Fresh trend “Bread drink” with 22 kinds of countries all over the world! Tabichoku “Night Pan Festival”, offer all items at half price in Akihabara until the end of October


The multinational dining Journey × Journey with the theme of traveling food (circus around the world) will hold a pan festival of the evening (22 kinds of world bread half-price fair) in commemoration of the 1st anniversary of the 2nd store opening.
"Bread drink" is a style that literally enjoys drinking with bread, and recently, more stores that recommend this style are increasing. Even though you say bread, the texture and cooking methods vary from country to country. It is a fair that you can enjoy finding bread meals that match your favorite sake.

Akihabara Traveling Dining Journey × Journey (Journey Journey)

About "Pan Festival of the Night"
"Bread drinking" becoming a secret boom. It is a new style of drinking with bread, but this time, I thought that I would like to enjoy "bread drinking" more widely in Journey × Journey (hereinafter J × J), and made bread menu in various countries of the world menu .
This lineup which made use of the knowledge and experience unique to international cuisine shops is called "Night Pan Festival" in J × J and will be held between October 17 (Wednesday) and October 31 (Wednesday) We offer 22 world bread cuisine gathered from each country at half price of regular price.

Please enjoy the new "bread drink" that you enjoy international beer and unusual country wine while eating bread cuisine all over the world.

* As a multinational restaurant, we have a large selection of world beers, craft beer and unusual country wines.
* Because there are limited seats, we will use the seat for one and a half hours.
* During the period, we will make it a one-drink system, separately charged a table charge of 250 yen per person.
* Please make your reservation on the homepage or telephone and make a reservation.

■ Multinational dining "Journey × Journey" concept of "traveling food"
We went around the world around the theme of "food" and "cooking" in 2012. The number of dishes in the world that I ate among them, 1165 dishes. It is "traveling food" that reproduces and arranges a part of the 1165 dish, and J * J offers beer from all over the world and unusual country wine with its "traveling food". We opened our head office in 2015 and opened the second shop in 2017. In celebration of the 1st anniversary of the 2nd store this time, we will hold "Night Pan Festival" at the 2nd store. J × J's mission is "to make guests" Today was fun, " Through the "Night Pan Festival", traveling and drinking all over the world, we will strive all the staff to say "I had a good time today."

[Store photo]
2nd Journey Journey (Venue) Exterior

2nd Journey Journey (Venue) Interior

■ World Pan cuisine lineup (menu example introduction)
(1) J × J Original PHC (Pan · Hamburger · Cake)
Original menu which fused Hawaiian 'pancake' and 'Locomoko'
It is also possible to arrange double, triple! !


(2) Zepietka
Pizza toast with baguette is a staple of Polish hot snacks.

(3) Tolta Afogada
Local cuisine of Guadalajara, Mexico. Half-bath sand bath soaked in soup! What?

(4) Binmy
Asian sandwiches in Vietnam. J * J uses roast beef! !

(5) Love Rabbi
Tunisian home cooking, bread soup using egg and mixed beans.

We offer all 22 kinds of price etc. (580 ~ 880 yen), we will offer at half price of all items during the period.

■ Store Overview
Store name: Akihabara Traveling Dining Journey × Journey Box round (2nd store)
Location: Taito, Taito-ku, Tokyo 1-33-4 Yamagami Building 1F
Establishment: October 2017 (2nd store)
Phone number: 080-4096-5577
Number of seats: 14 seats
Opening Hours: 【Lunch】 <Monday – Friday 11: 45 ~ 14: 00 (LO 13: 30 ~)
【Dinner】 <Monday – Saturday 18: 00 ~ 22: 00 (LO 21: 30 ~)

※ "Night Pan Festival" will be offered at dinner time only.

* We may not be able to operate normally due to circumstances such as reservation status and charter, so please make a reservation after confirming by telephone, so that you can visit us.