公演チケットサイト「Confetti(カンフェティ)」を運営するロングランプランニング株式会社は、外国人観光客向けのチケット販売ブース「Tickets Today」を、秋葉原UDX2階「アキバ・インフォ」内に2018年1月19日(金)に開設しました。   Tickets Today秋葉原店がオープンしたインフォメーションセンター「アキバ・インフォ」では、秋葉原や東京都の地図、周辺イベント情報を発信し、現在では英語対応が可能な専属スタッフが、最新の情報を訪日外国人に案内しています。   「Tickets Today」では、歌舞伎や能といった伝統芸能をはじめ、 クラシックコンサートやダンスなど言語による制約が少ない公演、 近年アジアにも市場拡大している「2.5次元」ミュージカルのチケットなどを取り扱っています。   ・アキバ・インフォについて   店舗名称 アキバ・インフォ ※英文名 AKIBA_INFO. 所在地 〒101-0021 東京都千代田区外神田4-14-1(秋葉原UDX 2階) 対応言語 日本語、英語 定休日 月曜、年末年始数日 (月曜が祝祭日の場合、翌営業日休み) 営業時間 11:00~17:30 (併設のショップ「TOKYO ATOM」は11:00~19:00) 公式サイト 日本語 English 简体字 繁體字 한국어


Ecbo has started luggage storage service at Sofmap’s Akihabara store!

Reservation of luggage storage sharing service “ecbo cloak” ( at “Softmap AKIBA #5 shop, a second-hand digital wing and a purchase center” has became available from Friday September 29, 2017. SERVICE DESCRIPTIONS “Softmap AKIBA #5 shop, a second-hand digital wing and a purchase center,” operated by Sofmap Co., Ltd., has joined ecbo cloak. This enabled the luggage storage service. Operation Hours: 11:00-19:00 Capacity: Bag size 100 pieces / Suitcase size 100 pieces Fees: bag size 300 yen / day, suitcase size 600 yen / day (tax included) Access: 1 minute on foot from JR Akihabara station Ecbo cloak plans: – Bag Size: Luggage less than 45 cm at the largest […]


“Autumn Festival 2017” to be held in Akihabara from Fri October 6!

“Autumn Festival” is an event and campaign conducted by Akihabara operators in cooperation to revitalize the city of Akihabara. It had been held on a regular basis. This fall, “Fall Festival 2017” will be held in Akihabara from Fri October 6. In the idol festival, numerous underground idols such as Kamen-joshi will be on stage. Also, we will do a collaboration campaign with official tie-up animation “Tsuka”. Don’t miss it! Please refer to the official page for details.


As a new service for tourists, a tourist hub “Luggage Room Cafe” has opened in front of Asakusabashi station. We keep big luggages for convenient sightseeing, offer space for rest, have staff available for Tokyo tourism support in multiple languages!

In July 2017, Kosuisha opened a new type of complex cafe “Luggage Room Cafe” right in front of Asakusabashi Station in Tokyo Taito Ward. Leave big baggage in our spacious storage room to enjoy easy traveling. Your tired body from cramped flight heals with a reclining chair, a massage chair, shower booth and laundry in our space. We also offer free drink service and simple snacks. Wi-Fi, an essensial service for travelers from overseas, are available as well as power source for charging at free of cost. We also prepared an English version of manga. Multilingual staff will help you with sightseeing in Japan. SERVICES AT LUGGAGE ROOM CAFE (URL: […]


3 minutes walk from Akihabara station! A capsule hotel with a motif of nature reminiscent of “Glamping”! “GLANSIT AKIHABARA” Grand Opening on Tuesday, October 17, 2017! Official website has opened and now waiting for your reservation!

Bagus Co., Ltd., a part of Diamond Dining Group, will open a capsule hotel “GLANSIT AKIHABARA” which will be a our business on Tuesday, October 17, 2017. With good access from Akihabara station, which is just a 3 minute walk, our hotel is a 10 stories building along with 1 floor in the basement. We will make full use of our own know-how of comfortable and sophisticated space making. We provide stylish and comfortable space with  motif of nature, in addition to a cupsule hotel with cutting-edge falicities.             GLANSIT AKIHABARA OVERVIEW – Name: GLANSIT AKIHABARA -COMFORT CAPSULE HOTEL- – Opens on: Tuesday, Ocotber 17th, […]


