Idol Festival is held in Akihabara! Enabling collaboration for happy TV Internet TV and sound drive co., Ltd. To sponsor also DMM.yell, etc.

Decided to organize in Akihabara 3/6/2016 star Idol Festival event of the idols. Idol history up to 3000 people became the event of this magnitude, to participate is what 50 or more! General election ballot format also participated in the individual, not group fans.

Star Idol Festival Inc. Sound Drive sound produced by the collaboration a celebrity Internet TV started broadcasting from 12/2014 co., Ltd. confiesa happy TV and focus on more than 3,000 major events with the 3/6/2016 will be held at Akihabara.


Bubbly TV and became the bridge between amateur girls and entertainment industry, production, has been cheering for the girls to become famous. Broadcasting since 1 year now as part of the next stage and focus on celebrity, they become more famous to root for his success. Debut ambition as a bridge between showbiz and celebrity or a longing, bubbly TV will continue to challenge.


There are many girls among them, on the big stage more want to become idle. Is, without the opportunity to not only stay on. That’s why a star Idol Festival and unearthed future stars from the idol, was planning to send out to the world. Results strongly and sympathy on the idea as a superb sponsor DMM.yell as well including JoySound, and each production was able to realize large scale events, meet with the approval of the company.


Also the special guests on the day of Noro Kayo, WEREN’T Shinjuku cowboy artist. I (both OTA professional) to will appear. Also available special guest.

Star Idol Festival Oshima much, join the van say Japan, ☆ HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, at least 50 idle. Fans took part in the individual, not group does the general election voting format. To encourage further development and provide rewards to the winners, as well as this event has become.

Is this in the first place will in Akihabara at 3,000, but also future and planned for at a pace of once every six months, increasing the size to hold. We are going to without ingenuity that developed exclusive app for browsing events on the day of the event live via smart phones are possible. We get used to trigger events in both real and exciting, even a little from the climax of the event will break many idols.


Event overview

[Event name] star Idol Festival

[Date] 3/6/2016 (Sunday)

[Opening hours] 1F. 12:30 ~ (tentative) B1. 12:00 ~ (tentative)

[Place] 1F / Akihabara, Tokyo, Chiyoda Soto Kanda 3 – 12 – 8住 friend real estate akiha Hara Bldg. B1

For event details and registration please see the official site.

[Star Idol Festival official website]