Replay & Raquel logic anime series starting Memorial Exhibition to be held!


We will exhibit many valuable materials not usually seen!

Bushiroad Inc. (Headquarters: Nakano-Ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and President: Takaaki Kitani, hereinafter “bushiroad”) is pleased that we decided to hold the Racquet logic exhibition.


Replay & Raquel logic anime series starting Memorial Exhibition
Combined anime and TCG trance project logic Racquet. 1/2016 original TV animated series and at the same time TCG series released and became a big topic. Reruns of the Racquet logic & anime series started to celebrate, “Raquel logic” exhibition will be held.
Usually drafts design abundant setting was actually used in the unaired, and Mari Shimazaki said, plenty of exhibit materials not seen!

4/24, (Sunday), 5/3 (Tuesday), 5/7 (Saturday), 5/8 4 days (Sunday) of the TCG Raquel logic for beginners workshop,
Play corner and the staff too!
We look forward looking forward welcoming you.

♦ exhibition period: 4/19/2016 (Tuesday)-5/8 (Sunday)
* 4/25 (Monday) and 5/2 (Monday) are closed.
♦ hours: 11 am-7 pm
♦ Venue: location: Tokyo anime Center with the City
♦ entry fee: free
“Raquel logic” in animation
L.C.922, who was facing an unprecedented crisis. Coming into the human world Sept PIA, seeking a genie who suffered the defeat after the conclusion of the myth world tetraheven 100 years war, New Haven. Will force to defend the town and its people by the Government, though young Logica list belonging to shoulder the fate world Messenger (foreigner) against the city police specialty institutions ALCA (Arca), he/she wants to do mission, by special ability and goddesses of the world unite (transformers), and we invest themselves on the battlefield.

Civilians but missing the “logic” lived a happy life with my family & sword beauty (good) parent (Chika) hard to evacuate the people attacked by a genie, in the beautiful goddess Athena and meets. She had been in the hands of art parents lost Taha regardless of “logic” was. And we are led into an unexpected fate along with the Athena beauty parents. Logica rest a young “luck (rack)” and “logic (logic), the entrusted the future of the world ─ ─.

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