APA Hotel’s Akihabara Electric Town Exit Branch Opened on August 28th

Apa Hotel Co., Ltd. concluded a franchise agreement with aprecio Co., Ltd. in the hotel business, and opened apa hotel <Akihabara station electrical town exit> (117 rooms in total) on August 28th in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.     We introduced “new city type hotel” specification to all guest rooms to be a high quality, high functionality and environment friendly hotel. Original model bed “Cloud fit”, pursuing sleeping sleep, 50% or more large size LCD TV, original unit bath (20% water saving and easy bathing), BBC world news free broadcasting and Wi-Fi free connection (all rooms and lobby) were also introduced. In addition, lighting switches and air conditioning remote control are consolidated. […]


Toranoana to hold a personal exhibition of cartoonist and illustrator “Ogino Atsuki” in Akihabara from Saturday, September 16, 2017!

Toranoana Co,. Ltd. will hold a personal exhibition “Konya mo Nettaiya (It’s a Tropical Night Tonight Too)” of cartoonist and illustrator “Ogino Atsuki” in Akihabara from Saturday, September 16, 2017! It is an illustration exhibition that allows visitors to watch works of professional cartoonist and illustrator in real life.       EVENT OVERVIEW Event Name: Atsuki Ogino and Yanyo’s Personal Exhibition “Konya mo Nettaiya” Date and Time: September 16th (Sat) to 24th (Sun), 2017 Weekday: 17:00 – 20:00 Saturday, Sunday and public holidays: 13:00 – 20:00 Venue: Akihabara Tora Building (Former Wakamatsu Tsushin Building 3F & 4F, 4-7-3 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku) Admission: Free (Some restrictions apply.) GOODS TO BE SOLD […]


All-you-can-eat of 40 kinds of premeum beer from abroad and spicy shrimp! The 2nd “Tabinori Fes” will be held.

  Traveling themed dining Traveler’s Dining PUSHUP will start all-you-can-eat of 40 kinds of premeum beer from abroad and spicy shrimp as the 2nd “Tabinori Fes” from August 16th (Wednesday). “TABINOLI FES” VOL. 2 OVERVIEW You’ll enjoy all-you-can-eat of our 40 kinds of beer from abroad and spicy shrimp that is popular in Thailand. 2 hours of all-you-can-drink and all-you-can-eat are offered for 3,900 yen (tax included). ABOUT US Restaurant Name: Traveler’s Dining PUSHUP Akihabara Main Store Address: Yorimotoville 1F and 2F, 1-5 Akihabara, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 110-0006 Phone: 03-5294-5525 Store Hours: Lunch Time … Tue, Wed, Thu and Friday: 11:45 – 14:00 (LO 13:30) Dinner time … Tue, Wed and […]


TOKYO UMAI YOKOCHO (YUMMY ALLEY) – Enjoy delicious meat dishes and curry at an underpass!

Located under a flyover in Akihabara, TOKYO UMAI YOKOCHO is an evolutional alley where theme of food stalls changes every month. Based on its concept to bring Japan’s unique dishes and food culture to the world, it’s themed as “meat dishes” and “quality curry made by meat professionals” during Tuesday August 1st and Wednesday August 30th. So here is our report.   Cute kitchen cars park under the elevation.     GRILLED KANZAKI AGED BLOCK MEAT Simple but designated Meat Shop Kakunoshin F’s “Grilled Kanzaki Aged Block Meat.” The original taste of meat is fully awaken by aging. Juiciness has doubled by grilling it in a block.     HOMEMADE […]


“Kanda Curry Street Stamp Rally” and “Grand Prix Vote” will be held

An eating walk event “Kanda Curry Street Stamp Rally” to enjoy visiting Kanda city’s curry restaurants will be held by Kanda Curry Street Activation Committee from the Wednesday August 23, 2017. Also, “Kanda’s 7th Curry Grand Prix Vote 2017” will be held in Kanda’s Ogawa Square (3-6 Kanda Ogawamachi, Chiyoda Ward) in Tokyo on the Saturday November 4th and the Sunday Nevember 5th, 2017 to liven up Kanda, where more than 400 curry shops exist, with power of curry. ** EVENT DETAILS ** NAME Kanda’s 7th Curry Grand Prix Vote 2017 SCHEDULE · Kanda curry street stamp rally: 100 days from the Wednesday August 23 to the Thursday November 30, […]