Akihabara Tourism Ambassador : KAMENJOSHI AKIBA REPORT “Dospara Akihabara main store”

“Akihabara Tourism Ambassador Kamen Joshi AKIBA REPORT” is Akihabara Tourism Ambassador, Kamenjoshi members report Akihabara’s attractive shops, events and more! We visited “Dospara Akihabara main store” today!     What is Dospara Akihabara main store   Kurokawa owner Here in Dospara Akihabara main store, there are services like consultation for new PC purchase, replacement, repair etc. We accept any request regarding PC.   Shihori Yukino Because here is Akihabara, I think there are some customers who have detailed knowledge!   Kurokawa owner Yes, some customers have professional-level knowledge. We often learn a lot from them.   Sora Kurumi What questions do you get a lot?   Kurokawa owner We get […]



“Akihabara Tourism Ambassador Kamen Joshi AKIBA REPORT” is Akihabara Tourism Ambassador, Kamenjoshi members report Akihabara’s attractive shops, events and more! We visited “INDORE STORE” today!   What is INDOR STORE?   Kanazawa owner We mainly handle items and apparels which are based on nostalgic old-fashioned games called retro game. *The store opened on May 2017. Shihori Yukino Game lover will love this signboard!   Seri Suzumura Let’s go inside!   What kind of products do you have?   Kanazawa owner We have items and apparels based on retro games. The best characteristics is our own brand called “ANIPPON.” It is Slip-on shoes that is motif of games and anime. You […]


About 100 events in each major facility in Akihabara and about 100 stores in the area collaborate with animation of 4 titles, summer event PR planning “Natsuihara 2018” is held!

Akihabara to "Natsuhihara"! Event PR project using the whole city with 4 title animation collaboration A new attempt to combine summer events in Akihabara, the place of origin of subculture Announcement of events of each facility in Akihabara and holding of " Natsuihabara 2018 " participation of about 100 stores in the area Natsuhihara Executive Committee formed by voluntary organizations such as companies holding stores and facilities in Akihabara said that as a new attempt to combine the events to be held in the Akihabara area this summer, approximately 100 stores in each facility and Akihabara area We will hold an event "Natsuihara 2018" to participate for 15 days from […]


“PERSONA 5 the Animation” × Akihabara tourism map “Ad street” tie-up campaign held! !

In this campaign, a "limited postcard" of "PERSONA 5 the Animation" is given to those who satisfy each purchase condition at the 2 shops or orders of "designated menu" at 8 restaurants in Akihabara ! Also, "PERSONA 5 the Animation" appears on the cover page of "Akihabara tourist map" "Ad Street vol.63" published on July 10 (Tue) which is the campaign start date. 【PERSONA 5 the Animation × Ad street tie-up campaign overview】 ■ Duration: July 10 (Tue) – August 9 (Thur) in 2018 * Service provision is based on the opening hours of each store. For details, please also see the "Ad Street" July issue feature. ※ Only "Maid […]


NoB who is known as the original theme song of Knights of the Zodiac (Saint Seiya) “Pegasus Fantasy”, releases long-awaited 2nd album!

NoB is a vocalist of former “Make-up”, and also is known as the original anime theme song of Knights of the Zodiac (Saint Seiya) “Pegasus Fantasy”, released 2nd Album “No Regrets” on July 4, 2018. Starting off with the tours in Brazil, the album has worldwide finish unique to NoB who has experienced in event in various countries around the world. From Hard rock/Metal fans to Anime fans can enjoy this album. Album release live show will be on August! There is no way to miss this precious opportunity to listen to Pegasus Fantasy as well as new songs. NoB Official Website https://www.nobuo-yamada.net/     CD information 『No Regrets』 Released […]


Audio system using the thermos magic bottle vacuum technology, “VECLOS” released this summer Headphones at Potafesu!

“Portable audio festival 2018 SUMMER TOKYO AKIHABARA” in which earphones and headphones all over the world meet together Bersalle Akihabara 7/14, 15   As a global corporate magabond company, Thermos Corporation, which proposes a comfortable and environmentally friendly lifestyle for people and society, is aiming to provide a lifestyle that is friendly to the people and society during the period from Saturday, July 14th to Sunday 15th (Sunday) We will exhibit at Portable Audio Festival 2018 SUMMER TOKYO AKIHABARA (common name: Potafesu). This exhibition is one of the world’s largest events in which brands related to portable audio such as earphones and headphones all over the world gather together and […]


Akihabara Tourism Ambassador : KAMEN JOSHI AKIBA REPORT “Nagomi style.cafe”

“Akihabara Tourism Ambassador Kamen Joshi AKIBA REPORT” is Akihabara Tourism Ambassador, Kamenjoshi members report Akihabara’s attractive shops, events and more! We visited “Nagomi style.cafe” today!     What is Nagomi style cafe?   Tsubaki Nagomi style café is Akihabara’s Internet/comic café that has a concept of healing, relaxing, and comforting. Inside of the café is like the ryokan in Kyoto and you can forget the hustle and bustle of the city for a while.   Shihori Yukino As soon as you get into the cafe, there is Karesansui(枯山水). *Karesansui(枯山水) : The dry landscape gardens constructed only with rock and sand. Although no actual water is present, the sand and stones […]


“Neko day off” 3 rd anniversary! The largest ever in the summer vacation decision Total 3 million followers of star followers Concentration & entry to 3,333 first come first serve

Star cat & popular writer large congregation · July 27 – August 26 at Tokyo Asakusabashi BACON (Bekon) Co., Ltd., a festival of summer festivals "Festival holiday exhibition" joint photo & merchandise exhibition gathering popular cat creator who mobilized more than 450,000 people, Friday, July 27, 2018, ~ Sunday, August 26 at TODAYS GALLERY STUDIO (Tokyo · Asakusabashi). "Cat holiday exhibition" also entered the third anniversary. This summer festival will be the new main exhibition and will be held at the largest past exhibitors and the largest scale! URL: http://tgs.jp.net/event/neko-break ■ In addition to the popular pop-up new work, a collaborative cat is covered with dogs ♪ Total SNS followers […]


Introduction of a New Standard for Certifying Shops/Services in Akihabara: AKIBA RECOMMEND MARK

  With the purpose of introducing shops/services that can represent Akihabara to tourists from home and abroad, WE, Akihabara Area Tourism Organization has started a certified shops/services system by awarding AKIBA RECOMMEND MARK.   We always hear the following voices from the visitors to Akihabara. “Where to go” “How to have fun in Akihabara” “No idea of what shops are reliable and safe”   Facing these problems, we are dedicated to creating and generalizing a new standard for best selection of destination in Akihabara so as to offer tourists new discoveries during their journey. Shops/services that meet the requirements above will be awarded AKIBA RECOMMEND MARK.     Firstly, a certified shop/service will be shown […]

spring festival


  7 duty-free stores in Akihabara are going to hold a sales event from Mar. 29 to Apr. 1. During the event period, one who purchase more than 5,000 yen in any participating duty-free store will have an opportunity to take part in a lucky draw for winning souvenirs made in Japan, Akihabara’s original goods and other gifts. The participating duty-free stores are as follows, AKKY GROUP (3 stores), ONODEN, Sofmap AKIBA, LAOX Akihabara Main Store and EISAN DUTY FREE AKIHABARA. Please take advantage of the good opportunity to enjoy your shopping in Akihabara’s duty-free stores!   【premiums by lottery】 ・Fox Mask Fox masks are often used for Japan’s traditional […]