The hottest “Keigo Inoue” in the digital art world The new work of the origin return is “Virtual World Graph” Cyberpunk that colors the city of the world! The second project has been released! Also in charge of the concept art of “Virtual Akihabara”.


Keigo Inoue's new art series "Virtual World Graph"'s new work "AKIBA METROPOLIS" is exhibited at the global NFT market Foundation.

KEIGO INOUE (@keigoinoue) | Foundation

"Keigo Inoue" is a cutting-edge artist who has collaborated with top domestic artists such as "Ado", "Eve" and "Kizuna AI". The new work "AKIBA METROPOLIS" of Keigo Inoue's art series "Virtual World Graph" is exhibited at the global NFT market Foundation. As of 18:00 on December 24, Japan time 2.00 Ethereum (ETH) Japanese yen conversion is bidding at around 1 million yen. The total number of successful bids for all works exhibited at the Foundation exceeds 17 million yen in Japanese yen.

The "Virtual World Graph" series is a work that triggered the attention of "Keigo Inoue" itself. Create a cyberspace in the near future with your own illustrations by projection mapping in an actual city.


KEIGO INOUE (@keigoinoue) | Foundation

Foundation is an NFT platform that aims to build a new creative economy. A platform that allows creators to use Ethereum blockchain to evaluate their work in a whole new way and build strong connections with their supporters.

NFT is an abbreviation for (Non Fungible Token) and is sometimes called "non-fungible token".
A non-substitutable digital token that records ownership on the blockchain on unique and irreplaceable digital assets such as art, music, and collector's items, giving it unique value. It is attracting attention as a technology for creating new trading markets and businesses.

In addition, it was announced that Keigo Inoue will be in charge of the concept art of "Virtual Akihabara", which is aiming to open in the spring of 2022, together with the joint venture AKIBA Tourism Council and Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. "Virtual Akihabara" is a regional co-creation type XR town development project that promotes the revitalization of the Akihabara area and the creation of new communication through various efforts that link real and virtual public spaces.

Image of "Virtual Akihabara" by Keigo Inoue

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Born in Osaka. After working as a character modeler at a game company, he started working as an illustrator after working as an assistant for a manga artist. As of 2021, he is active as a video illustrator. He has a deep knowledge of street culture from his experience as a dancer. In 2020, he attracted attention mainly on SNS, and released an illustration expressing a cyberpunk world view that mixes vivid colors with motion graphics and effects. 2021 In charge of music videos for the most talked-about artists Ado, Eve, anime song singer Yui Ninomiya, etc.

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