About 100 events in each major facility in Akihabara and about 100 stores in the area collaborate with animation of 4 titles, summer event PR planning “Natsuihara 2018” is held!


Akihabara to "Natsuhihara"! Event PR project using the whole city with 4 title animation collaboration

A new attempt to combine summer events in Akihabara, the place of origin of subculture
Announcement of events of each facility in Akihabara and holding of " Natsuihabara 2018 " participation of about 100 stores in the area
Natsuhihara Executive Committee formed by voluntary organizations such as companies holding stores and facilities in Akihabara said that as a new attempt to combine the events to be held in the Akihabara area this summer, approximately 100 stores in each facility and Akihabara area We will hold an event "Natsuihara 2018" to participate for 15 days from Wednesday, August 1, 201, Wednesday, 15th.

In the Akihabara area, various events are held at event halls and facilities and stores during the summer holidays where people gather from all over Japan every year. Every event has been attracting tens of thousands of people from domestic and foreign countries and it is a great success, but this year the whole city will cooperate and become "the place of subculture transmission" "the city of leading culture and information", old-fashioned electricity We will do a new attempt to increase the number of visitors to the city by disseminating the abundant Akihabara charm not only to hobby stores but also to gourmet spots, both domestically and internationally.

【Characteristics and details of the event】
Among the summer events in Akihabara, the following 4 major events will be held at the main venue, with the cooperation of about 100 stores in various industries that have stores in Akihabara, "Natsuhihara" will be excited.
The original MAP that covers this event participating stores and a mechanism to make migration of each facility utilizing the digital stamp rally that anyone can easily participate in Akihabara, creation of each event · store communication with customers, We aim for further revitalization of the city by sending out information by SNS etc., aiming at the effect of the review based on experiential type / participatory event.

Main venue event
Main venue event
Digital stamp rally
Digital stamp rally
Event poster image
Event poster image

【Event Summary】
■ Name: 2018 Natsuhihara
■ Period: Wednesday, August 1, 2018 – August 15 (Wednesday)
■ Venue: Akihabara area
■ Main Event: UDX Summer Festival (Akihabara UDX) August 2 (Thu) – 5 (Sun)
I love Akiba! Festival (Bersaar Akihabara) August 4 (Saturday) and 5 (Sunday)
Atre Akihabara (Atre Akihabara) August 1 (Wednesday) – 15 (Wed)
Kanda Meijin Summer Festival (Kanda Meigami) August 10 (Fri) – 12 (Sun)
■ Admission: Free (partial charge)
■ Web site: http://natsuhabara.com/
■ Organizer: "Natsuhahara" Executive Committee
■ Co-sponsored: Akiba · Ichi Tenant Association / Akiba I love you! Festival executive committee
Kanda Akami / Atre Akihabara / Akiba.TV Co., Ltd.