Holiday cafe of the cell ~ Everyone of the cell, why not drink tea today and relax? Open for a limited time on Friday, June 7


Ani ON STATION, an entertainment facility operated by Bandai Namco Amusement Co., Ltd., is a collaboration cafe with the anime "Working Cell" "Holiday's Holiday Cafe-Everyone in the Cell, Would You Like To Sip Tea With Me Today?" Ani ON STATION AKIHABARA head office located in Akihabara, Tokyo, will be held for a limited period from Friday, July 7, 2019 to Sunday, July 7, 2019.

This cafe is the first collaboration cafe with animated cells "Working Cells" and Ani ON STATION, which are anthropomorphized cells in the body. A space inspired by a scene of animation based on the concept of a place of rest for cells that continue to work in the human body as a concept, an original food with the menu appearing in the work arranged, and an original drink with a character as a motif You In addition, we sell original goods such as acrylic stand and "the working cell's name key ring" using cell's name.

Also, participatory programs such as “Helper T Commander NEWS !?” where customers in the hall respond collectively to requests for cooperation from the “helper T cell” familiar as a commander who gives instructions at the time of entry into a foreign enemy during the production. It is a collaboration cafe where you can enjoy yourself as if you were one of the "cells".

Special event site:

Original food & original drink which arranged the menu which appeared in the work
Part of the food and drink menu will be replaced in the first and second half of the event period.
Please see the event special site for details.
【First semester】 June 7 (Fri) to June 23 (Sun) 【Late】 June 24 (Mon) to July 7 (Sun)
Original food (full season: 1 class, 1st class: 2 types, 2nd class: 2 types)
For each original food item ordered, a novelty "WBC ※ 1 special wet tissue (all 1 type)" will be presented as a novelty.

<Full-year food>

"I'm looking forward to it! Delivery of nutrients" Bento 1,000 yen

<Previous term food example>

Platelet thrombus waffle 980 yen

<Late Food Example>

Work end of white blood cells (neutrophils) Cheesecake 1,050 yen


WB WBC (※ 1) Special Wet Tissue (All 1)

※ 1 "WBC" is an abbreviation of white blood cell (White blood cell) that appears in the work of animation "Working Cell".

★ Original drink (first half: 7 types, second half: 7 types)
For each original drink order, a random round can badge (11 types in all) will be randomly presented as a novelty.
<Early period drink one example>

A little rest of strawberry red I 700 yen

<Early period drink one example>

Resting tea (set of 2 pieces of green tea and seaweed rice cracker) 600 yen
【Printed seaweed rice cracker】
The first semester will be given randomly from the name serif of these four characters.
◆ Erythrocytes
◆ White blood cells (neutrophils)
◆ Killer T cells
◆ Helper T cells

<Late drink one example>

B cell わ-drink 700 yen

<Late drink one example>

Macroscopic fluffy marshmallow milk tea 700 yen

<One novelty example>

角 Round cans badge (all 11 species) ※ random distribution

Original goods
We sell original goods such as key rings and acrylic stands designed with the names of cells.

<Original goods one example>

▲ Name cells of our cell phones (all 14 species) 1,000 yen each

ア ク リ ル Acrylic stand collection (randomly filled) (all 21 types) 1 piece 700 yen

customer participation type original program of the
Suddenly, during the cafe time, emergency contact of the enemy invasion! Helper T-cell, a familiar commander from the anime series, requests assistance from a helper T-cell, and uses a hand-held tag to cooperate with it. Helper T-command NEWS !? Upon identifying a superb enemy, a specially edited video of the episode (all five types) will appear on the screen.

"Helper T Commander NEWS !?"
While talking at "Holiday's Holiday Cafe", "Helper T-Cell" has emergency contact with enemy invaders! In response to a request for cooperation from the commander, let's identify the "antigen" that is the enemy enemy!

映像 Image image

Admission fee is free once in 3 visits ! In addition, we present special menu!
Each time you visit the store, a stamp is stamped on the stamp card you receive when you visit the store for the first time! If you collect three stamps, the entrance fee will be free once at your next visit, and you will be presented with the special menu “Tea and Tea Sweets Set”. Please see the event special site for details.

"Holiday's Holiday Cafe ~ Everyone in the cell, why not drink some tea today and relax? ~"
Opening period
Friday, July 7, 2019-Sunday, July 7
business hours
11: 00-21: 30 (last order 21:00)
Admission fees
500 yen (one order system)
About use
Free admission ※ 90 minutes when crowded
Holding store
Tokyo, Tokyo Chiyoda Ward 3-1-16 Daikando Limited Building 1F
Event special site
Ani ON STATION official site
Ani ON STATION Official Twitter

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