At your “my little sister is Akita dogs ‘ koikeda Maya teacher sign held Memorial volume 1 released!


5/8 at (Sunday) book “my little sister is Akita dogs ‘ koikeda Maya teacher sign held Memorial volume 1 released! What the South’s sister (Akita inu) also appeared as a guest!

Event ticket distribution begins 4/16 (Saturday)!

“My little sister is Akita dogs ‘ autograph session held at the written spring book Tower, to celebrate the release of volume 1.

“My little sister is Akita dog”, is a popular work diary author Maya koikeda Dr. and my sister (Akita inu) Southern Chan.
Wow, this autograph session, Dr. Maya koikeda, of course, as a guest sister, Minami-Chan join!
Minami-CHAN appeared at autograph sessions, this event has become the first.

Because it has become a must-see autograph session
Take a look at getting new publications in your fountain, take part in the event!

< Event information >
Event name: “my little sister is Akita dogs ‘ volume 1 released commemorative koikeda Maya teacher autograph session

Date: 5/8/2016 (Sunday) 13:00 ~ (tentative)
Venue: manual spring book Tower 10th floor event space

«How to event participation»
Autograph ticket, you will receive a booking for comics in the book spring book tower at first.
* Opening join to join ticket distribution will count more for large numbers of lottery distribution and happy.
* The ticket lasts and distribution end.

[Entry ticket delivery date:
-Hype: 4/16/2016 (Saturday) 10:00 ~ (the 9:50 collection at the store entrance)
, Phone: 4/17/2016 (Sunday) 10:00 ~ * if over-the-counter distribution the distribution, not by phone.

[Target product]
Title: “my little sister is Akita dog ‘
Written by: Maya koikeda
Price: 880 Yen + tax
Release date: 4/20/2016 (Wednesday)
Publisher: Blue Fountain Inc.

Sponsor: blue by HAKUSENSHA

Event details: “Books spring” home page

Contact: manual spring book Tower (Akihabara) TEL: 03-5296-0051 hours 10:00-21:00

If the details of the event be postponed / cancelled / changed due to various reasons. Please note that.