“Ikemen Vampire ◆ Temptation of love with great people” The third collaboration project with “Akihabara BAY HOTEL” will be held from July 23!

~Collaboration room where you can fully enjoy the world view of apps! ~ The popular title "Ikemen Vampire ◆ The Great Men and the Temptation of Love" in the romance game "Ikemen Series" for women, which boasts a cumulative membership of 30 million by CYBERD CO., LTD. We will collaborate with Akihabara Bay Hotel for a limited time from July 23 (Thursday) to August 24 (Monday), 2020. Reservations started from 19:00 on Friday, June 19th. In the third collaboration with BAY HOTEL, which has been well received, the new character "Vlad" (CV. Souma Saito), who appeared as a great opponent against the great man in the mansion that first appeared […]


“East Japan Hotel Mets” at the hotel near the station is available in your office space ~STATION WORK members limited special campaign fee 1,150 yen (tax excluded)~

○East Japan Railway Company and Nippon Hotel Co., Ltd. will implement a plan for members of the station Naka Share Office “STATION WORK” to use hotel rooms in half-day units from June 19, 2020. ○ For each plan, you can use it as a special campaign with 50% OFF of the usage fee until July 31, 2020. "AM business" 1,150 yen (tax excluded), "PM business" 1,600 yen (tax excluded), you can use JR East Hotel Mets near the station at a very reasonable price. ○ We are equipped with Wi-Fi, an air purifier with a humidifying function, a mobile charger, etc. to provide an optimal space for business use. 1. […]


Online store only! New Tea Time Gift Set from Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory

Let's deliver wonderful tea time to loved ones with popular cookies and original mugs At the Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory, the new product "Teatime Gift Set" will be available only online. We have prepared a special gift for this time only, which includes a set of 20 popular cookies and an original mug from the Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory. The large and simple design of the mug makes it a perfect gift for birthdays, celebrations and Father's Day! This set has a special shipping price so that it can be given to many people. Would you like to take this opportunity to deliver a wonderful tea time to your loved […]


“CoCo Toka” Akihabara store will open on Saturday, May 30th! !

Tastea Trustea Japan Co., Ltd. will open the global bubble tea brand "CoCo Toka" Akihabara store, which has more than 4,500 stores worldwide, on May 30, 2020 (Saturday). In commemoration of the grand opening, we will sell "Tapioca milk tea" at 50% off for 5 days from Saturday, May 30, 2020 to Wednesday, June 3, 2020, which is the origin of CoCo Toka. I will. Akihabara has many faces such as electric towns, tourist spots, subculture centers, etc., and is an attractive city not only for shoppers and businessmen but also for foreign tourists. It was our long-awaited long-awaited store opening. CoCo Toka drinks are carefully prepared one by one. […]


The number of stores has exceeded 1,000! Posting cost to support restaurants by takeout, perpetual 0 yen “Everyone’s takeout”, information site of 24 regions newly released

~ The government aims for both recovery of consumption and suppression of the second wave of infection, and takes out takeout as a target! ~ “Minna no Takeout”, a portal site dedicated to takeouts operated by Ridge Global Holdings Limited, has been expanding its support circle with more than 1,000 stores in the first month of its operation. Therefore, we will newly add information sites for 24 regions on May 31, 2020 (Sunday), and plan to open regional sites in all 47 prefectures by mid-June in response to rising local takeout demand. [Everyone's takeout] Let's call out the troubles of restaurants by taking out! Further expansion of local information […]


“Sendai beef tongue roasted lunch box” using Sendai beef tongue x sea urchin x salmon roe comes from “Ikshin Tansuke”, a popular all-you-can-eat beef tongue!

A luxurious leafy lunch with 20 meals a day is provided only for takeout! A reasonable bento box where you can enjoy beef tongue! The all-you-can-eat yakiniku restaurant “Yakiniku Isshintansuke” Ueno, operated by Globridge Co., Ltd., is a famous “Sendai beef tongue” for a limited time from May 20 (Wed) to May 31 (Sun) 2020. We will sell "Sendai beef tongue grilled chichi lunch" with 20 meals per day. In addition, "Sendai beef tongue bento" where you can enjoy Sendai beef tongue will be on sale at the same time. ■ “Beef tongue chirashi” is now available at a popular yakiniku restaurant that offers all-you-can-eat beef tongue! ! We have […]


Information on 2k540 online sales for “Japanese manufacturing” at home time

2k540 (Nikkei Goyonmaru), a commercial facility with the theme of “Japanese manufacturing” under the viaduct connecting JR Akihabara Station to Okachimachi Station, is currently closed to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection. .. 2k540 is a commercial facility with about 50 workshops and stores related to "manufacturing in Japan". Craftsmen of various genres such as leather, wood, iron, setomono, jewelery and dyed products make and sell one item. Currently, we are closed for store sales, but each store is selling online. It's difficult to maintain feelings because you spend a lot of time at home, but why not add some color to your daily life with interiors and accessories […]


Exclusive distribution of AKB48 / OUC48 “house performance” on SHOWROOM!

In the virtual live space "SHOWROOM" operated by SHOWROOM Co., Ltd., AKB48 / OUC48 "house performances" will be distributed from Thursday, April 16, 2020. AKB48 launched the "OUC48 Project" with the theme of "Enjoy Nippon from your house !!" in response to the government's emergency declaration to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection (COVID-19). We have moved the theater from Akihabara to each member's "house" and are working on various projects. SHOWROOM uses video chat, and 16 performance members are delivering live performances from home. Usually, theater performances have a capacity of 250 people, but the number of viewers at home performances can exceed 50,000. Furthermore, since it is […]


To make telework convenient and keep your indoor life healthy and comfortable

-Proposed on EC site "ONKYO DIRECT" and high-resolution audio distribution service "e-onkyo music"- In response to the spread of new coronavirus infection, we have closed the shop and showroom “ONKYO BASE” in Akihabara, Tokyo, in response to the request of refraining from going out unnecessarily. In addition, many companies, including our company, are teleworking (working from home). In this situation, our EC site "ONKYO DIRECT" and our high-resolution audio distribution service "e-onkyo" will help you to use products that are useful for teleworking and to make your time at home more comfortable. music "will be proposed. We pray for the end of the new Coronavirus as soon as possible and […]


[Telework support] The number of “Workspace Cafe” stores in the “Imacoco Work” workspace matching service, where you decide where to work, is expanding rapidly! Over 30 stores in Tokyo!

Workspace Cafe is a service that can be used in various business scenes by opening up the free space of restaurants during the day as a workspace. Including restaurants such as MURA BAR, a new business store in Ginza, and Cheese Square Avanti in Shinjuku, you can work cashless anywhere, anytime, within a 3-minute walk from major stations! We are pleased to announce that IMAKOCO WORKS, a work space matching service developed by IMACO CO., LTD., Has expanded the number of stores with private rooms in Shinjuku, Roppongi, Ginza, Shinagawa, etc. to approximately 30 stores. ◾️Service introduction store (as of March 31) 1. Cheese Square Avanti (Shinjuku / Shinjuku Sanchome) […]