3/24-HJ Kobunsha bought at book and get the SS paper! HJ Kobunsha × SHOSEN fair!


HJ Kobunsha bought at book and get the SS paper! 3/24 (Thursday)-HJ Kobunsha × SHOSEN fair!

Purchase fountain recommended popular movies, HJ Kobunsha work revolves around!

In the book fountain “3/24 (Thursday) more popular Web novel label”HJ Kobunsha”fair held tomorrow the!

Recommend book fountain in the fair during the HJ Kobunsha purchased to make a sale to Platinum hits title 5 SS paper distribution and sign books! Of course, SS paper is specific to unobtainable in form, the original fair for spring.
Don’t miss the opportunity!

Our fair to take a look at new please try find favorite works.

< Fair information:
Fair name: “HJ Kobunsha × SOSEN fair.
Date and time: 3/24/2016 (Thursday)-5/5 (Thu & public holidays)
Venue: manual spring book Tower 8F (Akihabara), etc.
Fair content: for HJ Kobunsha purchased during the period, per one piece, make SS paper distribution. In addition, we signed books for sale. «SS paper distribution works»
“For my daughter if I perhaps may destroy even the devil. “(Written by:CHIROLU / illustrations: landscape)
See the world with smart phones. “(Winter Hara Patra / illustrations: usatsuka age)
Different world cooking way (by:EDA / illustration: here too)
See who was called slaughter”(written by: Wells, Masayoshi / illustrated:lack)
“2 second life in another world” (written by: will I / illustration: pumpkin)«Sign our lineup»
Will be advised as soon as the decision following fair information page.
Furthermore, 芳林 sanseido book store high handling in takadanobaba branch and comic Plaza sign books is no.

Collaboration with: hobby

Fair for more: “Books spring” home page: https://www.shosen.co.jp/fair/30778/

-Form fountain book Tower (Akihabara) TEL: 03-5296-0051 hours 10:00-21:00

* May be delayed / cancelled / changed due to various reasons for the contents of the fair. Please note that.