Civil wars generals who predict the future! Tarot events a new sense of “Tian Hua Mai Xiang Samurai Tarot x Tarot in Akihabara” held


Dunk co., Ltd. (Head Office: Taito-ku, Tokyo, representative Inoue Koji) is planning a “Tian Hua Mai Xiang Samurai Tarot] publication commemoration event. New aspects of integrating warlords and Tarot Reading event “Tian Hua Mai Xiang Samurai Tarot × Akiba in Tarot”, held nine days from 3/26 to 4/3.


Dunk group “komagatake grass published’, impressing many Tarot books a month. Last summer and held first General Tarot event “Akiba in the Tarot”, given by visitors of very many people.
“Tian Hua Mai Xiang Samurai Tarot, Tarot event second time, as a new sense of entertainment history Tarot divination books to attract attention of the world reproduced in the event. Variety of Samurai Tarot cards, books, Tarot-related exhibition and sale of items, as well as low-cost, get professional fortune telling corner, author “talk” “Panel” planning conducted during the period. Please stay tuned on General Tarot events more powerful.


♦ event name: Tian Hua Mai Xiang Samurai Tarot × Akiba’s Tarot
♦ sponsored by: dunk group
♦ exhibition period: 3/26/2016 (Saturday)-4/3 (Sunday) total 9 days / 13:00-19:00
♦ Venue: Forum dunk (k. h. Akihabara, Tokyo, Taito-ku, Taito 1-7-1 Bldg.)
♦ contact: Inc. dunk “Akiba in Tarot! “Section
Tel:03-3831-8882 (reception 11:00-19:00)

[Project details]
(1) sold books, Tarot cards and Tarot-related toy
Re: 3/26 (Saturday)-4/3 (Sunday) 13:00-19:00

(2) daytime Tarot
Re: 3/26 (Saturday)-4/3 (Sunday) 13:00-17:00
Rate: 20-2000 yen (including tax) / 10 minutes / 1000 yen (tax included)

(3) night Tarot (reservations required)
Re: 3/28 (Monday)-4/1 (Friday) 17:00-20:00
Price: 25 minutes / 2500 yen (tax included)

(4) Lakshmi “read the back of the Tarot and astrology warlords face Takeda and Tokugawa” lecture theatre & talk show
Re: 3/26 (Saturday), 15:00-17:00
Fee: 3000 yen (tax included) [limited to 20 people?

(5) 登石 Kyoko hemp blend aromas from warlords and sword of course < with original >
Re: 4/2 (Saturday), 14:00-16:00
Price: 3500 yen (tax included) [limited to 20 people?

* For more information Web site (, see

    Forum dunk (Exterior)

    “Tian Hua Mai Xiang Samurai Tarot” (stone grass publishing)
B6 size / boxed / 80 pages / body 2200 yen (tax excluded)
With 22 original Tarot cards