The real topic tea stand “THE ALLEY” of the topic NEW OPEN the Akihabara store and the two stores of Yutenji store!

At the Akihabara store, a tea leaf salad using tea leaves also appeared! The real item tea stand "THE ALLEY (The Array)" ( ) that develops globally mainly in Taiwan and Asia will be held at Akihabara store, Yutenji store in 1/9 (Wednesday) We will open two stores at the same time. "THE ALLEY" is Japan's first landing in Sanagi Shinjuku in July 2017. In August the following month, we opened a flagship store in Omotesando, Shibuya store, Lumine Shinjuku store, Ebisu store, Jiyugaoka shop. In 2018, which passed a year since its first landing, Naka Meguro store, Tokyo Sky Tree Town · Solamachi shop, Sangenjaya shop, Yurakucho shop, […]


Employment / career change event “Working discovery fair” held on January 26 A booth that can diagnose your strengths and discover jobs that are easy to get active! Establishment of “employment troubles consultation section” to receive psychiatric-based personality diagnosis

DIP Co., Ltd., which manages the general recruitment information website, will hold a job search and change job event "Working Discovery Fair" sponsored by regular employee / contract employee job information site "Vitor NEXT" ( ) It will be held on Akiba Square (JR Akihabara Station 2 min. On foot) on Saturday, January 26, 2019. This time, in addition to the corporate booth, the establishment of "employment trouble consultation corner" was newly decided at the "work finding fair" to be held on Saturday, January 26, 2019. "Employment troubles consultation corner" to deepen self-understanding with the diagnostic tool "psychiatric-based personality diagnosis" "ACTUS by PSA" that finds their strengths from eight […]


Notice of holding “Sega Colabo Cafe Fate / Grand Order Arcade”

Implementation Period: January 19, 2019 (Sat) to March 10, 2019 (Sun) Sega Entertainment Co., Ltd. cooperates with the arcade game "Fate / Grand Order Arcade" at Sega Collaboration Cafe Akihabara Building 2, Building No. 4, Sega Collaboration Cafe Namba Sennichimasa "Sega Collaboration Cafe Fate / Grand Order Arcade" 2019 1 Three stores will be held simultaneously from Saturday, March 19 (Sat). During the period you can enjoy original foods, desserts, drinks etc. that imagined the world view of "Fate / Grand Order Arcade". Collabo Cafe Limited Novelty will be awarded by ordering the original menu. You can purchase "Fate / Grand Order Arcade" goods which can only be obtained here […]


Together with INDIA, Inc. SNK Corporation and Akihabara launching “New Monodzukuri”, we announce the opening of NEOGEO LAND Limited Shop in AKIBA for a limited time event!

~ Well, is legendary NEOGEO LAND resurrected as Akiba as a limited time shop? ! ~ The event space AKIHABARA which is located at 0 minute walk from Akihabara station central entrance which Indoor Inc. operates · produces, combines tags with SNK Co., Ltd., Indoa Co., Ltd., which carries out entertainment business such as games, mobile, etc. from Akihabara At CONTAiNER we will inform you of the decision of "NEOGEO LAND Limited Shop in AKIBA" on Saturday, December 22, 2018 ~ Wednesday 20 February 2019. 【INDOR STORE inside "NEOGEO LAND" commodity mail order page】 【SNK Online Shop】 【Indoora Co., Ltd.】 【SNK HP Corporation】 NEOGEO LAND With […]


The second collaboration cafe “Cowboy Bebop” is held at “Animate Cafe”! Also new products of the theater version “Heaven’s Door” and resale of goods of collaboration cafe first bullet!

Good Smile × Animate Cafe at Akihabara · Osaka Nihonbashi Concurrently Started on December 13 / New Year Starts on January 2 Collaboration with popular animation · game works Animeitokafe which develops a cafe is a good collaboration cafe of animation "Cowboy Bebop" for a limited time from December 13, 2018 to January 15, 2019, with Good Smile × Animate Cafe We will hold at Akihabara (1-7-6 Akiba Culture 's Zone 5F in Chiyoda – ku) · Osaka Nihonbashi (4 – 15-17 Nihonbashi Naniwa – ku, Osaka – shi, 2F). The animated sci-fi animation "Cowboy Bebop" was broadcasted from 1998 to 1999, and the theater version was also released in […]


Actually this is a cake. Entrance front eateries series latest work “sukiyaki cake” on sale! !

