5/14 reveals the process of work in special effects and animation, CG! Hold the freetalk Shinya ogura 1 Akihabara.

Will be held at the akiha Hara Studio talk event by concept design with historical films, such as special effects and animation settings deals “ogura Shin-ya”, “ogura, Shinya’s talk” part 1, 5/14/2016 (Saturday), yumenosoraholdings co., Ltd. which manages Akiba of pop culture-specific learning schakominiuti AKIBAPOP:DOJO (akibapoppedujou).

Guest talk Shinya ogura No. 1 time it will be held is “Code Geass Lelouch rebellion’ and ‘the R2’ and”Midori-star Garganta, the animation Director / Director, who worked on ‘the sacred star of Fullmetal Alchemist Milos’, such as ‘Kazuya Murata”Mr.” Godzilla FINAL WARS “,”men’s Yamato /YAMATO’ “Captain harlock SPACE PIRATE CAPTAIN HARLOCK” and “paradise expelled-Expelled from Paradise-‘ And the producer is a two person /VFX creator Koichi Noguchi said.

Talk events where members are no more! The freetalk Shinya ogura 1st visit.

♦ event overview

* Heading, from left, Mr. Murata, ogura, Noguchi said.

Event name: freetalk Shinya ogura 1st
Re: 5/14/2016 (Saturday) 18:00-20:00
Venue: AKIBAPOP:DOJO akiha Hara Studios
3-13-8 Kanda sotokanda Chiyoda, Tokyo Tokyo Sumida building 4th floor event space
More information & registration URL: https://akibap.com/community/527/559
Cast:, (historical settings, concept designer), Shinya ogura
Murata Kazuya (Director, animation Director)
And Koichi Noguchi (Toei Animation producer)
* Talk events related to Mr. by the animation and special effects industry.
* Japanese premiere, new TV franchises involved Murata, Noguchi Messrs. “flaps to correct’ 5 minute version PV aired.
“Kad to answer’ official site http://seikaisuru-kado.com/

♦ introduction of organiser
○ Shinya ogura (ogura Shinya sadahisa *)
Historical settings, concept designer

♦ introduction of guests
○ Kazuya Murata (swings were Kazuya)
Animation Director

○ Koichi Noguchi (the complaining Koichi)
Toei Animation producer

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