[Pom pom pudding x maid] Maid cafe “@ ho-mu m cafe” collaborates with Sanrio popular character “pom pom pudding”! Collaboration cafe is held from June 4 (Tuesday)!


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Open from June 4 (Tuesday) to July 31 (Wednesday), Akihabara "@ Ho-Mu Cafe" for a limited time!

Akihabara's maid cafe "@ ho-mu cafe" will hold a collaboration cafe with the popular character "Pompo Muplin" of Sanrio Co. from June 4 (Tuesday). We offer original menu and sell limited goods.

@Ho む cafe holds a collaboration cafe with popular characters of Sanrio and "Hello Kitty" in 2015, "Gudetama" in 2017, "My Melody" in 2018, and Sanrio's popular characters. It has been very well received.

In recent years, female customers and foreign tourists are increasing more and more. This collaboration has been realized with the aim of having a more enjoyable time at the Maid Cafe, where the attractiveness of pretty characters is added to such visitors.

At this collaboration cafe, I drew an illustration in which a pom pom pudding was entertained as a master in a fairy tale mansion. The lovely figure of a newcomer maid macaroon & powder dressed in maid clothes of @ ho-m ​​cafe is unmissable ♪ The collaboration and the main in-store decoration, menu, and goods which made the collaboration the main of this collaboration is also a noun maid cafe of "Moe" You can now enjoy the

※The image is an image. It may be different from the actual interior.

In addition, at collaboration cafe, maids who wore @ homu cafe original maid clothes which imaged pom pom pudding will entertain all of you ☆

We look forward to the return of many masters and young people.

■ Original menu
・ Prin's master, Mr. om Hayashira Ichu ¥ 1,400
・ Good hamburger plate with pudding and powder ¥ 1,300
・ Princess of master's dream adoration maid udon-with certificate style card-¥ 1,200

・ Prin's master Moe Moe parfait ¥ 1,000
・ Newcomer Maid Macaroon's Chunpaet ¥ 1,000
・ Prin kun's Dojikko a la mode ¥ 1,100

■ Visitors present
We will present one of two kinds of place mats

There are 3 kinds of original coasters, which will randomly give a drink to the person ordering them.

■ Original goods
<Planned for release from Monday, June 4>
Can Badge All 5 types ¥ 400 each
Acrylic key holder all four types ¥ 600 each
Lunch tote All 1 type ¥ 1,500
Mirror All 1 type ¥ 800
<Scheduled release from June 8 (Sat)>
Pouch All 1 type ¥ 1,000

※ All prices are excluding tax.

■ Collaboration cafe holding summary
Period: June 4 (Tuesday)-July 31 (Wed), 2019
Place: @ ho-mu cafe main store the seventh floor
Address: 1-11-4 Kokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Mitsuwa Building 7F
Telephone: 03-5207-9779 (representative)
Opening hours: (weekdays) 11: 00-22: 00 (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays) 10: 00-22: 00 ※ L / 0 21:20
Regular holiday: Fixed holiday
※ Because there is change of business hours other than the above, please confirm on homepage

■ "@ ぉ カ フ ェ cafe"
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