The event “Yuki Yuki is a brave POP UP SHOP in Volks Akihabara Hobby Tengoku” will be held from January 11!

Almabianca Co., Ltd., which operates a mail-order website "AMNIBUS" that sells original manga and anime goods Will hold the event "Yuki Yuki is a brave" event "Yuki is a brave POP UP SHOP in Volks Akihabara Hobby Tengoku" from Saturday, January 11th. Almabianca Co., Ltd., which operates a mail-order website "AMNIBUS" that sells original manga and anime goods Will hold a collaborative shop "Yuki Yuki is a brave" POP UP SHOP in Volks Akihabara Hobby Tengoku from January 11 (Sat) to January 26 (Sun). You. At this collaboration shop, new products using Ani-Art illustrations of "Yuna Yuki is a brave man" will be pre-sold at the venue. In addition, as […]


UNDER RAILWAY HOTEL AKIHABARA under the viaduct in Akihabara Grand opening on December 12 (Thu)

3 minutes walk from Akihabara station! Grand opening of a new hotel with a café and bar with 29 rooms including several rooms in addition to the usual double type IKIDANE Co., Ltd. is collaborating with Asia Gate Holdings Co., Ltd. to provide accommodations at UNDER RAILWAY HOTEL at “SEEKBASE AKI-OKA MANUFACTURE”, where JR East Urban Development Co., Ltd. operates under the overpass between Tokyo Akihabara Station and Okachimachi Station. AKIHABARA ”(29 rooms / maximum capacity: 104 people) was opened on Thursday, December 12, 2019. <Photo: Exterior view of UNDER RAILWAY HOTEL AKIHABARA under the overpass> A three-minute walk from JR Akihabara Station, home to mass-market retailers, maid cafes, anime […]


“Edo Tokyo Akari Exhibition produced by Nippon Akari Hiro” is now being held

Sending “Japanese lighting and culture” to the world from Kanda Myojin! First experience-based exhibition Kanda Myojin Cultural Exchange Center “EDOCCO STUDIO” (Totokanda, Chiyoda-ku) will hold “Edo Tokyo Akari Exhibition produced by Nippon Akari Hiro” from Saturday, December 7, 2019 to Sunday, February 9, 2020 Doing. About 40 creators from all over Japan gathered for this event. Five genres such as “art”, “festival”, “design”, “craftsman”, and “technology” are brought together through “Akari” to create a new world in the historical land of Kanda Myojin. The biggest feature of this exhibition, expressed as “art attractions,” is that it is an experiential art exhibition that combines attraction elements with art exhibitions . In […]


“Sega Collaboration Cafe Love Live! Series 9th ANNIVERSARY! Feat. Love Live! Of “Fes”

Implementation period: December 21, 2019 (Sat)-April 5, 2020 (Sun) At Sega Entertainment, Love Live! In commemoration of the festival, a cafe that collaborated with the “Love Live! Series” will be held from December 21 (Sat) at Sega Akihabara Building No. 3 7F and nationwide cafe stands. During the period, you can enjoy original foods, desserts and drinks inspired by μ's, Aqours, Saint Snow, Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Club members. You can also get an “original coaster” by ordering an original menu. Souvenir shops on the same floor also offer original goods exclusive to Sega Collaboration Cafe. In addition, for every purchase of 2,000 yen (tax included) at a souvenir shop, […]


Toranoana’s popular illustrator saitom’s “saitom illustration exhibition” will be held for the first time in Nagoya from November 22 and encore in Akihabara from December 13!

Tora no Ana Co., Ltd. will present an illustration exhibition “saitom illustration exhibition” by illustrator saitom at the directly managed store Toranoana Nagoya store from Friday, November 22, 2019 and at the Toranoana Akihabara store from Friday, December 13th. Will be held. This event is an illustration exhibition by illustrator saitom, who is active in many fields, not only commercial but also coterie activities, mainly for illustrations of Ranobe and character design for anime and games. In particular, the Nagoya store will be held for the first time (!), And the Akihabara store will be held at the encore in response to the popularity of the previous event. During the […]


November 20, 2019 (Wednesday) A new “Beji Shabu” store opened in front of Akihabara Station! !

