Atre Akihabara 1 1F floor Renewal opening on Thursday, June 27 Floor 1 floor, we introduce all 12 shops!


Atre Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President: Toshiro Ichinose) will reopen the first floor of Atre Akihabara in June 2019.


■ Outline of Renewal
The Atre Akihabara 1 will be the first zone and floor renewal since its opening in November 2010.
We will enhance convenience by enriching with daily meals that can be used by more customers on the first floor, which is the "face" of the hall. In terms of industry composition, we will arrange restaurants (4 new outlets out of 4) and cafes (1 new outlet) where eat-in / take-out can be used casually, providing a space that can be used for a short break. In addition, a sweets shop (2 new stores out of 7) that can be used for souvenirs and rewards will also be opened, and a floor where you can enjoy "meal" to meet more various situations will be born.

■ Cafe, bakery, restaurant
・ Harutoshi Saruta <Cafe>
Company name: H. Saruta
A specialty coffee shop founded in Ebisu with the motto “Coffee shop that makes you happy and happy”. We use high quality coffee beans from around the world and offer them with a commitment and pride from roasting to extraction. We are looking forward to serving you more with a cup of drink, hoping to make your coffee more enjoyable.

Hikaru Saruta logo

・ Donque Edite <Bread>
Company name: Donk Inc.
A bakery born in 1887, an editorial store of Donk. We will deliver the bread that the craftsmen make over time. We will welcome you to the store according to your needs, such as a variety of products, full-fledged assortment, compact location and casual customers among selected items.

Don quedite logo

-Marugame noodles <Udon>
Company name: Tridor Holdings Inc.
Sanuki udon specialty store that offers authentic udon taste in a self-formal way. Using carefully selected domestic wheat, we have achieved "beating" and "boiling." In addition, we adopt open kitchen and cook in front of the customer, and it is a shop full of realism that you can feel "handcrafted feeling", "made feeling". You can enjoy the combination of topping tempura and rice cake as well.

Marugame Seimen logo

・ Sushi Japanese Restaurant <Sushi>
Company Name: Limited to Corporation
As much as I like freshly picked Edo-style sushi, a favorite material at any time. Origin return to "Sushi stand" 200 years ago. An original sushi roll that supports a busy business man's food with a good amount of fresh ingredients and warm Shari's hand out over the counter.

Sushi fishy one in Japan logo

-Ethiopia <curry>
Company Name: Ethiopia Limited
We have a variety of side dishes and drinks that fit European curries and curries, as well as the same indian curries that are the same in the main store, and you can enjoy Ethiopia curry for many people as well as curry fans.

Ethiopia logo

・ The king of dumplings <Chinese food>
Company Name: Wang Shoji Food Service Co., Ltd.
"Saiko" which can be said to be the king's soul. That commitment does not allow others to follow. The main ingredients are all domestic. It is delivered to the store every day from the factory without being frozen until it is delivered from the production to the store, so it's always fresh. If you bring the dumplings baked to a parish with the king's special iron plate to the mouth, the harmony of the rich glutinous skin and the juicy and savory salmon spread.

Reiko king prince logo

■ Sweets
・ Tokyo milk cheese plant "Cow Cow Kitchen" <sweets>
Company name: Shukurei Inc.
The carefully selected milk, high quality cheese, candy maker wants to make the candy which can not be made only by oneself with the materials collected from all over the world.
The concept shop is a creative factory that thinks of the combination of new ingredients every day and provides surprises and delicious sweets.

Tokyo milk cheese factory logo
Cow Cow Kitchen logo

・ Nihonbashiya Nagabei <Japanese sweet>
Company name: Nihonbashiya Shohei
We offer Japanese sweets that value the culture and tradition of Edo. A range of carefully selected products to enjoy the taste of freshly made delicious. We reflect the colors, shapes, and incense of the season, and deliver many Japanese sweets that can enjoy Japan's rich nature.

Nihonbashi storeman long guard logo

・ Quttle <sweets>
Company Name: Kator Co., Ltd.
We carefully handcraft one by one such as cakes with a sense of season and ingredients, ufu pudding, baked confectionery, chocolates, and further baked Baum Kuuchen. We also make original wedding cakes and birthday cakes that meet your needs.

Cattle logo

・ Patisserie a la campagne <sweets>
Company Name: Hat Trick Inc.
It is a restaurant of a strong tart created in Kobe in 1991.
In order to bring out the individuality of the fruit that will be the leading character, the proud homemade tart has a close dialogue with the pastry chef with materials such as cream and tart dough. We sell rustic tarts and cakes that are in the countryside of France, with a focus on natural ingredients.

Patisserie a la campagne logo

・ Sea cube <sweets>
Company name: SUZET Co., Ltd.
We deliver sweets that everyone wants to eat everyday, want to eat with someone else, and want to give it to someone else who can make them happy.
The standard "baked tiramisu" is a masterpiece carefully impregnated with coffee syrup one by one in a dough that used plenty of Hokkaido mascarpone cheese. It is characterized by a richness of aroma and a moist bitter taste.

Seacube logo

■ Flower
・ Aoyama Flower Market <Flower / Green>
Company name: Park Corporation
In the store which imaged the Marche of Paris, the seasonal flower stuck to the production area is prepared. As well as gifts, we also have plenty of seasonal flowers to enjoy at home. Based on the concept of "Living With Flowers Every Day", we will respond to a wide range of applications and propose a mindful lifestyle surrounded by flowers and greenery

Aoyama Flower Market logo

■ Special collaboration campaign held
The Idolmaster Million Live! Theater Days × Atre Akihabara
The special collaboration with "Idolmaster Million Live! Theater Days" will be decided on June 29, 2019, to coincide with the reopening.
We will welcome you in various collaboration projects.

"Idol Master Million Live! Theater Days" image

[Idol Master Million Live! With theater days]
An idol live & produce game that started its service in 2017. As a producer, users can produce 52 idols who are active in the 765 professional live theater.

(C) Toshiyuki Kubooka (C) BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.

■ "Atre Akihabara 1" Facility outline
Facility name: Atre Akihabara 1
Location: 1-17-6, Tokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Opening hours: AM 10:00 to PM 9:00
※ There are some shops with different business hours.
Number of floors: 6th floor
Total floor area: 9,234 m2
Store area: 3,537 m2
Number of stores: 28 stores (as of April 1, 2019)
※ The number of stores from the second floor to the sixth floor for renovation

■ Outline of SC management company
Company name: Atre Co., Ltd.
Location: Ebisu 4-chome 1-18, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Ebisu Neonato 6F
Company establishment: April 2, 1990
Capital: 1,630 million yen
Representative: Toshio Ichinose
Project Description: Station building management and operation etc.
Operating facilities: Atre Ebisu, Atre Shinagawa, Atre Kichijoji, Atre Ueno et al.