Limited time-year soba soba and osechi cake are also available for reservation! Cake shop Yodobashi Akiba store, Shinjuku Metro store selling at limited price Inoue Shoji Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Osaka-shi Osaka-shi representative director: Keisoku Inoue), at the sweets paradise cake shop Yodobashi Akiba store, Shinjuku Metro store "Sukiyaki cake" the latest series of the series from November 1, 2018 We are selling in limited quantity. We also accept annual Toshikoshi soba and Osechi cake reservations. The appearance is genuine, but the taste is a cake. Why do not you surprise your family and friends this yearend and new year? Inoue Shoji Co., Ltd. sells "sukiyaki cake", the latest work of […]


【Opening】 Shuriken & Armor Experience in Akihabara! “Ototatei” corresponding to visiting foreigners opened on November 28

Shuriken & armor photography experience in Akihabara OneBetter LLC will start a service called "kotoratei", a concept that the increasing number of Japanese visitors want to feel more Japanese, starting November 28, 2018. 【URL】 Service 1. Wear armor & photography Since the armor prepares a plan that can be easily dressed from the top of the clothes, you can transform in 8 minutes and shoot with the photo spot installed in the shop as it is. You can also wear armor in swimwear and a photo shoot with a charter. 2. Throwing star Shuriken can experience a ninja throwing full-fledged iron shuriken. We will also correspond to shooting for […]


Fast food originating from the American West Coast, “Sushi Burrito” Industry’s first specialty store “beeat Sushi Burrito Tokyo”

AI decides prices and offers customers, restaurants of the future to eliminate queues from stores YUBO Corporation will open an automation restaurant "beeat sushi burrito Tokyo (" beeat "), the first sushi burrito specialty store in the industry, on November 30, 2018 in Akihabara. URL ■ Japan's first specialty shop "Sushi burrito" that fused the world's food culture Sushi Burrito is a fast food originating in the West Coast of the United States that fuses Japanese rolled sushi and Mexican burrito style. I have established a style of sushi without soy sauce, walking while eating like burrito with one hand, now spreading to Europe, Australia and the Middle East, […]


Small X’mas “Miniature Exhibition” spreading over the palm of the hand 11/30 ~ Tree, Illuminations, New work exhibition in winter specification

BACON (Bekon) Co., Ltd., which handles popular photo exhibitions that mobilize 500,000 people, such as the “Nekkyo-no-ki Exhibition”, is a joint photo & merchandising exhibition “Miniatures” in the gallery “TODAYS GALLERY STUDIO” (Asakusabashi, Tokyo) World Photography Exhibition Winter “will be held for the first time on November 30 (Friday) to December 25 (Tue) in 2018. In addition to the exhibition of new works conscious of winter, miniature version illumination spot will also appear!   URL:   In this exhibition, we will exhibit for the first time such as “karuha” (@ kasuga_maru) exceeding the number of followers of more than 70,000 in Instagram, beautiful Tol paint workshop Anchante (@ atelier_enchanter) […]


Yahoo!, entertaining free wonder land “Hack Day 2018” enjoying ingenious technology

~ Presentation announcing what made with Japan's largest Hackathon, providing live performance of entertainment × technology such as white A, mplusplus ~ Yahoo! enjoy wonderful technology that adults and children can enjoy also in Japan, the largest hackathon in Tokyo, Akihabara UDX for two days on Saturday, December 15th and Sunday, 16th, "Wonderland" Yahoo! JAPAN Hack Day 2018 "(hereinafter" Hack Day 2018 ") will be held free of entry. We plan to mobilize approximately 20,000 people in two days. At Hackyison of "Hack Day 2018", creators such as engineers and designers of about 80 groups, the largest in Japan, will come together to develop applications, IoT hardware etc. over […]