Monobit VR Cafe Mono bit the VR experience can be easily opened in Akihabara!


Monobit co., Ltd. (Head Office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and President: HONJO, yoshitaro, the following Mono bit), announces Mono bit VR Cafe 4/22/2016, feel free to enjoy HTC Vive and Gear VR VR content to open in Akihabara, Tokyo, 10 days from 4/26 up to 5/5 limited.
Mono bit is to offer VR experience and many other Golden Week holidays, aims to spread awareness of the VR and VR.

♦ monobit VR Cafe overview
This is the VR experience-Cafe Mono bit virtual reality VR’s attractiveness and dissemination for the VR device, can experience the charm of a VR image, from the game.

With VR Cafe
VR experience fun, novelty more broadly, at Akihabara’s Golden will be held in 10 days because many people experience, café-style workshops and. You can also enjoy a meal as an ordinary Cafe also stocks an extensive Café menu, so wait and after the VR experience, of course, no VR experience.

Store name: monobit VR Cafe
Period: 4/26 (Tuesday)-5/5 (public holiday) 10 days
Location: sotokanda Chiyoda, Tokyo 3-Chome 6-17 1F
Shop opening hours:
4/26 (Tuesday) 14:00-21:00
4/27 (Wednesday)-4/28 (Thursday) 13:00-21:00
4/29 (Friday)-5/4 (Wednesday) 11:00-21:00
5/5 (Thursday) 11:00-18:00

For more information, please check the HP.

♦ ‘ why do VR Cafe Mono bit? 」
President President HONJO, yoshitaro

Mono bit opposite VR as a game development company currently is working on some super funny game, but not necessarily otherwise game industry, many people who came to the company, has gotten a VR experience. Is known as the “VR 1” of the gaming industry also think there have been real VR experience even for other industries at least, you impressed were unanimous in their experience with the various expectations and desire and then as the in situ experience after “might be able to do those things! “” I want to see something like this! “And the flower which blooms in the story of the dream. Dawn of the so-called VR season let me sit in such a fun place, a cafe format stuck wondering if such a time would be experiencing more people, and feel I made VR experience relatively slowly, to further their ambitions, made the experience. Has become the place in Akihabara that places during golden week in, our experience and in general people feel free. Take a look at you to come! Also, corporations think VR wanting something better than VR Café Mono bit employees are available, please feel free to talk.
We will forward our.

♦ notes
-HTC Vive, VR Gear for health reasons not 13 years of age or older and not experience.
, Is a plan to distribute the tickets than the opening for our Café crowd is expected.
-Tickets are cancelled only distribution we will.
-Tickets we have for as long as the ticket has gone, shipping end.
• Please place start time is written on the ticket.
-If the starting time, tickets will become invalid.