Approximately 100 kinds of original sake are gathered! With the hottest voice actors Kaori Maeda and Yurie Funato as guests, a new normal sake event will be held that will not lose to Corona!


Sake tasting event "Tokyo SAKE Collection 2021" sponsored by the famous sake center will be held on Saturday, June 5, 2021 at Kanda Myojin Hall!

From the monumental liquor of famous sake to the rare local sake that is rarely seen in Tokyo, 32 breweries full of originality are gathered! You can freely enjoy about 100 kinds of sake with various tastes for just the admission fee.

This time, a talk show will be held at the same time with Kaori Maeda and Yurie Funato, who are also known as voice actors and lovers of sake, as guests. After the event is over, the online event "Afternoon Festival" will be delivered. At the famous sake center online shop, sake selected by the two of them for the "afternoon festival" will be sold under the event's original label! You can enjoy the same sake together online with them!

Last year, we were forced to postpone it due to the influence of the new coronavirus, but we decided to hold it after thorough infection prevention measures. Introduced a sake IoT server as a new event format. By holding a safe and secure event, we will support the sake brewery that is in trouble due to the corona wreck, and at the same time, we will produce the charm of sake for new fans.

  • About 100 kinds of sake are gathered at Kanda Myojin, the guardian of Edo!
  • The "Tokyo SAKE Collection" is a popular sake event held every year at Zojoji Temple in Minato Ward with the aim of disseminating the appeal of sake to young people who have few opportunities to come into contact with sake and overseas people. is. This year, the venue will be moved to the "Kanda Myojin Hall" in Kanda Myojin, the general guardian of Edo. It is located next to the cultural town of education and close to Akihabara, the birthplace of subculture. With the cooperation of people of various genres, we will propose a new normal event style for sake.

    Salmon Collection Archive

    ・ We aim for a safe and secure event with a new event style.

    The air-conditioning equipment in the venue hall has already cleared the strict ventilation performance standards of the public health center based on the "Entertainment Hall Law". In the hall, the air-conditioning equipment is always operated, the outside air is taken in about 4 times an hour, and the ventilation and temperature / humidity are adjusted appropriately so that it will not be sealed. The foyer keeps fresh air at all times by opening the accordion glass facing the outside deck, so it will always be open when the event is held. We will also reduce the capacity to half and strive to ensure social distance.

    Originally, the event was for the brewers and brewers to come directly to the event to deepen exchanges with the participants, but this time, from the perspective of preventing the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the brewers and brewers should consider the risk of participation from the local area. We will participate remotely.

    Also, in order to reduce the contact between people as much as possible, the sake IoT server "Masse @nomasse_aizu"
    Introduced ( )!
    First introduced at an event in Tokyo! When the customer touches with the card, the liquor is automatically poured.

    In June, traditional events will be held at each shrine to remove the impurities of half a year by passing through the ring of Kaya and welcome the next six months with a new feeling. At this event, we hope to create this Kaya no Wa as soon as possible so that we can get rid of the corona sword and drink delicious sake with peace of mind.

    We would like to ask all the participants for their cooperation in order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

    About measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection at this event →

    [Participating sake brewery]

    <East Army>

    (Miyagi Prefecture)
    ・ "Fengyang" Uchigasaki Sake Brewery

    (Yamagata Prefecture)
    ・ "Dewazakura" Dewazakura Sake Brewery

    (Fukushima Prefecture)
    ・ "Okunomatsu" Okunomatsu Sake Brewery

    ・ "Echigo Hachitoyo" Echigo Sake Brewery
    ・ "Sasasai" Sasasai Sake Brewery
    ・ "Applicant" Shiokawa Sake Brewery
    ・ "Mt. Hakkai" Hakkai brewing

    (Nagano Prefecture)
    ・ "Transverse flute" Ito Sake Brewery
    ・ "Takizawa" Shinshu Meijo
    ・ "Misuzu" Misuzu Sake Brewery

    (Tochigi Prefecture)
    ・ "Four Seasons Cherry Blossoms" Utsunomiya Sake Brewery
    ・ "Tentaka" Tentaka Sake Brewery

    (Gunma Prefecture)
    ・ "Akagiyama" Kondo Sake Brewery
    ・ "Minister of the Left" Otone Sake Brewery

    (Ibaraki Prefecture)
    ・ "Tsukinoi" Tsukinoi Sake Brewery

    ・ "Toyoake" Ishii Sake Brewery

    ・ "Masamune Inahana" Inahana Sake Brewery

    ・ "Wakaze" wakaze

    <Western Army>

    (Gifu Prefecture)
    ・ "Shiramayumi" Kaba Sake Brewery

    (Mie Prefecture)
    ・ "颯" Goto Sake Brewery
    ・ "Ame-no-Ume" Ito Sake Brewery

    (Hyogo Prefecture)
    ・ "Otori" Otori Sake Brewery

    ・ "Tamanoko" Tamanoko Sake Brewery

    (Wakayama Prefecture)
    ・ "Black beef" master sake brewery

    ・ "Ryusei" Fujii Sake Brewery

    (Shimane Prefecture)
    ・ "Kinho" Kinho Sake Brewery
    ・ "Seven crown horse" Hikami Brewery

