Mass zaksalad and new Grand menu “Gundam rice” appeared a Bauer Koo Parfait available in the GUNDAM Cafe


Co., Bandai official Cafe filled with entertainment and event & location Division, enjoy the view of the world as an information center for the Gundam “GUNDAM Cafe Gundam Akihabara” (Tokyo, Japan) and at the “GUNDAM SQUARE (Gundam square)” (Osaka) renewed throughout the Grand menu, 1/25/2017 (Wednesday). Each store limited menu are also available.

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New Grand menu excerpt (8% tax included)
(From top left) a-Bauer-Koo-Parfait (734 yen), Gundam Curry (¥ 1058), halocachtel green (810 yen) char’s Zaku II rice (1058 yen), “acguy Curry” from the (lower left) (1058 yen), “mass zaksalad” (842 yen)
♦ content
A plentiful reproduces the dining scene in the new Grand menu, TV anime first film Mobile Suit Gundam, from the Gundam series of the latest in TV animation “Mobile Suit Gundam iron Chancellor’s or fences” and “Mobile Suit Gundam UC (Unicorn)” 9 piece appeared to 作中 and popular characters, such as themed menus.

Simulates a hamburger was eating “sleggar law” appeared in “Mobile Suit Gundam”, “mass zaksalad” (842 yen) ordered three plates ceramic Zaku stuffed with seasonal vegetables and fruit Parfait with fruit dora焼 the image of the battle for ABN AMRO in the climax of the story Mobile Suit Gundam and char’s style “a Bayou Koo Parfait” (734 yen) or the head man in “sreggarbager-I want to eat you-” (¥ 950), such as World of work with your meal enjoy fully.

See sreggarbager-I want to eat your ~ “(¥ 950)

Each store limited menu is enhanced humans produced Mobile Suit Gundam UC Unicorn Gundam to ride in the center of the distortion, the Earth Federal Government and army, led by destiny, that Unicorn hero “banagher links” “marcenas” the war tragedy “MARIDA Cruz” in the “GUNDAM Cafe Akihabara’. Image of the harsh fate of three intertwining beast “who” (1296 yen), such as prepared.

GUNDAM Cafe akiha Hara shop limited new Grand menu excerpt (8% tax included)
From “a tangled web of beasts” (1296 yen) * “Mobile Suit Gundam UC”

More Unicorn VS Banshee ice (594 yen) * “Mobile Suit Gundam UC”

♦ GUNDAM Cafe shop 號舖 overview
Store name:GUNDAM Cafe Akihabara branch
Location: Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku Kanda Hanaoka town 1-1
Access: 1-minute walk from the electric town exit of JR Akihabara Station
Tel: 03-3251-0078
Number of seats: 60
Opening hours: 10:00-22:30 (food L. O. 21:30 and drink L. O. 22:00)
Closed: no regularly scheduled holidays

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* Offers menus vary by location. For more information, please check the official website of a stores 號舖.
Menu specifications subject to change without notice.
* Your photo menu for real development in a little different.
* Of 1/24/2017 (Tuesday) at the time, and are subject to change without notice.
♦ “Mobile Suit Gundam”
Mobile Suit Gundam in 1979, began broadcasting at the realistic depiction of war robots treated as weapons of “mobile suit”, detailed scientific investigation and deep human drama weaves a complex, real robot anime alone simple poetic justice was in the trend of the previous Robot anime genre. Is a Mecha anime work has now started being broadcast “of Mobile Suit Gundam iron blood or fences, 2nd TV series and movie, OVA, manga, a wide range of deployment.

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