“Ginger iwashita’ x ‘sum style.cafe AKIBA” collabocafe hold 3/26 (Saturday)! Iwashita ginger Museum in Akihabara


And Ginger Museum iwashita, iwashita foods co., Ltd. (Head Office: Tochigi city, Tochigi Prefecture, President & CEO: Ryo iwashita Kazuhiro) operated in the “Japanese style.cafe AKIBA” 3/26/2016 (Saturday) 10:00 collabocafe ‘WA style.cafe AKIBA’ will be held. Filled with exciting exclusives and Collaboroom collabo Cafe opened in a limited time!

♦ Overview of collabo Cafe

Date: from the 3/26/2016 (Saturday) 10:00 to 5/1 (Sunday) 20:00

Venue: Union style.cafe AKIBA

(6 \u201214\u20122 Sakai, Tokyo sotokanda Chiyoda Suehiro Bldg. B1)

Opening hours: 24 hours

* Order your meal due to maintenance, the late 3:00 morning until 6:00 collaboration menu containing hiatus.


♦ featured collabo Cafe


11 products available, “iwashita ginger” menu. Can pull the 1 item per order, “iwashita ginger penlight” or “iwashita ginger Alpaca Super Jumbo” lottery.


Food and other staple goods “iwashita ginger or ginger iwashita tima original goods to sell. “Iwashita ginger penlight in the boiling of the topic available. Further collaboration with alpaca will be sold.


To use some of the ginger iwashita tima exhibits, complete sum style.cafe AKIBA version liked ginger. Enjoy ginger shrine and new ginger in the soil.



♦ collabo Cafe event details

When is 6/2013. Japanese teahouse girl working for Japanese style.cafe AKIBA “Ginger iwashita” fan who somehow up new ginger releasing photos on Twitter. Iwashita foods President iwashita Mahjong was striving for just around that time, daily Twitter Egosurfing (hereinafter iwashita President) begins the Exchange on the net, and found a tweet.

Thoughts passed time by iwashita food is enjoyed by iwashita ginger and how they ‘happiness with ginger”themed ginger tima iwashita planning is in progress.

“Ginger room”, “Ginger shrine” The biggest ginger head in the world! (World’s largest ginger head! )」… And finally, we arrive at the forbidden “iwashita ginger penlight” development.

Iwashita President increases penlight image on Twitter and sensation arise public awareness kunoichi from food companies to food company know what the President has to come a long way.

And opened the ginger iwashita tima 6/20/2015, exceeds 50000 visitors. “Bizarre Museum here just to keep it interesting, it’s too good! Want more people to know! “As members of a Japanese teahouse girl wanted. In Japanese “iwashita ginger Museum” in the Internet show themselves as “living room piece of cake”.

Attracted by iwashita President of ginger more charm and personality “wanted to do something more together! “With sound collaboration with bad, and not desire. You kindly agree from an early adopter iwashita CEO interesting, from this collabo Cafe.


♦ iwashita ginger Museum overview

Location:, 328 \u20120034 Tochigi, Tochigi-Shi Hon-Machi 1 \u201225

Phone number: 0282 \u201220\u20125533

Closing day: Monday and Tuesday (※ except public holidays), year-end and new year holidays

Hours: facility 10:00-18:00

Cafe 11:00-18:00 (last order 17:30)

* Live event dates, opening hours are subject to change.

Entrance fee: free

* Live event ticket fees may

URL: http://shinshoga-Museum.OM/




♦ outline of Japanese style.AFE AKIBA

Location:, 101 \u20120021, Tokyo, chikuma’s field, Soto Kanda 6 \u201214\u20122 Sakai Suehiro Bldg. B1

Tel: 03 \u20125812\u20129753

Opening hours: 24 hours open all year round