    (Tottori prefecture)
    ・ "Chiyomusubi" Chiyomusubi Sake Brewery

    (Ehime Prefecture)
    ・ "Masamune Yamatan" Yagi Sake Brewery Department

    (Fukuoka Prefecture)
    ・ "Muhoumatsu" Muhomatsu Sake Brewery

    ・ "Sentoku" Sentoku Syuzou

    (Special frame)
    ・ "Kura Cats" Tosa Sake Brewery / Inoue Sake Brewery / Yagi Sake Brewery Department

  • Many collaboration events with voice actors and illustrators who like sake!
  • ・ Talk show & online distribution after-night festival
    A talk show will be held at the same time with guest voice actors Kaori Maeda (@ kaor1n_n) and Yurie Funato (@Yurie_Funato), who are also known as liquor lovers.
    You will talk about the charm of sake while drinking the exhibited sake!

    Furthermore, after the talk show, toast at the night festival after online distribution ♪
    Kaori Maeda & Yurie Funato will sell the sake selected by the two in advance with the event's original label and deliver it to your home! Please join us even if you are far away from the event at Kanda Myojin Hall. You can enjoy free talk while drinking the selected sake together. In addition, there is also a chance to win signed sake by lottery from those who purchase sake! This is a collaboration label between the illustrations of the official characters "Sake-chan" and "Kore-chan" designed by Akame Kiyose, and the handwritten characters "Sake-chan" and Yurie Funato's handwritten characters "Kore-chan" by Kaori Maeda. A collaboration inoguchi is also included.

    ・ Salmon Kore Official Characters Sake-chan, Kore-chan

    The original character by Akame Kiyose is based on the motif of Sukuna Hiko Nanomikoto, the "god of sake brewing" enshrined at the venue, Kanda Myojin.

    We will give salmon-chan, kore-chan, and inoguchi to all the participants!

    ・ Exhibition of famous illustrator x sake collaboration illustrations!

    At the venue, collaboration illustrations of sake from participating sake breweries and famous illustrators will also be on display!

  • Event overview
  • "Tokyo SAKE Collection Sake Collection 2021"

    [Date and time] Saturday, June 5, 2021
    <Part 1> 13: 00-15: 00
    <Part 2> 16: 00-18: 00
    <Afternoon Festival> 19: 00-20: 00 (online delivery)

    <Part 1> <Part 2>: Kanda Myojin Hall
    2F, Kanda Myojin Cultural Exchange Center, 2-16-2 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0021
    <Afternoon Festival>: Video distribution Streaming +

    <Part 1> <Part 2>: Admission + original inoguchi 6500 yen each (tax included)
    <Afternoon Festival>: Viewing ticket 3000 yen (tax included)

    * Those who wish to purchase alcohol for online distribution must purchase it separately from the ticket.
    Click here to purchase alcohol

    (Sales start from noon on April 17th)

    ・ Kaori Maeda & Yurie Funato Select Sake East and West 2 types + Original Inoguchi 1 type set
    6000 yen (tax included) * Shipping fee not included
    ・ Kaori Maeda & Yurie Funato Select Sake East and West 4 types + Original Inoguchi 2 types complete set
    12000 yen (tax included) * Shipping fee not included

    [Talk show guest]
    Kaori Maeda

    Yurie Funato

    * Admission under the age of 20 is not permitted.
    * Please refrain from entering the following people.
    ・ Those who have fever
    ・ Those who have symptoms such as cough, sore throat, and breathlessness
    ・ Those who are under health observation at a health center, etc.
    ・ Those who have traveled abroad during the period specified by the government (within 2 weeks from today) * Including cases of contact with those who returned to Japan during that period
    ・ Others who are not in good physical condition
    * Please cooperate in measuring the temperature with a non-contact thermometer and disinfecting your hands with disinfecting alcohol at the time of admission.
    * Please cooperate in wearing a mask except when you have food or drink in your mouth.
    * Please refrain from eating and drinking outside the designated areas.
    * Please refrain from excessive drinking.
    * This event is for those who can enjoy and safely drink sake. Those who are drunk or who do not follow the instructions of the staff will be asked to leave.
    * Please cooperate with the pre-filling of the form below so that we can submit it to a public institution such as a public health center if it is found that a new coronavirus positive reaction person will come to the venue at a later date.

    Tickets and liquor will be on sale at noon on April 17th!

    (You can click the URL below after the release date. * It will not be displayed before the release date.)

    <Part 1> Admission + talk show viewing 13: 00-15: 00
    ■ Purchase page URL

    <Part 2> Admission + talk show viewing 16: 00-18: 00
    ■ Purchase page URL

    <Afternoon Festival> Online distribution viewing ticket 19: 00-20: 00
    ■ Purchase page URL

    Click here to purchase original sake after online distribution!

    (You can click the URL below after the release date. * It will not be displayed before the release date.)
    ■ Purchase page URL

    ▼ Sponsor
    Meishu Center Co., Ltd. Sakekore Executive Committee
    twitter: @sakecollection
    Sake Collection Official URL:

    ▼ Planning cooperation
    ・ Kuraraku Co., Ltd.
    ・ JAPACON Co., Ltd.
    ・ Makemind Co., Ltd.