iiyama PC ‘ LEVEL infinity ‘, launched the GeForce GTX TITAN X gaming PC-based “Haswqll-q” architecture

LEVEL infinity, GeForce GTX TITAN X equipped with a Haswell-E-based gaming PC

Unitcom co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Osaka, Naniwa-Ku, President: Yuji Takahashi Island) is trust JAPAN QUALITY iiyama PC brand “LEVEL infinity (Infinity level)” G-Class than Intel® Core™ processor and NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX™ launched the gaming-based PC with the TITAN X “Lev-G009-i7EK-ZM”.

♦ NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX™ with the TITAN X
GM200 core, high end single GPU NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX™ TITAN x. While previous models with the same memory bus bandwidth achieved 25% improvement in efficiency. When overpowering performance approaching dual with single GPU, and the voltage is enough to automatically enhance the clock GPU Boost 2.0 implementation provides the best performance to the gameplay in the resolution 4 K.

♦ “Haswell-E’ newest high-end CPU with
The “Lev-G009-i7EK-ZM” Intel® Core™ with 7-5820 k. And six physical cores, HTT to work that supports 12 threads. Consumer-friendly processors that is positioned at the top, and various content and gameplay, all working to improve efficiency is possible.

♦ selectable also continue support and popular OS “Windows 7 Professional”
“Windows 7 Professional” models are available, at your home or Office using software and printers meet Windows 8.1 and needs do not correspond to the 10. Until now are available in a familiar environment.

♦ are strong robust and reliable capacity boast full tower case ‘ LEVEL infinity G-Class.
It focuses on the functionality and scalability, such as the standard power supply high-quality and high-performance CPU and graphics card. In case the square LEVEL ∞ for some strategically placed along the image color, has become a simple finish. Pursued a potential stuck to the gameplay of course maintenance and customization abound, with a fast SSD depending on the model.

LEVEL infinity G-Class (full Tower gaming PC)


Corresponds to the BTO (Build to Order = order sake production type) customization is possible.

-Product name:Lev-g009-i3ek-Zm Windows 10 Home
Price: Yen 281980-(tax not included) ¥ 304538-(tax included)

-Product name:Lev-G009-i7EK-ZM [Windows 7 Professional]
Selling price: 287980 yen-(tax not included) / 311, 018 yen ~ (w/tax)

[BTO standard configuration:
Core i 7-5820 K/X99 Express Chipset / HDD 1 TB / memory 16GB/DVD super multi drive / GeForce GTX TITAN X 12 GB


[Next-generation GAMING BASE “LEVEL infinity (Infinity level)”]
This product is shoot world iiyama, next-generation GAMING BASE “LEVEL infinity (Infinity level)” of gaming PCs. ‘ LEVEL infinity (Infinity levels) “, emerged as a high-spec line of worldwide online gaming population expansion and the enthusiasm behind the gaming to thoroughly enjoy. Keep the product quality by doing what many companies have relocated abroad to domestic production, thorough quality verification. A wide range of users including the entry-level buyers opens doors of online games.

Next-generation GAMING BASE LEVEL gives the world iiyama, ∞ (Infinity level), birth.


Store name:LEVEL ∞ level infinity HUB
Address: Tokyo 101-0021 Chiyoda Soto Kanda 3-13-2
Opening hours: 11:00-20:00