To Akihabara to the sanctuary of Vtuber! AKIBA Tourism Council, Kizunaai and a total of 14 Vtubers formally formed a tag “Autumn Festival 2018 Fall” to be held! As Akihabara Virtual Tourism Ambassador took office as “Kizunaai”!


Meiji Co., Ltd. became a sponsor, "Akihabara Official Souvenir" also released! From 10/18 until 11/18!

"Autumn Festival 2018 Fall" will be held from 18th October by the joint company AKIBA Tourism Council, established for the purpose of vitalizing the city's tourism through the investment of companies related to Akihabara. Meiji Co., Ltd. will sponsor, we will implement measures to encourage the city such as Kizunaai and a total of 14 virtual YouTuber (Virtual YouTube) and about 60 shops in Akihabara to conduct a collaboration campaign.

■ Vtuber collaboration campaign realized as a sponsor of Meiji Co., Ltd.

"Akihabara to the holy ground of virtual YouTuber." This time, Meiji Corporation became a sponsor, and a collaboration campaign of Kizunaai and a total of 14 virtual YouTuber will be held from 18th October (Sunday) to 18th November (Sun) We will carry out. We plan to implement measures to excite Akihabara including limited novelty and stamp rally that we can shop at campaign participating stores during the period.
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Novelty: Vtuber original collaboration card (14 types)

■ Virtual YouTuber "Kizunaai" took over as Akihabara's "Virtual Tourism Ambassador" ※ 1!

unnamed-1 We will take over as "Kizunaai" as a "virtual tourism ambassador" that excites Akihabara, we plan to continue to develop various collaborative measures between Akihabara and Virtual YouTuber.
On October 21, Sofmap AKIBA 4th store 8F event floor planned for the campaign participants "virtual tourism ambassador inauguration ceremony". We will celebrate live appearance & inauguration by everyone. We will continue to take measures to boost Akihabara with various virtual YouTuber.
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※ NPO corporation Akihabara Tourism Promotion Association official recognition

■ NPO Akihabara Tourism Promotion Association, AKIBA Tourism Council official recognition "Akihabara Official Souvenir" debut!

unnamed-1 In accordance with this campaign, Akihabara Tourism Promotion Association, Akihabara Tourism Promotion Association, AKIBA Tourism Council official recognition "Akihabara Official Souvenir" will debut, developed from interviews by Akihabara operators, foreign tourists and others. (Product name: "Akihabara cashew nut (wasabi taste)") 700 yen (excluding tax).
Despite the pink color reminiscent of pop culture, the taste is authentic wasabi flavor!
It will be released at Akihabara multiple stores as a novel product incorporating Akihabara 's playfulness.

■ Autumn Fes collaboration shop opens for a limited time only!

unnamed-2 Furthermore at this timing the Autumn Fes collaboration shop opens at "THE AKIHABAR CONTAINER" in front of the station! Open for a limited time period from 10/18 to 11/12 as Vtuber goods and prize exchanges etc!
It is a long-awaited shop, such as goods which can only be purchased here. In addition, we have established a large-scale vision as a PR exposure destination for domestic and overseas markets, and also have a tourist information office officially recognized by the Japanese government tourist office (JNTO). We support it thoroughly.

<Autumn Festival 2018 Fall summary>
Period of implementation: Thursday, October 18, 2018 – November 18 (Sun)
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