4/22 “”iron”Supplement! My book fountain Grande “public live event!


♦ h. Seino Tomoyuki her appearances add decision!
Further signings, train channels special bag raffle giveaway!

Sky PERFECTV! in premium Ch.546 train channels, YOU TUBE “CHANNEL SHOSEN” book fountain Grande’s first production train shows popular during the broadcast “”iron”Supplement! My book fountain Grande “finale will be in the book spring book Tower (Akihabara) public live 4/22.
Live’s sky PERFECTV! please visit premium services Ch.546 train channels.

-“”Iron”Supplement! My book fountain Grande “program content
“You want to keep out of my bed to reach train book” theme, will complete one bookcase, inviting luminaries like train train fan’s Mecca famous the book fountain Grande train floor, “or better yet, live here” and make his dreams.
MC observed here only, Ayako Suzukawa Pajamas is not to be missed!Guests appeared on the show, as well as show MC Suzukawa Ayako event will appear!
Once again, as an “iron girl” Railfan Seino Tomoyuki’s familiar train announcer, Hisashi also became decision.
To enjoy the cheerful talk from the unique female perspective!

Further signings by the guest in the event was decided [rail channel special bags Lottery present “!

♦ implement all event performers autograph session!
During the event, Mr. Ayako Suzukawa and lateral hirohiko’s tsuki, Takahiro, Hiroaki Minamida, h. conducts Seino Tomoyuki’s autograph.
Don’t miss this opportunity since May day events, such as guest books for goods purchased at target!
* Sign will be put on the target product.


♦ train channels with special bags in the lottery!
Channel for rail fans rail channel special “train toy bags” at the venue if you are coming from in the draw we will present 3.
Inclusion will be performers who chose a special toy! Enjoy, get inside!
Train fans enjoy of course, dark-not a Railfan could talk by guest will also open the doors of a new hobby?
It is a special rail fan’s Mecca for your fountain. Your participation and look forward to!

< Event information >
Event name: ””Iron”Supplement! My book fountain Grande “release live in your spring book Tower
Date and time: 4/22/2016 (Friday) 20:30-
Venue: manual spring book Tower (Akihabara) 9th floor event space
Cast: Mr. Ayako Suzukawa and lateral hirohiko’s tsuki, Takahiro, Hiroaki Minamida, h. Seino Tomoyuki Yumi
The event ticket purchase fountain Grande 5 F 6 F or your fountain book Tower, railway-related products is served in the first distribution in your purchase. (We accept mail and phone ticket reservations. )

-Time schedule
19:30 doors
20:00 [546 rail news”live rollout
20:30 “Supplement”iron”! My book fountain Grande “live rollout
21:00 round.
21:30 finish
* 20:00-20:30 do “railway news 546” live program.
You can join in here as well, the same ticket.

Event details: https://www.shosen.co.jp/event/31677/
The right notation: (C) Yoshimoto creative agency.

< Inquiries about the program >
Purchase fountain Grande (Jinbo-cho)
TEL 03-3295-0016 (6 F train floor direct) opening hours 10:00-21:00 [weekends & holidays] 10:00-20:00

< Inquiries about the event >
Purchase fountain book Tower (Akihabara) TEL: 03-5296-0051 hours 10:00-21:00

If the details of the event be postponed / cancelled / changed due to various reasons. Please note that.