Birth of “Virtual Akihabara”! Reproduce Akihabara in virtual space at ComicVket1, a virtual event specializing in comics held from August 13th to 16th


HIKKY Co., Ltd. will hold a doujinshi sale event "ComicVket 1" (ComicBucket 1) in a virtual reality (VR) space for four days from Thursday, August 13th to Sunday, August 16th, 2020. I will do it. "Virtual Akihabara" will be unveiled as the venue for the first time.

*Details on the simultaneous doujin music sale event "Music Vket 1" (Music Bucket 1) will be announced later.

[The venue is "Virtual Akihabara"]
The stage of "ComicVket1" is "Virtual Akihabara" which reproduces the town of Akihabara. Even at Corona, you can enjoy events and window shopping while staying at home by visiting Akihabara, the world's cultural capital.

(Virtual Akihabara (Under construction))

While many doujinshi events were cancelled, based on 3D city model data of Zenrin Co., Ltd., which researches, produces and sells map information in order to hold a virtual doujinshi sale event in Akihabara, the source of the content. , Akihabara cityscape was created.

(Virtual Akihabara (Under construction))
In the city of "Virtual Akihabara," 60 restaurants and electronics retail stores that actually exist in Akihabara will be lined up, and services such as store introduction and shopping coupon distribution will be implemented. Even in situations where it is difficult to go out due to the influence of the new coronavirus, customers can continue to have contact with stores in the real world through the virtual space.

[What is ComicVket]
ComicVket is a coterie magazine sale event on virtual space. While visiting each booth, you can buy fanzines and interact with each other. It is possible to visit not only VR devices but also smartphones and PCs. The feature is that even people who have never touched VR can participate easily. You can buy works in the form of "electronic book download sale" or "paper book mail order". A mechanism to view sample magazines at each booth and fly to the sales site to purchase the one you like. From April 10th to 12th, 2020, a "ComicVket 0" was held as a test, with a total of about 25,000 people participating.

(ComicVket1 main visual)

As in the actual doujinshi sale event, you can stand in the booth to serve customers, and participants can interact with each other via voice chat. There are also spots for taking pictures inside the venue, where you can enjoy a commemorative photo.

(The previous ComicVlet0 venue, this time at Virtual Akihabara)

[ComicVket1 382 circles, 60 companies]
In this "Comic Vket1", you can enjoy shopping and attractions with 382 circle general exhibition booths and 60 exhibitor booths. In the center of town, Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. will run a "ComicVket Official Shop by MEET MY GOODS" booth.
At the "MEET MY GOODS" booth, we will introduce goods such as T-shirts, mugs, and Primagraphy®* printed with the works of creators participating in ComicVket. Also, the ComicVket logo can be put on the design of the goods, and visitors can purchase from the sales site as if they were window shopping.

*) “Primagraphy®”: A registered trademark of Toppan Printing, which is a generic term for high-quality digital art prints that combine the techniques of Giclee printing and Toppan color management.

In addition, Japan HP Co., Ltd., Zenrin Co., Ltd., Don Quijote Co., Ltd., Melon Books Co., Ltd., Toranoana Co., Ltd., Tsuya Co., Ltd., TSUKUMO, Kaiten Books LLC, Mokuri Project, and AKIBA Tourism Consultation Co., Ltd. With the cooperation of the association, many people who have shops in the actual town of Akihabara, such as maid cafes, restaurants, consumer electronics mass retailers, companies, etc. who have called out to us, are also participating.

Akihabara Caligari, Smiley Crepe Akihabara Store, JT STUDIO akihabara, Dospara, AKIHABARA JAPAN, Japanese Style.Cafe AKIBA, Japanese Chaya Musume, Rougetsukan, New Generation Wallpaper Research Institute, ACOS, Premium Anime Shop Rashinban, AKIHABARA Gamers Main Store, Assist Akihabara Store , Akiba.TV / Akiba Deep Travel, K-BOOKS, Shosen Book Tower, Morino Suzune, Yokohama Family Ramen Ikakuya, 1st PLACE, Daruma no Meme, Teppan Kingdom, Passionate Dondon, Keigo Inouye, Meat Sushi , DLsite, Card Kingdom Online Shop, Jungle Akihabara Store, Yo-Yo Shop Spin Gear, Active AKIBA Batting Center, Virtual Athome Cafe, Akiba Palette Town, Rigild Akihabara Store, Maidreamin, Akihabara Maid Cafe CandyLand, Melt Asleep, Rabbit Lovers Café, PC Shop Ark, Voice actor egg, Ci-en, Hey, Gift shop The Akiba
Tuccano Grill Akihabara, CosFit, Tonkotsu Ramen Hakata Furyu, CARDMAX, Alba Curry, LILIAN PLIAN, Robot Robot, Karls Junior Akihabara Chuodori Restaurant

[Event Summary]
◆Schedule: 4 days from 11:00 on Thursday, August 13th to 23:00 on Sunday, August 16th, 2020
◆Exhibition circle: 382 circles
◆Exhibitors: 60 companies
◆Sales method: Electronic book download sale or mail order of paper books
◆Others: Works of all ages only
*In the case of secondary creations, exhibit at your own risk according to the rules, guidelines, statements, etc. regarding secondary creations of the organization or individual who owns the intellectual property right of the original creation.・Please distribute.
◆ Official HP:
◆Official Twitter:

【way to participate】
To participate in an event in the VR space, use a service called "VR platform".
With ComicVket, you can choose your favorite platform from multiple ones according to the purpose of the participants and the equipment you own.

Please check the ComicVket website for the characteristics of each venue and how to participate.
[Inquiries about ComicVket and MusicVket]

[About HIKKY Co., Ltd. (common name: VR corporation HIKKY)]
HIKKY is a "VR corporation" aiming to increase the opportunities for creators who are engaged in creative activities in the social VR field. It was established with the aim of developing the industry and discovering and nurturing creators, with members of the creators of attention who are leading the entertainment VR world as members. Going forward, we will continue to lead the creation of a "new culture" and "economic zone" in the VR space as a global company originating from Japan, while giving top priority to the existence of creators.

Representative: Yasushi Funakoshi
Headquarters: 2F, Ebisu ST Building, 3-4-2, Higashi 3-chome, Shibuya-ku, 150-0011, Japan
Established: May 1, 2018

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