Cat Samurai movie cast in popular, had the book fountain 1 became a store manager,! 5/22 (Sunday)


Place of sales only! Popular in the cat’s foot print on benefits of this real foot print card can not miss!

5/22 book fountain Grande renewal two year anniversary and book fountain book Tower opened 22 years to commemorate the anniversary book fountain “222 (gnangnangnan)” campaign start date, Wow, in popular Nya I this “conger eel” Chan book fountain 1 will be appointed, the Manager!

Miniature sets that work on the day (? ) 1 Conger-CHAN, Manager of a camera and shooting will be held. Don’t miss the opportunities that can be directly Conger’s wildly popular in cat Samurai movie cast!

Conger’s other media in the day at the venue-related products who purchased the popular Nya I this we will present their real foot print and foot print card in the first.
Commercials in topic “haruma”-kun, drama shows a picture of the benefits very popular “busakawa” cat “Alice”, and “Conger” Chan of three. Because it has become a rare privilege, is also not to be missed.

< Event information >
Event name: special anniversary book fountain “222 (gnangnangnan)” campaign planning one day Manager Conger-Chan photo session

Date and time: 5/22/2016 (Sunday) [1] 13:00-14:00 [2nd time] 15:00-16:00 [3rd time] 17:00-18:00
Venue: written spring book Tower (Akihabara) 9-floor event space
Cast: eel-Chan (ZOO Pro)
Participation fee: free

Event description:
Those who wish to participate within this time frame of the day directly to please.
Conger’s venue set in offers to shoot freely.
* May we organize columns depending on the day.
* Photography used photographic equipment, please use your own stuff.
* Please refrain from flash photography.
* Touching the Anago-Chan in this event.

«Venue special foot print card information»
Visiting day at the venue related items 1 point purchased we will present (pattern, all three) feet foot print card benefits in one.

-Bonus picture (all three): conger eel, haruma, Alice
* Bonus pattern is three choice offers.
Of the award will receive a discount per person per one would be limited.
* Offer ends available while stock lasts. Please be forewarned.

In cooperation with: ZOO professional
Event details: book fountain home page

★ campaign related information ★ book spring anniversary “222 (gnangnangnan)”
Children’s book author, Kudo coordinators draw held numerous stamp plan into the hands of original premiums, such as, fairs and events!

Date: 5/22/2016 (Sunday)-7/22 (Friday)
Venue: written spring book Tower (Akihabara)
For more information: book fountain home page

Purchase fountain book Tower (Akihabara) TEL: 03-5296-0051 hours 10:00-21:00

If the details of the event be postponed / cancelled / changed due to various reasons. Please note that.