Ready for a new life in Akihabara let! “SPRING 2016 Akihabara Electric town festival” held!


This “Akihabara Electric town festival”,
(1) DENPA set Inc. excitement to Akihabara!

(2) hits 100 10000 yen and buy tickets!

S 2016 SPRING Akihabara Electric town festival overview. “
◆ points (1)
Shopping voucher 10000 100 giveaway!
At the target store with a purchase of more than 5000 Yen entry card will be. Your entry postcard out fill out the retail application or mail can apply.
* Each store apply card finish lasts.


◆ points (2)
Akihabara Electric town festival x DENPA Brigade Inc.
“Tote bag” at first!
At the target store with a purchase of more than 5000 Yen will get one.
Durable non-woven cloth. Member color 6 colors.
Each store lasts and ends.

◆ points (3)
Continue the development of special discounted tickets!
To the customers who shop at target stores “special discount tickets with tissue” giveaway!

Meat manseibashi, during the meals tax on weekdays 10%, exept the 5% discount,

Purchase 3000 yen (tax incl.) or more in menswear AOKI incl. 1000 yen discount!
Each store lasts and ends.

◆ points (4)
Original electric city Akihabara highly recommended! Introduce the latest appliances for this winter.
Akiba style MAP at Akihabara Station and stores delivered during the campaign period and
Point of sale posters and campaign Guide!
Recommend new products, take a look at the “Akihabara Electric town festival” Please purchase at participating stores!

◆ period
3/11/2016 (Friday)-4/10 (Sunday) 31 days

♦ SPRING 2016 Akihabara Electric town festival campaign site

“OSCE SME new product for akiha Hara electric city spring.”


(2) saw the HITACHI stainless steel clean Hitachi air conditioning in white RAS-X40F2

(3) Panasonic drum type washing drying machine NA-VX9600L

(4) TOSHIBA 4 K LCD TV Z20X series

(5) DENON personal audio system D-M40 series

(6) for SONY 4 K LCD TV BRAVIA KJ-55X9300C

(7) SHARP plasmacluster humidifier Air Purifier with KI-FX100 (N)

(8) JVC Everio R GZ-RX600


Recommend new products, take a look at the “Akihabara Electric town festival” Please purchase at participating stores!
If you buy a consumer electronics Akihabara Electric town! To find a nice item that suits you!

About “DENPA set Inc.”

Furukawa, Fujisaki ayane six Brigade units by Bell, Aizawa, Risa, NEMU yumemi, naruse Eimi, top, belongs to “tour” and conducts a variety of activities. Core members are originally designed for their hobbies, such as anime, manga and game geeks there! In addition, Tokyo collection and michiosakabe, as well as collaboration with the various creators actively attracted attention from domestic and overseas, attended the fashion event in Taipei and Jakarta. In addition as a Japan representative, appeared as a Japan representative JAPAN EXPO in 2013. East Asian cultural cities 2014 Yokohama Ambassador served as the fiscal year 2014. A member of the new label MEME TOKYO TOY’s factory. Single “begins to run into the W.W.D / winter you! “But our start from the negative! Becomes a catch phrase and mobilize the 10000 people in Budokan, Japan. 2/10, 11, had successful national competition fee Bill wood first sports hotel 2 days solo performances. New Single “tomorrow because pieces on Earth ‘ also won music chart number one. World tours are also carried out. The winner of the Japan Division of the MTV world-wide & Act Award “best Japan Act”. It is now the hottest idol groups!


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