Atre Akihabara 1, the first zone and floor renewal since opening! ~ Scheduled to be opened sequentially from February ~


Atre Corporation will renew the zone and floor of Atre Akihabara 1 from February 2019.

■ Outline of renewal

Atre Akihabara 1 will perform the first zone floor renewal after opening in November 2010.
This renewal will be opened in order from February. We will enhance the convenience by enriching the first floor, the "face" of the museum, with more everyday "food" so that more customers can use it. In the composition of industries, we arrange restaurants (4 new stores out of 3 new stores) and cafes (1 new store) that you can use eat-in · take-out easily and offer space that you can use when you want to take a break. In addition, a sweet shop (2 new stores in 7 stores) that can be used for souvenirs and rewards is opened, and a floor that can enjoy "food" to respond to various situations is born. Regarding the store details after the renewal, we will announce again in the middle of April.
In addition, we will also establish a new male restroom on the 3rd floor, refurbishment for women's restroom, and a nursing room that can be used by men.

■ 2F New Shop Information
Open on Saturday, February 9
Idolmaster Official Shop <Anime Toy>
"Idol Master Official Shop" is an event shop of "Idol Master" series. In addition to general distribution products, we will handle original goods which are only available here, exhibitions related to works and so on.

■ 3F renewal shop information
Open on Friday, March 15
Mr. Minute <Shoe Repair / Key>
Company name: Minute Asia Pacific Co., Ltd.
Mr. Minit will carefully consider the customer's "I want to cherish things carefully" feelings. When you are a little troubled with personal things, you can feel free to depend on "repair and service master" in the shop.

Fixing Concierge Big · Mama <TOTAL Rewrite>
Company Name: Big Mama Co., Ltd.
Contributing to the succession of Japanese important cultures of "mottainai" while pursuing the provision of services and values that are rooted in disposable lifestyles due to mass consumption.

Nail quick <nail salon>
Company Name: Non Stress Inc.
Provide high quality service considering kindness to nails. We are looking forward to preparing a space where customers can relax with confidence as well as design and staff's skills.

■ Facilities renewal information
Renewal in mid-March
◆ 3rd Floor Women's Lavatory Room: 3 Private Rooms Expansion
◆ 3rd Floor Men's Toiletries: 2 urinalies, 2 new rooms
◆ 3rd floor nursing room: newly established
A formula
Two baby cots
Female-only nursing room (single room)

■ Atre Akihabara 1 Facility Outline
Facility Name: Atre Akihabara 1
Location: 1-17-6, Kotokuda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Opening hours: AM 10: 00 ~ PM 9: 00
※ Some shops have different business hours.
Number of floors: 6th floor above ground
Total floor space: 9,234 m 2
Store area: 3,537 m 2
Number of stores: 24 stores (as of February 1, 2019)
※ Number of stores on the 2nd floor to the 6th floor for refurbishment

■ SC management company overview
Company name: Atre Corporation
Location: Ebisu 4-chome, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo No. 1 18 Ebisu Neonat 6F
Company founded: April 2, 1990
Capital: 1,630 million yen
Representative: Toshiro Ichinose
Business description: Management and operation of station buildings
Management facilities: Atlé Ebisu, Atre Shinagawa, Atre Kichijoji, Atre Ueno and others