“Fairy Kiss anniversary commemoration in love is magical to greedy book fair in spring & 芳林 books” on 2/27 (Monday) held!


[Author autographed comments with reproductions: of 27 pieces exhibiting & also raffle giveaways!
What you can look back on a year from the “fairy Kiss” first is a must-see!

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of the label “fairy Kiss” TL (teens love) in “2/27 (Monday), 芳林 books, including book fountain”, the fair will be held!

Exhibition of reproductions exhibited at fairs in the past, of course, deployment of the latest titles & content can look back ever year since, such as the distribution of gifts or reprint Edition SS paper “fairy Kiss” must-see!

< Fair information:

Fair name: fairy Kiss anniversary Memorial in love and magic are greedy to the book fair in spring & 芳林 Bookstore

Date: 1/2017 – 4/9/2017 (Sunday)

Purchase fountain Grande 1 F (Jinbo-cho), your fountain book Tower 8F (Akihabara)
芳林-Takada Baba store 5F, 芳林-kannai store

Fair details: “book Fountain’ home page: https://www.shosen.co.jp/fair/48445/

Collaboration with: J publishing