The 3rd collaboration project with “Akihabara BAY HOTEL” will be held from April 3 due to the popular title of “Ikemen Series” “Twink Vampires: The Temptation of Love with Great People” and popular!


-A collaboration room where you can enjoy the world of this app! Reservations start at 19:00 on February 28 (Fri)! ~

The popular title of the “Ikemen Series,” a love game for women boasting a cumulative membership of 25 million, operated by Cyberd Inc., is a collaboration with the Akihabara BAY HOTEL, a female-only capsule hotel. Will be held for a limited time from Friday, April 3, 2020 to Monday, May 11, 2020. A collaboration project with Akihabara BAY HOTEL, which was held twice in the past and was well-received, will be held again in response to customer requests.

In this third collaboration with BAY HOTEL, a collaboration unit (room) with 15 characters including Vlad, Faust, and Charles, new characters that appeared as greats against the greats of the residence, the first appearance of the collaboration And shared community lounges are decorated in accordance with the world view of this application, goods sales that can only be purchased by guests, and a campaign where one wonderful IC card sticker hits only one person a day Implement. Also, for those who stayed, two types of novelty goods, one bottle cap with acrylic stand (15 types, random gifts) and one A5 size clear file (3 types, random gifts) It will be presented without exception.

  • ■ Twinkling Vampires 誘 The Temptation of Love with Great People × Akihabara BAYHOTEL Collaboration Overview
  • Period April 3 (Fri)-May 11 (Mon) 2020
    Venue Akihabara BAY HOTEL (15 units only)
    44-4 Kanda Neribu-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0022, Japan
    How to make a reservation You can make a reservation in advance on the official hotel website.

    ◇ Content ◇

    (1) A collaboration unit (room) for all characters (15 people) is available
    Inside the hall, which has a bright interior based on pink, there are various collaboration units decorated with still illustrations, etc. of all 15 handsome characters appearing in this application.
    * Please note that you cannot select a unit when making a reservation.

    (2) Two types of novelty goods will be presented as accommodation benefits
    1 bottle cap with acrylic stand (15 types, random gifts) and A5 size clear file
    Two kinds of novelty goods, one piece (a total of 3 kinds, random gifts), will be presented to guests who stayed.

    (3) Providing a shared community lounge
    In the shared community lounge, life-size panels are set up, and there are also photo spots where you can take photos freely. You can relax while communicating with each other.

    (4) Per room campaign
    A campaign in which one IC card sticker hits only one person a day will be developed during the collaboration period.
    For more details, please see the notice POP of the hotel.

    (5) Holding a lottery questionnaire campaign
    One mini character panel deployed in the collaboration unit will be presented to 15 people by lot from those who answered the lottery questionnaire given at check-in.

    (6) Twitter Post Campaign Post Campaign
    For guests staying in the collaboration room, follow the official Twitter ( ) of this application, and "Take care of love with great handsome vampires" in the "Akihabara BAY HOTEL" building We will present a special acrylic background panel (3rd ver.) To 10 people who took pictures of the decorations etc. and tweeted with images.

    (7) Stage support campaign
    For guests staying in collaboration projects during the following period, a performance ticket (including a stub) for the stage “Take a handsome vampire @ the temptation of love with the greats THE STAGE-Episode.1-” will be presented at the front desk In addition, another novelty goods "A5 size clear file" will be presented.

    ① Stage support campaign part.1 (Tokyo performance)
    <Accommodation period> April 8 (Wed)-12 (Sun)
    <Tickets to be presented> Tickets and stubs for Tokyo performances

    ② Stage support campaign part.2 (for those who went to Osaka performance)
    <Accommodation period> May 2nd (Sat)-6th (Wed)
    <Tickets to be presented> Tickets and stubs for Osaka performances

    (8) Birthday campaign
    A “Twitter campaign” will be held on April 15 (Wednesday) for Leonardo's birthday and May 1 (Friday) for Theodore's birthday, for guests planning to collaborate. Two people will be given a "IC card sticker" each day by lot from those who have applied. (The IC card sticker is the same as the prize in the room.) For details of the campaign, please refer to the campaign details enclosed with the novelty goods at the time of accommodation.

    (9) Limited goods sales
    Goods will be sold only to guests staying in the collaboration room.
    * Sales items will be announced on the official website as soon as they are confirmed.

    ■ Outline of "Twink Vampires: The Temptation of Love with Great People"
    In this app, 15 great men who are famous for their history, such as Napoleon, Mozart, Leonardo da Vinci, who have been reborn as vampires, have become fateful love partners and draw the most intense and sweet love story in the “ Ikemen series '' history I am. From the winter of 2019, “Chapter 2 Forbidden”, which approaches the heart of the story, will begin and show new developments. Character voices will be provided by gorgeous voice actors such as Nobunaga Shimazaki, Toshiyuki Toyonaga, Ryohei Kimura and Souma Saito, as well as actors Yoshihiko Aramaki and Toshiyuki Someya who are active in the 2.5D stage.

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