Support art sent from Akiba fans in Japan and overseas will be exhibited in the city of Akihabara ~ Akihabara support project “Akihabara Machinaka Exhibition” will be held ~


Date: April 12th (Monday) -May 9th (Sunday), 2021

Akihabara UDX (Operation / Management: NTT Urban Development Co., Ltd., as part of area management (*) targeting the area around JR Akihabara Station, collaborates with 36 groups such as neighboring residents and companies to "My thoughts, Akihabara" We carried out a support project "DRAW MY AKIBA" (hereinafter referred to as "this project") to liven up Akihabara with art with the theme of "the scenery" for about 3 months from October 16, 2020 to January 10, 2021.

As a result, the number of cheering art received from Akiba fans in Japan and overseas was about 400. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the many people who sent us. From these heartwarming cheering arts and messages, it has been decided to hold the "Akihabara Machinaka Exhibition" from April 12th (Monday) to May 9th (Sunday), where some of them will be exhibited in various places in Akihabara. We will inform you of this.

* What is area management activity?

Independent efforts by residents, business owners, landowners, etc. to maintain and improve the favorable environment and local value in the region (from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Area Management Promotion Manual)

Some of the 400 works submitted by Akiba fans in Japan and overseas will be exhibited in the city of Akihabara.
The approximately 400 paintings submitted this time are cheering art drawn by all Akiba fans in Japan and overseas under the theme of "My thoughts, the scenery of Akihabara." The applicants will realize that the city of Akihabara is loved by a wide range of people, from children to painting groups, professional artists, and overseas fans across the sea.
To express our gratitude to everyone who submitted these works, we will hold the "Akihabara Machinaka Exhibition" where some of the works will be exhibited in various places in Akihabara.

《Akihabara Machinaka Exhibition》
Dates: April 12, 2021 (Monday) -May 9, 2021 (Sunday)
Location: Below each store / company premises in the Akihabara area
Akihabara UDX Akiba Ichi, Akihabara Station East-West Free Passage, Aisan Electric Co., Ltd.,
Atre Akihabara 2 (2F CHELSEA MARKET Akihabara side), ONODEN Co., Ltd.,
Kanda Shrine, Kinko's Akihabara store, SEEKBASE AKI-OKA MANUFACTURE,
Super Hotel Premier Akihabara, CHABARA AKI-OKA MARCHE,
(* Honorific titles omitted, in alphabetical order)
Cost: Free
Organizer: NTT Urban Development Co., Ltd., Akihabara UDX

* In order to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection, it may be canceled or postponed depending on the future situation.
Please note.
* Please check the project website and official SNS for the latest information on the event.
Official Twitter: @ drawmyakiba2020
Official Instagram: @ drawmyakiba2020

Work introduction (part)
[Gabe "Tinman" Razo] America

"To me, Akihabara is the beating Heart of everything I love about Japan. Nothing makes me happier than seeing the vibrant city signs and shopping through neon lit shops filled with everything from vintage tech to Gundam models. I hope that the heart of Akihabara will beat on forever ♥ ️ "

"For me, Akihabara is the starting point for me to love Japan. I walked around the city with vibrant signboards, shopped in neon-lit stores, and used old-fashioned appliances and Gundam models. The happiest time to watch. May my favorite Akihabara stay healthy ❤️ "

[Shunji Terazawa] Japan

"Akihabara's electric town is busy day and night, and it's strange that it gets quiet in the middle of the night. I love it just by walking. There are other deep shops, anime and manga in the city. It's overflowing and very exciting. It's a city that motivates me to draw, and I have a lot of thoughts in Akihabara, but the "scenery" that Akihabara in Japan gives me is the source of "creating". It's an exciting Japanese city. "

[Color painting] Japan

"The image of akiba now. There are various things in the city and it is glittering. There is" LOVE "in the center. A long time ago, when it was still an electric town, Akihabara had an event. I went to work part-time many times over the weekend. When video cameras began to spread in the home, I struggled on the side of Victor during the battle between Victor and Sony, but a few years later it ended with Sony's 8mm victory. I remember that. I feel that Akihabara is much cleaner now than it was back then. What hasn't changed is the amount of energy of the people who gather in the city. "

[Mr. Izuko] Japan

"The place where my favorite idol group started is the city of Akihabara. The idols born in Akihabara took themselves completely unrelated to idols until a few years ago to the" unknown world "of the idol scene. He took me to me. Now I'm interested in "idol culture" itself, listening to various idol songs every day, watching live performances and MVs, and cheering for them. Let's make a loud call, shake the penlight, and create a world where you can support the idols with all your might. "

