[Yakiniku×D2C] To enjoy the “ultimate Wagyu experience” at home, the yakiniku restaurant “Beef Master” delivers “A5 Wagyu Yakiniku Set” to customers through its EC site. The project “will start.


A new challenge for the 25th year since the establishment of a high-class yakiniku beef master, D2C, which is the "Yakiniku experience"

Under the concept of "enjoy the original taste of A5 rank Japanese black beef with yakiniku," the beef master, Co., Ltd., can't enjoy yakiniku at the store, so it is because "beef master's yakiniku is at home. We will strengthen the sale (D2C) of our "Home cows" set on our own site, which is ideal as a gift for loved ones.

Even if you can't eat yakiniku at the shop due to the new coronavirus, we received a lot of voices from customers saying, "I would like to enjoy the beef master's yakiniku at home." With the same feeling of "I want to give", the beef master, "Beef at home," enables the master beef master to experience "A5 Wagyu's original taste with yakiniku" at home. We have started selling (D2C) on our own site of "Tatsu" set.

  • "Home cow project"
  • "Beef cows" set on our site so that you can fully enjoy the beef master's concept, "Be grateful for the life of the cow and taste the original taste of A5 Japanese beef with rock salt", at home We have made it possible to purchase.
    With EC, customers who live far away or who have had difficulty visiting the store can now enjoy the wagyu experience of beef masters at home. Because we stick to the concept, we would like to build a two-way relationship with our customers by promoting D2C more than ever.
    It is the mission of the "Home cow beef project" to let more customers all over Japan know cow masters and add color to everyday life through a premium Japanese beef experience.

  • Restaurant × D2C
  • At restaurants, the user experience prior to the new coronavirus seems to have been an "in-store" experience. Through experiences inside the store, such as “delicious food,” “hearty customer service,” and “calm space,” you can convey the store's thoughts and concepts, and there is a CRM that accompanies it, and you can communicate with customers. I think it was a form of maintaining a relationship.
    With the new coronavirus, the number of brand touch points with customers "out of the store" such as takeout and delivery increased, and the user experience at restaurants increased and the consistency of the brand experience became even more important. Under such circumstances, the importance of D2C (Direct to Consumer), a restaurant, is increasing, not just by mail-ordering, but by "delivering the brand experience directly to customers and building a two-way relationship". ..
    Due to the intangibility and simultaneity of its services, restaurants have been perceived as a difficult hurdle for digital initiatives such as OtoO (Onlime to Offline). The yakiniku beef master will tackle the new challenge as a restaurant, including CRM, to have customers enjoy the "ultimate premium yakiniku" at home in the form of D2C.

  • Product details of "Beef at home"
  • All the products sold on our company's website use the meat that we offer at the shop, so we will place the order and then purchase and ship it, so the quality is the same as the shop. We are maintaining.
    Also, in order for more customers to enjoy the "ultimate Wagyu experience", we offer "free shipping" anywhere in the country.

    ■A5 Wagyu beef rare part 4 kinds 500g
    Parts: Harami, Tomo Triangle, Core, Kamenoko
    Amount: 6,000 yen (tax included)
    free shipping
    Contents: Using Japanese black beef from Kagoshima. It is a set of 4 types of roasted meat: Harami, Tomo triangular, core, and Kamenoko that strongly taste the taste and flavor of meat.
    A set of secret powder and Himalayan rock salt is included.

    *If you would like to add your work, you can enter your name for free.
    *We will prepare gift wrapping for +500 yen.

    A5 Wagyu steak 4 types set

    ■A5 Wagyu beef steak set (with gift wrapping)
    Parts: Zabuton, Capsicum, Shoulder triangle, Rib core (50g each)
    Price: 5,500 yen (tax included)
    free shipping
    Contents: It is a set of 4 kinds of steak with zabton, capsicum, triangular shoulder, and rib core.
    Each set is 50g, 200g in total.
    A set of secret powder and Himalayan rock salt is included.

    *Gift wrapping is included free of charge.
    *If you would like to add your work, you can enter your name for free.

    Roast beef block

    ■ Roast beef block 400g (*with gift wrapping)
    Amount: 5,000 yen (tax included)
    free shipping
    Contents: Roast beef that you can feel the taste of meat with [low temperature cooking].
    It can also be used as a sandwich for a special dinner on an anniversary.
    Please enjoy with your favorite cut.
    A set of secret powder and a special sauce is included.

    *We offer free gift wrapping.

    Extreme Wagyu Hormone

    ■ Extreme Wagyu Hormone 2 Pack Set
    Price: 2,980 yen (tax included)
    free shipping
    Contents: The very popular Wagyu beef hormone is a special price!
    We will deliver it in a very satisfying 150g × 2 pack.
    It is the best dish for sake and side dishes of sake.
    Comes with a secret sauce.

    *If you would like to add your work, you can enter your name for free.
    *We will prepare gift wrapping for +500 yen.

    For other products, please check our online shopping website.
    All shipping costs are free, regardless of price.

    ・Video of cows at home

  • "Meat relay that connects feelings"
  • In the "Home cows" D2C project, the cow master has the theme of "# Meat relay".
    Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, many people were forced to stay at home such as remote work, and the opportunity to meet important people such as their families, lovers, friends, etc. decreased dramatically. In addition, I feel that it has become difficult for me to meet with my colleagues and bosses, who have always existed in my daily lives, and communication with each other is weakening.
    In such a situation, "I would like you to convey "Thank you" everyday as a gift even if you can not meet. If you could convey that "feeling" with "meat" like a cow master, the person who was surely sent would From the idea that we will be pleased," the theme "# Meat relay" was created. It is also possible to put an address on "Noshi" on the product.
    The beef master's "Beef at home" set will be sent to your important one next day with a "thank you beef" set as a gift, with thanks to everyone, "# Meat It is our hope that a "relay" will be held and the world will be lightened by the power of yakiniku.

  • 25 years since the establishment of "Beef Master", "Feelings" that have not changed
  • Akihabara store inside photo

    Commitment 1: Yakiniku experience to eat with "rock salt"
    To enjoy the original taste of meat, eat it with "rock salt" instead of "sauce". The taste of each part of the original Japanese beef, the sweetness of fat and the high-quality taste of red meat make you feel the Himalayan meat. We are looking forward to seeing you with our salt plate. This is a "new sense yakiniku" advocated by a beef master, where you can enjoy carefully selected yakiniku with wine and cheese.

    Discerning 2: Discerning ingredients and wine pairing
    Many of the cow masters are masters of food. Beef is directly connected to the meat producer, seafood is the director of the Tsukiji association, cheese is the director of the cheese association, and wine is supported by professionals on the road, including senior sommeliers who are exclusive to the three famous importers. I will.

    Commitment 3: Carefully selected purchasing routes
    The predecessor, who worked for a major meat industry trading company for over 40 years, procures only the highest quality meat in a stable manner, as it procures it through its own direct route by establishing a strong relationship of trust with each side of the meat industry. You can

  • Overview of "Master of Cows"
  • ■Beef master store list (4 stores in total)
    ・Shinjuku Main Store
    ・Akihabara store [completely private room]
    ・Private Shinjuku Main Store [Completely private room]
    ・Private Nishi Shinjuku store [completely private room]

    ■Company profile
    Trade name: Master of beef
    Representative: Naoto Horie, President
    Location: Shinjuku JEC Building 4F, 7-22-43 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0023
    Established: November 2011
    Business :Operation of yakiniku restaurant
    Capital: 15 million yen
    Home page: https://beefpro.jp/
    Mail order site: https://beefpro.stores.jp/