The second collaboration cafe “Cowboy Bebop” is held at “Animate Cafe”! Also new products of the theater version “Heaven’s Door” and resale of goods of collaboration cafe first bullet!


Good Smile × Animate Cafe at Akihabara · Osaka Nihonbashi Concurrently Started on December 13 / New Year Starts on January 2

Collaboration with popular animation · game works Animeitokafe which develops a cafe is a good collaboration cafe of animation "Cowboy Bebop" for a limited time from December 13, 2018 to January 15, 2019, with Good Smile × Animate Cafe We will hold at Akihabara (1-7-6 Akiba Culture 's Zone 5F in Chiyoda – ku) · Osaka Nihonbashi (4 – 15-17 Nihonbashi Naniwa – ku, Osaka – shi, 2F).

The animated sci-fi animation "Cowboy Bebop" was broadcasted from 1998 to 1999, and the theater version was also released in 2001.
This work depicting the success of the main character, Spike · Spiegel, who is engaged in the business of "Cowboy" pursuing wanted committers in the future universe, although hard boiled touch is the main axis, various tastes such as comedy, cyber punk etc It has attracted many people with its unique world view.
A soundtrack centered on composer, Yoko Kanno's opening theme "Tank!" Was awarded the 13th Japan Gold Disc Award "Animation · Album of the Year", the 20th anniversary of the animation release Even now, it is loved by many people both domestically and abroad along with the animation title.

Together with the animated restaurant "Animate Cafe", the masterpiece can enjoy the interior and original menu based on the concept of animation and game works. We will develop the contents which further enhanced from the first popular collaboration which was held from May to June of 2018 as a collaboration cafe "Cowboy Bebop" × "Good Smile × Animate Cafe" Session 2 which imaged BAR.

Inside the store, we offer original cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks that imagined characters appearing throughout the day. Lunch time, dinner time, you can enjoy a variety of collaboration menus that imagined the TV series and theater version of "Cowboy Bebop".
In addition, in Session 2, in addition to re-selling goods that were popular in the first collaboration, goods and menus of the movie version "Cowboy bebop heaven's door" new appearance. A menu that imagined the Halloween of the movie last scene, a limited coasters (15 kinds) of new design becoming an order privilege of the collaboration menu, and a special art frame of the theater version "Cowboy bebop heaven no door" as well.

As for the first person, as well as those who came last time the charm is full of contents. Good Smile × Animate Cafe Akihabara / Osaka Nihonbashi is open for the New Year's holidays except December 31st · January 1st. Please enjoy the world of masterpieces by all means.

■ "Cowboy Bebop" × "Good Smile × Animate Cafe" Session 2 Outline
【Duration】 December 13, 2018 – January 15, 2019
Christmas limited menu offer period: from 19th December to 25th December 2018
New Year's only menu offer period: January 2 – 2019 January 5
※ For details of lunch time and dinner time, please check the website
※ Closed on 31 December 2018 · January 2019
【Host Store】 Good Smile × Animate Cafe Akihabara · Osaka Nihonbashi
【Entry method】 All dates First-come first-serve basis
【Relevant page】
【Rights expression】 (c) SUNRISE (c) SUNRISE · BONES · BANDAI VISUAL
※ For details of the entry method please check the animate cafe homepage.
※ Date and time of entry · Admission method may be changed.

■ Collaboration menu (part)
Both lunchtime and dinner time, we offer sake and non alcoholic drinks that imagined an appearance character this time. In addition, we have many kinds of snacks and side menus that match sake at any time of the day.
Also in Session 2, many new menus appeared centered around the motif menu of the movie "Cowboy bebop heaven door" in theaters.
"Yo pumpkin head curry" set with curry with chicken ingredients and chicken rice is the motif of the movie version's last scene, and it is possible to put pumpkin puree with separate appendix that imaged the scene that scatter the counter nanomachines I can do it.
In addition, limited menus also appeared during the Christmas period from December 19th to December 25th, 2018, New Year's Day from January 2nd to January 5th 2019. For Christmas you can order non alcoholic drink "Julia" which imaged Julia in the underwear character, and New Year you can order "New Year of Asteroid" set with colorful sushi and hot noodles.
In addition to the various new menus and popular menu of the first collaboration including "Mr. Chinjuoroth" when there was no gold, which was very popular, we are reviving, so please enjoy it.

Yo pumpkin head curry (dinner time limited / 950 yen)
Rocket Noodle (700 yen)
SPACE LAND (750 yen)
Julia (19th December – December 25th, 2018/600 yen)
Asteroid New Year's Day (January 2 – 2019 Limited / 800 yen)

sub 2

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■ Menu Order Rewards Coasters (15 types in total) ※ You can not choose a picture
Every time you order a collaboration menu, we will give you 1 random Session 2 paper coaster from all 15 types.
Since all the coasters have become Session 2 limited illustration, it is also recommended for those who came to the first collaboration cafe. Also, the benefits coasters of collaboration cafe are also collectors items that collect, decorate and enjoy a lot, so please try gathering by all means.


■ Animate cafe limited item (part)
In Session 2, there are many new goods centered on the theatrical version "Cowboy Bebop Heaven's Door".
A variety of new products such as 15 kinds of new trading portrait limited to Session 2, a stylish beer glass of all 2 kinds including the main character's silhouette including the spike and 4 special design of the theater version "Cowboy bebop heaven noodle" I am preparing.
In addition, trading portrait of the first collaboration, special art frame etc resold. Those who missed last time can also purchase at this collaboration cafe.

Trading Portrait Session 2 (15 kinds in total / 500 yen)
Beer glass set (All 2 types A set 【Spike & Jet】 · B set 【Fay & Ed, Ain】 / 2,500 yen) ※ It will be released on 29th December
Cowboy bebop heaven door key visual special art frame (1 kind all / 8,000 yen) ※ to be released on 29th December


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※ The image will be an image.
※ All prices are tax inclusive.
※ The contents are subject to change · postponement · cancellation without notice.