“Animeite Yokohama” and “Animate Akihabara” specialty stores of animation · comic · character goods open this spring renewal! Open commemorative campaign including limited items will also be implemented


Animate Co., Ltd., which develops specialty shops of animation, comic and character goods, will renew two stores in Kanto this spring.


On March 21, we relocated “Animate Yokohama” in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, within the Yokohama Vivre, a complex commercial facility located 5 minutes on foot from the West Exit of JR Yokohama Station, and renewed it as “Animate Yokohama Vibre” I will. The 3 floor store is gathered on the 1 floor and it will be reborn as a more readable store with the latest character goods.
Also, on March 23, we decided to renew “Animate AKIBA Girls Station” in Akihabara, Tokyo, as “Animate Akihabara Annex”. Only shop spaces and event spaces will be expanded, connecting customers and cast bonds. At the same time, the current name “Animate Akihabara” will be renamed to “Animate Akihabara Main Building”!


Animate Yokohama Vivre and Animate Akihabara annex are renewal open from the same day, limited edition sales and campaign etc are also scheduled to be implemented. Please wait for the details for details.



■ Store information
Animate Yokohama Vibre

Renewal Open Date: March 21, 2019

Address: 〒200-0005 Kanagawa ken Nishi ku Nishi ku 2-15-13 Yokohama Vivre 8F
Opening Hours: 11 am – 9 pm


△ Animeate Yokohama Vibrre Map
△ Animeate Yokohama Vibrre Map

Animate Akihabara Main Building (Former Animate Akihabara)
〒101-0021 Tokyo 4-3-2 Kojinkada Chiyoda-ku
Business hours: 10 o’clock – 21 o’clock


Animate Akihabara Annex (Former Animate AKIBA Girls Station)
Renewal Open Date: March 23, 2019 Address: 1-2-13 Kaikanda Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0021
Business hours: 10 o’clock – 21 o’clock


△ Animate Akihabara Main building · Annex map
△ Animate Akihabara Main building · Annex map

● Animate Akihabara Annex New floor map
7th floor planning space
6F Event floor
5F Event floor
4F Sales Floor
3F Sales floor
2F Sales floor
1F Sales floor
B1F Sales floor


※ The opening hours of Animate Akihabara annex may change.
※ The contents may be changed / postponed depending on various circumstances.



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