An indoor beer garden appeared in Akihabara! A photogenic space that imagined the healing forest, a toast with world beer!


Enjoy world trips in Akihabara

Dining on a theme with a journey. Let’s make a toast with the world beer × round-the-world traveling dish × world!


Traveling themed dining Traveler’s Dining PUSHUP opened the healing space OASIS in Akihabara. “Travel Norifes OASIS” will be held from Thursday, August 16, 2018, where you can enjoy world beers and round-the-world traveling cuisine as an open event.


What is “Travel Noripes”?

It is an event that you can enjoy traveling with beers and cuisines from around the world with the phrase “Let’s enjoy the world more! Let’s travel the world more!”

“Travel Noripes Oasis” made 9 kinds of courses tailor-made around the world, mainly for dishes of popular events of past events.

In Vol.1, Soul Food [Jerk Chicken] in Jamaica, Spicy Shrimp, popular in Thai cuisine in Vol.2, Finished in thin Italian crispy 【Pizza with raw ham and Mozzarella cheese】, Tunisia 【French fries anchovy butter tailoring】, the most popular American style salad with PUSHUP 【9 kinds of Caesar salad】 A total of 9 items can be enjoyed Course tailoring content is available.


■ Travel Norifes OASIS Overview

We offer two kinds of courses that combine popular cuisine with PUSHUP for all you can drink overseas beer.

Course name: Petit World Tour Plan

Contents: 40 kinds of all-you-can-drink beer (90 minutes) and 5 popular trips Nori cuisine

Price: 3,900 yen (tax included)

Course Title: Fully Around the World Plan

Contents: 40 kinds of all-you-can-drink beer menu (150 minutes) and popular travel 9 items of nori cuisine

Price: 5,000 yen (tax included)

* We have more than 100 kinds of drinks as well as beer except cocktails, shochu and wine available.

※ For over 2 people, please be sure to make a reservation from the homepage and visit us.

※ Travel Festival popular among girls’ associations each time. With popularity, we will limit your reservation to 3 pairs per day. I recommend you to reserve earlier than the homepage.


■ World trip with delicious beer of each country!

Traveling the world, delicious! I thought that I picked up beer from each country carefully and gathered.

A large collection of beers including Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania, Middle East, North America, South America and the world.

Enjoy a world trip with 40 types of beer such as refreshingly drinkable lager beer, tasty fruity white beer and deep rich black beer.

<Example of beer offering all you can drink>

40 kinds including Hugarden White (Belgium), Levenberloy (Germany), Taska (Kenya), Hina’s (Tahiti), 333 (Vietnam).


■ Great popular menu at Vol.1! What is Jamaican Grilled Chicken?

The cooking method “Jerk, Jerking” is a local cuisine of Jamaican origin.

Jerk chicken very popular among travelers. Actually, in the field, you can enjoy not only jerk chicken, but also various ways of eating, such as jerk pork and jerk shrimp.

Spicy image is a strong jerk chicken, but in PUSHUP plenty of spices that draw refreshing fragrance herbs and chicken flavor are used plenty, while hidden taste feels the flavor of Jamaica with tomato, it is a spicy original Jamaican grill I finish it in chicken. Compatibility with beer is the best, you can enjoy juicy chicken.


Appeared in Vol.2! What is spicy shrimp?

I reproduced the dish I ate in the southern town of Thailand.

Started with a crispy, delicious, spicy, beer chain.

It is a crispy dish of undercooked dishes with a special marinade liquid based on Thai Soy Sauce Noodle, fried in a hot oil and crispy with hot oil, green peppers, pre-rookie, roasted chillies, fried garlic, fried onion, dried shrimp and so on.

It is recommended to eat each shell, from head to tail. Please join us with gyeochi and lemon.


■ Travel Nori popular menu introduction

We introduce 5 popular menu items at girls’ association from food menu.


· Salted bean curd tofu 850 yen

The appearance is white and gentle, but one item that is amazingly hot



· Kimchi Cream pasta 950 yen

Mix recipe of Korea and Italy Repeaters



· Spicy shrimp with fragrant scent 850 yen

One piece finished with Thai roasted chili and garlic



· Pizza with raw ham and mozzarella cheese 950 yen

Crunchy crispy finish



· Grilled pork porketta S 900 yen M 1,580 yen

Herb fragrant Venetian specialties



■ Dining restaurant with a theme of traveling Traveler’s Dining PUSHUP

Akashi, our representative Akashi, traveled through 50 countries around the world and opened to embody “There are no borders on delicious things, where everything smiles can be found where there are delicious items.” Journey × food × smile = space to make a nice chain. Every day to our mission to make everyone’s smile with delicious food and alcohol, our staff is open all day. Walking around the world, we will offer delicious dishes (over 50 at any time) in PUSHUP style.

Inside the shop, there are lots of items to play, such as travel goods, travel goods, etc. drawn by each country sundries and guests who traveled around the world. If you have something to eat such as delicious dishes, world sake, photos, sundries, travel notes, please do not hesitate to speak to the staff.


■ Store Overview

Shop name: Traveler’s Dining PUSHUP Akihabara main store

Representative: Yuki Akashi

Address: 1-5 Akihabara, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 110-0006 Yorimotoville 1, 2F

Establishment: September 27, 2007

Phone: 03-5294-5525

Opening Hours: [Lunch Time]

Monday · Tue · Water · Thur · Friday 11: 45 ~ 14: 00 (LO 13: 30)

[Dinner time]

Monday · Tue · Water · Thur · Friday 18: 00 ~ 23: 30 (LO 22: 30)

Saturday 18: 00 ~ 23: 00 (LO 22: 00)

※ On Monday, occasionally it may be a day off. Required confirmation.

Closed: Sunday

※ Available by reservation etc. Operating Required Inquiries

Number of seats: 1F 23 seats (10 people for dining room,

2 table seats x 2 seats, 9 counters on the table)

2F 24 ~ 32 seats (6 to 6 table seats for 4 to 6 people, available for charter.)