"Thank you for your support!" From Akihabara support partners consisting of 36 groups to everyone

[Super Hotel Premier Akihabara]
Due to the spread of the new coronavirus, the number of guests staying at the hotel has decreased sharply, and although the accommodation price has been lowered accordingly, the guest rooms have not been filled and the severe situation continues. Under such circumstances, the warm cheers from the companies in Akihabara and the support of this project were encouraging, and thanks to you, we cooperated with the "food loss countermeasures" on Twitter and "# akiba3hotel" with other chain hotels. The campaign also received more feedback than expected.
This time, I saw a lot of cheering art from all over Japan and all over the world, and I felt the depth of attachment to Akihabara by many people from the high quality and the accompanying message. Above all, the scenery of Gabe's work in the United States exactly matches the scenery of Akihabara that I think of, and the words "May my favorite Akihabara stay healthy all the time" in the message are very memorable. Akihabara's new strength is that companies and organizations based in Akihabara go beyond the boundaries of industry and work together while collaborating on a single project. I would like to continue to regain the liveliness of Akihabara without breaking the ties and connections that were born this time. (Mr. Isozaki, Deputy Manager)

[JR East Urban Development / Chabara / SEEKBASE / 2k540]
At the three facilities, Chabara, SEEKBASE, and 2k540, which are located under the elevated railroad around JR Akihabara Station, we place great importance on allowing customers to experience Japanese food culture, technology, and manufacturing. We have held exhibitions and workshops, but now that we are refraining from going out due to the corona disaster, we are focusing on holding at SNS and online events and mail order.
Among the works submitted from all over Japan and around the world this time, there is also art based on the camera purchased at SEEKBASE and the entrance of 2k540, and I am very grateful and thank you, and the underpass is in the city of Akihabara. It was very encouraging to be recognized as part.
Although the severe situation of the spread of the new coronavirus will continue, we hope that the spread of the infection will be resolved and customers from all over Japan and all over the world will come, and we hope that all the facilities will continue to do their best. (Mr. Nagata, Development Business Headquarters / Chabara, SEEKBASE, 2k540)

[Akihabara Electric Town Promotion Association / Onoden Co., Ltd.]
The city of Akihabara is an "electric city" and is an attractive city that absorbs culture from many visitors and grows with the times. Incorporating various cultures such as the city of home appliances, the city of PCs, the city of games, the city of maids, and the city of animation, it serves as a "source of information to the world" with the support of not only domestic but also overseas people. I am in charge of. Under such circumstances, there was a time when the number of visitors slowed down due to the spread of the new coronavirus.
Meanwhile, exchanges began in which people based in Akihabara commented on each other on SNS and introduced each other's goods, and all companies and organizations in Akihabara, regardless of industry, started to interact. There is a trend to liven up Akihabara as a whole. We will continue to make this trend even more active. Seeing the many works submitted this time, you can feel the long history of Akihabara, such as young people who like anime, those who were doing electric work in the electric town era, and the scenery of the old days, and it is loved by various people. I realized once again that it is a city that is located. While leaving history and feeling the history, we will develop by incorporating new things. We will continue to develop the city of Akihabara, which can meet the needs of Akihabara fans for many generations. (Mr. Onoden Okuda and Mr. Otsu)

"DRAW MY AKIBA" held this time is the first step to support Akihabara. For the new era when "new normal" is required in the future, while incorporating the thoughts and elements of Akihabara sent by everyone, while preserving the unchanging culture, we will carry out various activities toward the future Akihabara that everyone can enjoy with peace of mind. We will continue to develop.

What is the first Akihabara support project "DRAW MY AKIBA"?
The Akihabara Support Project started in October 2020 as an activity to bring together local residents, groups, and companies in Akihabara to restore color and vitality to Akihabara. As the first step, we held "DRAW MY AKIBA" to solicit pictures of Akihabara from all Akiba fans in Japan and overseas under the theme of "My thoughts on the scenery of Akihabara". In addition to the "Akihabara Machinaka Exhibition", which invites cooperation from Akihabara groups and companies, the collected works will be posted on the Akihabara UDX large-scale vision and official SNS in front of JR Akihabara Station. We will foster a connection of fans.

[What is Akihabara UDX Restaurant & Shop Akiba Ichi]
Akihabara UDX is built on the site of the former Tokyo Central Wholesale Market Kanda Market. Therefore, with the aim of recreating the liveliness of the fruit and vegetable market and the state of the time when people gathered, we opened "Akihabara Ichi" with about 30 stores. In Akihabara, where the enhancement and accumulation of restaurants has been an issue for the city, "Akihabara Ichi" is contributing to the creation of new liveliness.
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