“WIXOSS-wiklos-” many new products! 2/27: 6 Wilkerson lie shop meeting from the (Monday)!


♦ Super may Lottery measures hit a rare “promo”!

Popular trading card game “WIXOSS-Wik Los –” of related books three-point “selector stirred WIXOSS” and “Wik Los card encyclopedia VI”WIXOSS Bright Heart/Blight Hope”from hobby Japan to 2/2017 one after another published!

To commemorate it, 2/27 (Monday) from the book fountain book Tower 8F, “No. 6 annual wiklosonly workshop” will be held!

Our only store, books 3-point’s new book will be released in February, backlist books, old booster packs and decks and around the toy, CD, DVD and Blu-ray products will be sold.

It is a lot of measures, “selector (wiklosplayer)” is not to be missed!
-Policies (1): promo lottery!
During the event, in the book spring book Tower 8F, “WIXOSS-wiklos-” can attend the promo lottery purchases by products for 1000 yen.

If the original is not to be missed, hit not only by the winner of the tournament, “congratschration card”, but the wrong promo!

[Betting content (five total) >
And hit the jackpot: congratschration card
And per: partial rig packs
-Wrong: “promo Pack.
-Measure 2: replica Panel of the card illustrations and exhibit!
During the period, in the book spring book Tower 8F, duplicate cards reproduction Panel exhibition.

Main Visual charge cards for our store, Itoto * teacher was drawn with special illustrations Panel also showcased

Purchase fountain book tower floor behind the drawn cartoon “Lil”!

Take a look at in the shop, please look at illustrations and real floor.
-Measures 3: presents a convenient “separator”!
During the period, “WIXOSS-wiklos-” useful for purchase of books related to taking charge of deck around the toy “separator” one per purchase one book will.

A convenient toy with the “selector” living!
Become a recommended store selector is, of course, watching anime, intrigued.
Take this opportunity to come visit us!

< Event information >

Title: Shop the 6 times wiklosonly

Date: 1/2017-3/5 (Sunday)

Venue: written spring book Tower 8F (Akihabara)

Event details: “books spring” home page https://www.shosen.co.jp/event/48829/
Related products:
-“Selector stirred WIXOSS’
Torrent hot Monaco, draft: Okada I-the original:LRIG
Publisher: hobby Japan
Price: 815 Yen + tax
Release date: 2/13/2017

-“Wik Los card encyclopedia VI
Publisher: hobby Japan
Price: 1200 Yen + tax
Release date: 2/16/2017

-“WIXOSS Bright Heart/Blight Hope”
Author: weather vanes, illustrations: Hmm only
Publisher: hobby Japan
Price: 1600 Yen + tax
Release date: 2/25/2017

Collaboration with: Tomy(takaratomy), hobby

Contact: written spring book Tower (Akihabara) TEL: 03-5296-0051 sales time 10:00 – 21:00

If the details of the event be postponed / cancelled / changed due to various reasons. Please note that.