2/4/2017 (Saturday) Volks akiha Hara hobby heaven, see Monster girl-ultra Monster anthropomorphic plan-“event” tusked tsunagaaru without Valentine in Volks akiha Hara hobby heaven “will be held!


Corporation wonder slow (Osaka, higashiosaka-Shi yokomakura Minami 1 – 25 – 1st floor) and then from 2/4/2017 (Saturday) 2/19/2017 (Sunday) up Volks akiha Hara hobby heaven held at “Monster girl-ultra Monster anthropomorphic plan-” event “tusked tsunagaaru without Valentine’s day in Volks akiha Hara hobby heaven” announcement of!

Imagine new KAIJYU world, personify the quirky series return of Ultraman monsters and the ultra Monster personified project!
Short animation of the popular “Monster girl-ultra Monster anthropomorphic plan-” of special events were held at the Volks akiha Hara hobby Heaven 2/4 (Saturday)!
Spend Valentine’s day with daughter monsters?
During the event in whole hobby heaven “Monster girl-ultra Monster anthropomorphic plan to” will Ferrell!
Must-see events only available to sell!
Toy using original diforume named after Valentine’s day for this event only, and many offer!

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Event merchandise list


-Yuri Wyndham / Endo lampshades, chocolate and passing pigmon Auditors / tokui Mr. blue sky by society & talk event!
Chocolate delivery on Valentine’s day during the event-related products more than ¥ 2000 (excluding tax) per purchase once the 2/19 be made to participate in the lottery tickets can join the meeting and talk to!

-Dates / 2/19/2017 (Sunday)
-/ Volks akiha Hara hobby heaven 7th floor event Hall
-Content / endou Yuri lampshades, chocolate delivery tokui sky came to society & talk show
Contents are subject to change. Please be forewarned.

• Product purchase award
During the period, work-related products to more than 1000 yen per purchase one as a bonus item postcard gift! The details will be announced at a later date.

In the event provided various exhibits on the animated “Monster girl”, we are waiting!
In addition, other special will be announced soon, so planning is preparing!
Please come by all means meet the monster girls Volks akiha Hara hobby heaven!
[Event details]
Volks akiha Hara hobby heaven
1-15-4 Kanda sotokanda Chiyoda, Tokyo 101-0021, Japan

2/4/2017 (Saturday)-2/19/2017 (Sunday)

(Event venue operating time)
Weekdays 11 am-7 pm / Sat, holidays 10:00-19:00: year round
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