LTupet Cafe, a permanent cafe and bar with VTuber as bartender, will be pre-opened in Akihabara from March 1st! Registration acceptance started


50% of sales are returned to bartenders. Registration as a bartender is possible regardless of the tool used or the affiliation of the company or individual

Sotokanda Shoji Co., Ltd., which operates a creator support business, pre-opens a cafe and bar for virtual residents "Luppet Cafe" in Akihabara on March 1, 2020, and a bartender from February 25. We are pleased to announce that the registration of tickets and the sale of tickets for visitors has started. It is possible to register as a bartender regardless of the tool used or the company / individual affiliation, and 50% of sales will be returned to the bartender.

Sotokanda Shoji Co., Ltd., which runs a creator support business, will open a cafe and bar "Luppet Cafe" in Akihabara from March 1, 2020, where virtual residents working on VTuber and VRSNS will work as bartenders. We will announce that it will open and officially open from April 1, 2020.
In addition, on February 25, 2020, a portal site for bartender registration and ticket sales for visitors has been released.

[Store overview]

Store name: Luppet Cafe
Address: 702 Ohashi Building, 1-16-1 Kanda Sakumacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0025, Japan
Produce / Contact: Sotokanda Trading Co., Ltd.
Technical Supervision: Lappet Technologies LLC
Management: Tokyo Crypto Capital LLC
February 25, 2020 Bartender registration and visitor ticket sales start

Pre-opening March 1, 2020

Official opening on April 1, 2020
360 ° photo inside the store:

[About Luppet Cafe]

Given that VTuber and VRSNS-based virtual residents rely on specific video distribution platforms for most of their revenues, diversify their revenue sources by providing new revenue-generating means to achieve sustainable activities It is a permanent restaurant for the purpose of providing support.
Luppet Cafe is a 3D VTuber tracking system “ Luppet '', which is produced and operated by Sotokanda Shoji Co., Ltd., which operates illustration commission service “ Skeb '' and creator's final return package “ Dojin Dot Tax '' The joint venture will be a joint venture between Laptop Technologies, which will be responsible for technical supervision, and Tokyo Crypto Capital G.K.

Luppet Cafe features a new means of earning revenue that is independent of the video distribution platform, and returns 50% of ticket prices and store sales generated during work to bartenders.
The store is conveniently located a 1-minute walk from Akihabara Station and has good access to Akihabara Electric Town, a sacred place for subculture.

By introducing open source distribution software "OBS Studio" and a special plug-in specializing in Luppet Cafe, virtual residents of all forms of activity can be used regardless of tools such as 3D / 2D / smartphone VTuber application etc. It is now possible to register as a bartender.
Also, bartenders do not need to be affiliated with a particular production or company, and are not limited by the number of subscribers to the video distribution platform. Anyone who works in a virtual space can register.
The store has an indirect LED lighting system that allows you to change the color scheme in the store to match the bartender's image color.

[Commentary comics for visitors]

[About Sotokanda Trading Co., Ltd.]
"Walk with the writer"

Sotokanda Shoji Co., Ltd. is a creator support venture established on August 1, 2017, funded by manga artists and individual investors. We will always raise issues from the perspective of the writer and solve various issues related to the writer with "social", "economic" and "cultural" support.

・ Social support: We will work with tax professionals, lawyers, company workers and other professional personnel to optimize taxation and enhance benefits.
・ Economic support: Propose a safe and convenient platform that provides a new source of revenue, and assist writers in hedging risks.
・ Cultural support: We will strive to protect creative culture by providing automated technology using machine learning to solve infringement issues that are difficult for individuals to deal with.

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