With the opening of BiTO AKIBA Jun Heijo Co., Ltd. We will open a new “Beji Shabu” store in the building “BiTO AKIBA” that opens in front of Akihabara Station. “Beji Shabu” is a new type of shabu-shabu that is operated by the long-established yakiniku restaurant “Hirajoen”, which celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2020. Based on the concept of “Enjoying the energy of nature with Japanese soup stock”, you can freely customize and enjoy a selection of domestic vegetables, carefully selected meats, and a selection of exquisite soup stocks. This is a new type shabu-shabu specialty store. When meat fat melts into the dashi, the synergistic effect of dashi x […]


TV anime “Azur Lane” pop-up store will be held at AKIHABARA Gamers main store and Machida store from Saturday, December 7! Pre-sale products and lotteries are also held!

Gamers has decided to hold a TV anime “Azur Lane” pop-up store on Saturday, December 7, 2019. The TV anime “Azur Lane” is a TV based on the game app “Azur Lane”, a game application for the popular smartphone that has surpassed 6 million registrants, fostering and organizing girls who personified ships from around the world. Animation. Gamers will hold a pop-up store from December 7th (Saturday) to December 22nd (Sunday) to sell pre-sale products and win lotteries with cast-signed prizes. In the pop-up store, sales of advanced products such as acrylic key chains and mobile batteries, as well as post-recording scripts are on display. In addition, during the period, […]


Announcement of “Sega Collaboration Cafe Super Express”

Period: Saturday, December 7, 2019-Sunday, February 2, 2020   Sega Entertainment Co., Ltd. was held in May 2019 and immediately released the second popular “Sega Collaboration Cafe Super Express” from December 7, 2019 (Saturday), Sega Collaboration Cafe Akihabara Building No. 2, 2019 Will open for a limited time at Sega Collaboration Cafe Stand Namba 1000 days ago, Sendai, Okayama, Fukuoka Tenjin from Sunday, December 8th!   During the period, you can enjoy original foods, desserts and drinks inspired by the members, and you will receive a limited novelty by ordering the original menu. There will also be many original merchandise exclusive to Sega Collaboration Cafe. Change the costume from “Sega […]


In December 2019, a new commercial area was born under the overpass in Akihabara. “SEEKBASE AKI-OKA MANUFACTURE” 1st OPEN!

-New bases gathering technology and attention, 4 commercial facilities and 1 accommodation facility-one after another-   ○ JR East Japan Urban Development Co., Ltd. launched the first phase of “ SEEKBASE AKI-OKA MANUFACTURE ”, a new base that gathers technology and attention as a new commercial area under the overpass between Akihabara and Okachimachi Station in December 2019 Opened. 〇 The area consists of 4 commercial facilities and 1 accommodation facility, and this time, we opened the main commercial sales area of accommodation facilities on December 6, 2019 (Friday) and two commercial facilities on Thursday, December 12, 2019. The 〇 In the first period, new stores such as audio, camera, […]


Love live at Atre Akihabara! Series character pop festival is held! lovelive! Newly drawn illustrations from Sunshine !! Open for a limited time from Friday, November 1

BANDAI NAMCO Amusement is a love live! The series event shop “Love Live! Character Pop Festival” will be opened from November 1 (Friday) to 30 (Saturday) in the commercial facility “Atre-atre-” directly connected to JR Akihabara Station. This time, in addition to the usual character pop festivals, we will perform “Katekan Jack” using the entire facility, such as wrapping the building of Atre Akihabara, distributing benefits at each tenant, and selling original food. This event is a love live event through “play / exhibition” such as “product sales / mini-games” using the entire facility! This is a limited time event shop where you can fully experience the world of the […]