commodities. KADOKAWA Corporation (Dengeki Hobby Web) will be exhibiting for the first time and we plan to exhibit our own […]


【My Hero Accademia POP UP SHOP in Volks Akihabara Hobby Tengoku】 is held! From Saturday, September 15, 2018 until September 30 (Sun).

At Bokez Akihabara Hobby Heaven "My Hero Accademia" event 【My Hero Accademia POP UP SHOP in Bokez Akihabara Hobby Heaven】 will be held. From Sep. 15th (Sat.) to September 30th (Sun) of 2018, the event of "My Hero Accademia" [My Hero Accademia POP UP SHOP in Bokez Akihabara Hobby Heaven] was held at Volks Akihabara Hobby Heaven It has been decided to! ! During the event period, Hobby heaven will make the "My Hero Accademia" exciting! ▼ Sales goods We will sell merchandise of fans must-see such as events pre-processed products which processed each character to "Ani-Art" illustration! Of course we have many goods released so far! ▼ Product purchase […]


It has passed 10 years ever since–. Decided to hold 10th anniversary illustration exhibition of Professor Asumiko Nakamura’s classmate series in Akihabara!

Sales and orders for venue limited goods as well as lottery projects. Tiger's hole is an illustration exhibition "10th Anniversary Memorial Illustration Exhibition" commemorating the 10th anniversary of manga artist Asumiko Nakamura's "classmate series", from September 1, 2018, "Tonanoha" from Saturday, September 1, 2018 We will hold it at. "Classmate series" of Professor Asuko Nakamura who became an immortal masterpiece for 10 years since its release. To commemorate its tenth anniversary, we have decided to hold a commemorative illustration exhibition on Tsunoana Akihabara store B underground floor event space from September 1 (Sat) on 2018. In this exhibition, during the period, there are plenty of presentations including color illustrations and […]


First festival of overseas wine of the largest in Japan is held for the first time! World Wine Festival 2018

The “World Wine Festival 2018” executive committee (sponsored by AEON RIKAR CO., LTD.) Organized the festival of the world’s largest international wine at Azihabara in Bersaar for two days on Saturday, November 10 and Sunday, Wine Festival 2018 “will be held for the first time.     “World Wine Festival 2018” is a big event that you can enjoy from wine beginners to advanced wine experts with the theme “Rediscover wine with five senses”. In the venue, about 26 wineries and producers and brewers in the nine countries around the world directly to the attendees to convey their thoughts and appeal to the products, set up 26 special booths to […]


An indoor beer garden appeared in Akihabara! A photogenic space that imagined the healing forest, a toast with world beer!

Enjoy world trips in Akihabara Dining on a theme with a journey. Let’s make a toast with the world beer × round-the-world traveling dish × world!   Traveling themed dining Traveler’s Dining PUSHUP opened the healing space OASIS in Akihabara. “Travel Norifes OASIS” will be held from Thursday, August 16, 2018, where you can enjoy world beers and round-the-world traveling cuisine as an open event.   What is “Travel Noripes”? It is an event that you can enjoy traveling with beers and cuisines from around the world with the phrase “Let’s enjoy the world more! Let’s travel the world more!” “Travel Noripes Oasis” made 9 kinds of courses tailor-made around […]


“Restoration bar @ Akihabara” Open for under the elevation of Akihabara for a limited time!

While enjoying delicious dishes and delicious sake, we will introduce "Tohoku no Kokoro" now. We will hold a limited-time event "Reconstruction Bar @ Akihabara" at the "Special Department Store in Japan Department Store" from Monday, August 20th to Friday 31st, 2018. It is "Special department store special space" in "CHABARA AKI-OKA MARCHE" (hereinafter, Chaba) which operates under the elevated train between JR Akihabara and Okachimachi stations, August 20, 2018 ) To the 31st (Friday) We will hold a limited-time event "Reconstruction Bar @ Akihabara". "Chaba" includes deep-fried food such as "Japanese Department Store Shokuhinkan" which gathers gems from all over Japan selected by buyers and "Komaki Shokudou – Kamakura Undiscovered […]


Participation experience event “BRICKLIVE (R) in JAPAN 2018” using children’s educational toy LEGO (R) block held in Bersaar Akihabara

BRICKLIVE (R) in JAPAN 2018 Sumitomo Real Estate Bersalle Co., Ltd. will participate in a participatory experiencing event "BRICKLIVE (R) in JAPAN 2018" on Saturday, August 11 that can enjoy the work experience using the LEGO (R) block educational toy for children born in Denmark It will be held in Bersalle Akihabara (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) for 3 days from the 13th (Monday). ■ What is "BRICKLIVE (R) in JAPAN 2018"? An event where the biggest LEGO (R) fans in the world gather from the UK. This is the first time to land in Japan in the spring of 2017 and this is the eighth time held in Japan, the first time […]