Germany food culture / cultures Akiba new sensory events “akiha Hara Oktoberfest 2016” to be held!


Dates: from 4/1/2015 (Friday) 4/10 (Sunday).

International food cultural exchange society (Head Office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo), the 4/1/2016 (Friday) from the 4/10 (Sunday) for 10 days, the earliest in Japan Beer Festival “Oktoberfest” held at / Akihabara. Working in the Akihabara area in the venue, popular Idol, cosplayers and reader model appeared, further enhances the event in a stage performance.

♦ “the fastest in Japan” Oktoberfest held in Akihabara
Oktoberfest is a Festival of beers in recent years, becoming a familiar event in Japan. Its beginning to enjoy the fusion of befitting Akihabara area of your own culture and food culture in Germany.
Six official brewery can be opened to Oktoberfest in Germany Munich, home of the two official brewery hofbrau and enjoy beer “shupaten”. Opening the dry beer in Northern Germany “Flensburger” in addition to a luxury beer uses wheat by 50 percent or more “shupaten” invented the Lager, has a 600-year history, the hofbrau beer was made for the Royal family, barley and other “Franziskaner”. While in spring limited edition beer Flensburger flutlingbock, first time at this venue in 2016, will be out. Also equipped with various restaurants beer sausages Germany imported from Germany.
* Stage content regarding the future as official website will present.

♦ conduct the events unique to Akihabara!
In cooperation of the culture magazine of the Akihabara area “Aki takes” at Akihabara, Idol, cosplayers and read things and events unique to Akihabara to appear on stage to perform. Vibrant performance will further.
* Appearances without notice, such changes might be.

Exhibition outline
○ the name: “Oktoberfest 2016, akiha Hara”
○ date: 4/1/2016 (Friday)-4/10 (Sunday)
○ place: / fall leaves Harajuku, Tokyo, 101-0021 Chiyoda Soto Kanda 3 – 12 – 8住 friend real estate Akihabara building
○ hours: 11:00-21:00 (16:00 opening day only. Plan. )
Opening hours are tentative, subject to change.
○ admission: free (drinks and food at the venue charges apply)
○ Host: international food cultural exchange society
○ support: Tokyo, Japan Tourism Promotion Association, tourism Germany, Bavaria, head of delegation of