Not only my city x WalkerTouch book with stamp rally start planning!


It all began with “this day” 3/2,! “Not only my city” special planning.

For bookstores nationwide in the film & TV anime “my city” of “WalkerTouch” app works projects enjoy special footage and cast artists limited comments today 3/2 (Wednesday) started! Read the sticker affixed to the campaign for book download Smartphone app, and “my town” you can watch special footage and cast artists limited comments. It’s all five types of stickers. People who complete a draw a nice gift!
Birthday of the protagonist, Goku, and chicks may be, the story of big key, 3/2.
From this fate, as free apps [WalkerTouch] “seen only here! “Not only my city” special video comment “started!

Smartphone and download free apps [WalkerTouch], use the stamp feature in the app to shoot posted within the sticker at the bookstore and cinema and watch a movie (part) with limited comments video by the cast of the anime!

There are 5 kinds of stickers! Shops and places depends on the character of the sticker.
And special footage seen only here, so let’s try looking at a bookstore near them!
(* Campaign implementation stores can be see on the official site here)
Collect five stamps in addition with the lottery 3 currently “not only my city” comic in the sale of set (volume 1 ~ volume 7) win. Take a look at try!

Sticker posting period: 3/2 (Wednesday)-4/1 (Friday) (* timing will vary depending on store)

[The store]
Animate Akihabara, Crown Hall shop atre akiha Hara 1 and taken your autumn leaves Harajuku store A melonbooks Akihabara No.1 store, COMIC ZIN Akihabara.

[Official campaign]

[And not only me, the city? 】
Comics movies nominated for comic award 3 years in a row, from attracting attention. The foreshadowing strung over and over again, and the reader’s imagination more than a thrilling expansion as an “absolute prediction impossible time reinvesting in suspense” 2950000 total exceeds the bestseller. From 1/2016 at Fuji TV “noitamina” TV anime was popular during the broadcast, even 3/19/2016 (Saturday) live-action films Roadshow and mixed media buzz;

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