“Digimon Adventure ART POP-UP” will be held at Akihabara Onoden from April 27th

Tohan Corporation (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Toshitaka Kondo) will be opening a pop-up shop selling canvas art from the popular anime series "Digimon Adventure" at Akihabara Onoden from Saturday, April 27th. About "Digimon Adventure ART POP-UP" This is a pop-up shop for the "Digimon Adventure" series, which began airing as an anime in 1999. At the venue, 25 pieces of canvas art (artworks printed on canvas fabric) using 25th anniversary illustrations will be on display and available for order. Approximately 70 Digimon merchandise items will also be on sale. After this venue, further events will be held in various locations, and original "Digimon Adventure" ART POP-UP goods will be sold. […]


The largest figure shop in Akihabara! “AmiAmi Akihabara Figure Tower Store” pre-opens.

From the first floor to the eighth floor, all the stores are dedicated to figurines. Oami Co., Ltd. (headquarters: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo), which operates the hobby mail-order store "AmiAmi," will pre-open a new store, "AmiAmi Akihabara Figure Tower Store," on Friday, April 26, 2024. During the pre-opening, only the first floor will be open, but after the grand opening scheduled for July, the entire building from the first to eighth floors will be filled with figure specialty stores, making it one of the largest in Akihabara. ■ "AmiAmi Akihabara Figure Tower Store" introduction video https://youtu.be/RsSkdekug38 ■AmiAmi Online Shop https://www.amiami.jp/ ■ AmiAmi physical store information https://www.amiami.jp/top/page/t/store.html [AmiAmi Akihabara Figure Tower Store Overview] […]


Announcement of “Toro’s Birthday Event 2024 in AKIHABARA”

A birthday event for Toro from the story game series "Dokodemo Issho" will be held in Akihabara this year! "Raw Toro" will also be appearing at the birthday party and photo session, and new "Dokodemo Issho" merchandise will be on sale. Beside Inc. (Headquarters: Tachikawa City, Tokyo; President and CEO: Kazunori Minami; hereinafter referred to as "Beside") is pleased to announce that it will be holding " Toro's Birthday Event 2024 in AKIHABARA " on Friday, May 3, 2024 (national holiday). The "Dokodemo Issyo" series started with the story game "Dokodemo Issyo™," in which players teach their Pokepi (Pocket People) words and have fun talking to them. The series has […]


“TV Anime ‘Oshi no Ko’ Character Pop Store ~Black Collection~” will be held at Akihabara Atre from Tuesday, April 16th!

Merchandise featuring original illustrations of Aqua, Ruby, Arima Kana, and Akane is now available! Bandai Namco Amusement Co., Ltd. will open the TV anime [Oshi no Ko] event shop "TV Anime [Oshi no Ko] Character Pop Store ~Black Collection~" at Atre Akihabara on Tuesday, April 16, 2024. It will be held in Umeda in June and Hakata in July. From Tuesday, April 16th to Tuesday, April 30th, the building will be decorated with a vibrant theme as part of the "TV Anime [Oshi no Ko] x Atre Akihabara" project. In addition to selling original goods featuring original illustrations with a black costume theme, the event shop will also host a […]


<Original TV Anime “Yuki Bakuhatsu Burn Braveburn” POP UP SHOP> will be held at Akihabara Onoden 1F Grand Entas! [COSPA Co., Ltd.]

COSPA Corporation, which plans, develops, and manufactures official character costumes, apparel, and merchandise, has announced that they will be holding a "Yuki Bakuhatsu Burn Braeburn" POP UP SHOP at Akihabara Onoden 1F Grand Entas. A pop-up shop for the original TV anime "Yuki Bakuhatsu Burn Braveburn" will be held at Grand Entas in Akihabara. There will be various exhibits, photo spots, and advance merchandise sales. In addition, the limited edition bromide campaign currently being held at G-Store, which also operates physical COSPA stores, has been decided to apply to purchases at the POP UP SHOP. The CURE MAID CAFÉ, located on the 4th floor of G-Store Akihabara on Onoden, will […]


The TV anime “HUNTER×HUNTER” event “HUNTER×HUNTER” Ani-Art Animate Fair in 2024 will be held!

