“Autumn Festival 2019 summer x SAMURAI SPIRITS” will be held in Akihabara from June 27, 2019!


A limited campaign in collaboration with "SAMURAI SPIRITS" released on June 27, 2019 and an event to tour the city of Akihabara will also be held!

Akihabara-related companies are sponsored by a joint company, AKIBA Tourism Council, which was established for the revitalization of tourism in the city. From June 27th “Autumn Festival 2019 Summer x SAMURAI SPRITS” will be held. In collaboration with SNK Co., Ltd., we will carry out measures to enliven the city, such as conducting a collaboration campaign with about 70 Akihabara stores in line with the new release of "SAMURAI SPIRITS".

■ Dream collaboration campaign realized through collaboration with SNK Co., Ltd.

This time, a collaboration campaign of "SAMURAI SPIRITS" will be held from June 27 (Thursday) to July 15 (Month). A collaboration campaign covering about 70 stores will be held during the period, including limited novelties that can be rewarded for shopping and product sales events at special venues.
For more information: https://jp.akihabara-japan.com/akifes2019su

■ Autumn Festival collaboration shop is open for a limited time!
Furthermore, at this time, the autumn festival collaboration shop opens in "Edion AKIBA" facing Chuo-dori! It will open for a limited time from June 27 to July 15 as limited goods and prize exchange centers etc.!
It is a long-awaited shop for fans, such as goods that can only be bought here.
■ A limited-time shop opens in THE AKIHABARA CONTAiNER!
Aki Fes collaboration shop is held at THE AKIHABARA CONTAiNER, an event space with a large signage located at 0 minutes on foot at Akihabara Chuoguchi, which is in charge of planning and production of this fall festival and run by AKIBA Tourism Council's members, Indoor Co., Ltd. Limited time open!

1, The photo spot of SAMURAI SPIRITS is born!
2, Takehito painter Masayuki Kojo Selling collaboration goods drawn by!
3. Free play of new work "SAMURAI SPIRITS"!
Project the battle play screen on a large signage 4!

<The AKIHABARA CONTAiNER collaboration shop summary>
Implementation period: Thursday, June 27, 2019-Wednesday, July 3
Place: 〒 101-0025 1-13, Kanda Sakumacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Chom-chom Akihabara 1F
Opening hours: weekdays: 12:00 to 20:00 Sat, Sundays and public holidays: 10:00 to 20:00

【Official website】 http://akihabara-container.jp/
【Twitter】 https://twitter.com/TheAKBCTN_INDOR

We are planning various other events and campaigns.
Details will be informed again. Please stay tuned!

<Autumn Festival 2019 Summer x SAMURAI SPIRITS Outline>
Implementation period: Thursday, June 27, 2019-Monday, July 15
Details are here: https://jp.akihabara-japan.com/akifes2019su

【Official website】 https://jp.akihabara-japan.com/
【Instagram】 https://www.instagram.com/akihabara_japan/
【Facebook】 https://www.facebook.com/akibakyougikai/
【Twitter】 https://twitter.com/akihabara_japan

Samurai Spirits appeared in 1993 as the first SNK fighting game with SNK. It was made into a series after that fascinated many fans with tactics and tension that other fighting games do not have, such as "Angage Gauge" where aggression is raised with every attack, with a sharp slash with a sword. And in 2019, after 10 years since the previous work, it revives with a completely new product! Enjoy the exhilarating sensation of one shot and killing, and the fighting picture roll that 16 swordsmen including 3 new faces unfold in new image expression, with all you want!

Official site: https://www.snk-corp.co.jp/official/samuraispirits/
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/SNKPofficial_jp
YouTube "snkGame": https://www.youtube.com/user/snkplaymoreGame