6/25 circle dark circles Teacher Voice or Noise Memorial BOOK released to commemorate the special autograph session held in Akihabara: written spring Bok Tower!


5/1’s autograph ticket distribution start (Sunday) more!

Masterpiece of the circle round the dark teacher was published in the magazine celebrates its 21st anniversary this year “Chara” Voice or Noise is finally complete!
Book fountain book Tower, released as a final commemorative Voice or Noise Memorial BOOK (tentatively) that target the autograph session will be held.
Become a circle dark circle Dr. directly will sign a must-see event.

Event ticket, may 1 (Sunday) than “Voice or Noise Memorial Book (tentatively) in the book spring book Tower for booking and purchasing your first 200 limited will be distributed.
Take this opportunity to look at please get in your spring!

-Event participation ticket distribution
Join ticket distribution place: manual spring book Tower 7F
* The first 200 and in limited distribution.
Hype:5/1 (Sunday) 10:00-
Phone:5/1 (Sunday) 13:00-
Please call reception please contact the book fountain book Tower (03-5296-0051).
* No registration by mail

< Products >
Product name: “Voice or Noise Memorial BOOK (tentative) * official name TBA
Release date: 6/24/2016 (Friday)
Price: 2,500 yen plus tax (planned )

-Previously unreleased extra Edition with color illustrations that completely covers! Version recorded a beautiful caramel BOX, book two

Voice or Noise on the popular series is finally complete!
The awaited version compiled with extra Edition to commemorate it, historically spelt draw or a masterpiece short!
Materials are drawn they then drew!
In addition, color illustrations of comics and magazines such as B5 mini art book, exhaustive!
Beautiful caramel BOX sealed 2 books, the coveted collector’s items!
Autograph session held shortly after the launch of the fan circle dark circles teacher and works for a truly Memorial event!

Tokuma Shoten Chara official site: http://www.Chara-info.NET/

< Event information >
Event name: Chara inaugural 21st anniversary Memorial circle dark circle Dr. autograph session
Date:6/25/2016 (Saturday) 15:00-
Venue: manual spring book Tower 10th floor event space

Event details: “Books spring” home page https://www.shosen.co.jp/event/33124/

-Form fountain book Tower (Akihabara) TEL: 03-5296-0051 hours 10:00-21:00

If the details of the event be postponed / cancelled / changed due to various reasons. Please note that.