“HUNTER×HUNTER” Ani-Art Animate Fair in 2024 will be held at Animate participating stores. Alma Bianca Co., Ltd., which sells original manga and anime goods, will be holding “HUNTER×HUNTER” Ani-Art Animate Fair in 2024! Alma Bianca Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nakano-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Tomonari Sakai), which sells original manga and anime goods, will be holding the “HUNTER x HUNTER'' Ani-Art Animate Fair in 2024. It has been decided that "'HUNTER x HUNTER' Ani-Art Animate Fair in 2024" will be held at Animate participating stores from Saturday, March 30, 2024. At this fair, we will be selling many new products using new Ani-Art illustrations from the TV anime "HUNTER x HUNTER", as […]


“MANGA ART HOTEL, BAKUROCHO” opens in Bakurocho, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku on April 1st!

JR East Urban Development Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo / President and Representative Director: Hideki Nemoto; hereinafter referred to as Urban Development) will sell the Bakurocho Gate 4 Building to dot Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo / Co-Representative Director and President: Hideki Nemoto). In collaboration with Masayoshi Mikoshiba, Yasukazu Yoshitama (hereinafter referred to as dot) and Renoberu Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo/President: Tomohiro Yamashita, hereinafter referred to as Renoberu), the concept hotel “MANGA ART HOTEL, BAKUROCHO'' was created. It will be renovated and open on April 1, 2024. Our hotel features spacious guest rooms designed for long-term stays by inbound tourists, and we also have a shared office "MANGA AND […]


February and March 2024 event report of Taiwan’s No. 1 maid cafe “Tsukuyomi Maid Cafe” that has expanded to Akihabara

In February 2024, we performed at Taiwan's largest doujinshi event "Fancy Frontier Cultivation Animation Festival" and Taichung's largest music festival "Floating Festival EMERGE FEST". We will also inform you about the March event at the Akihabara store. February 2024 event report Tsukuyomi Maid Cafe (Tsukuyomi Maid Cafe) is a long-established maid cafe that participates in many Taiwanese events and festivals every year. In February 2024, we performed at Taiwan's largest doujinshi event and Taichung's largest music festival, so we would like to tell you about the event. FF42 “Fancy Frontier Development Animation Festival” FF42 "Fancy Frontier Development Animation Festival" is Taiwan's largest doujinshi event held from February 23rd to 25th, […]


“Monster Hunter Bar WEST” will open as a permanent store from Friday, March 1, 2024! !

"HUNTERS BAR Monster Hunter Bar WEST" will open as a permanent store in Namba, Osaka from March 1, 2024! We welcome hunters with an interior that lets you enjoy the world of Monster Hunter, including photo spots, weapons, and armor! ▼What is Monster Hunter Bar? HUNTERS BAR "Monster Hunter Bar" is an official collaboration bar of the "Monster Hunter" series operated by NS Group (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Kanako Ogino), which operates "Karaoke Pasera" and other services. The interior of the store is inspired by the world of "Monster Hunter," with wood grain tones and a warm atmosphere. From 2020, a permanent store “Monster Hunter Bar” is being opened in […]


The long-awaited movie version by fans will be released soon!! “‘Haikyu the Movie!! Battle at the Garbage Dump’ Fair in Animate” will be held from February 17th at Animate and Animate mail order stores nationwide!

We are also running a campaign where you can receive additional benefits by presenting your theater ticket stub! ■“Haikyu the Movie!! Battle at the Garbage Dump” Fair in Animate https://www.animate-onlineshop.jp/contents/fair_event/detail.php?id=110138 Animate Co., Ltd. will be holding the "'Haikyu the Movie!! Battle at the Garbage Dump' Fair in Animate" from February 17, 2024. "Haikyuu!!" is a manga by Haruichi Furudate that focuses on high school volleyball. The anime "Haikyu!!" began broadcasting in 2014, followed by "Haikyu!! Second Season" in 2015, "Haikyu!! Karasuno High School VS Shiratorizawa Academy" in 2016, and "Haikyu!! TO THE TOP" in 2020. '', and the anime sequel “Haikyu the Movie!! Battle at the Garbage Dump'' will be […]