[# salmon roe is a drink] Unlimited amount 60 minutes 500 yen! It will be held from 29 stores directly operated by TKS for a limited time for one month from today!


Unlimited spending on your favorite dishes! It is also fun to find "unexpected delicious combinations" such as salmon roe x ice cream.

TKS Co., Ltd., which mainly operates restaurants in Tokyo centering on the sushi restaurant “Magurojin”, the popular izakaya “Nadeya”, and the Okinawan restaurant “Nankuruunasa” With the theme of "!", an event of "Ikukake unlimited (all-you-can-eat) 60 minutes 500 yen" will be held at 29 directly managed stores for a period of one month from August 8th, the first day of consecutive holidays.

Since its founding in 1991, TKS Co., Ltd. has been a "community-based restaurant" for nearly 30 years and has been favored by many people and has continued to operate restaurants. Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, there is no change in that KS is in a very difficult situation.
However, even in such a situation, based on the concept of "Aiming to be a store loved by people in the city," we would like local customers to come back to the store as much as possible, and say "I want to regain my daily life as an izakaya." We planned an "Ikukake unlimited 60-minute event" to bring smiles to everyone.

  • "Ikukake unlimited" event overview
  • Salmon roe & soup stock

    Schedule: August 8, 2020 (Saturday)-September 8, 2020 (Tuesday)
    Price: 500 yen per person (excluding tax)
    *Free for preschool children.
    ■ Implementation rules
    ① Participation by all group members is mandatory.
    ② 60 minutes all-you-can-eat.
    ③We do not ask for the last order
    * It will end automatically after 60 minutes.
    ④ We will serve 50 g per person for the first time with one plate.
    ⑤Additional amount will be served in small bowls (50g per person) when the table runs out.
    ⑥ One drink per person is mandatory.
    *There is no problem with soft drinks. (No water)

    *Please note that if the amount of stock in the store is exhausted, it cannot be implemented on that day.

  • Stores offering "How much you want"
  • The "Ikake unlimited 60 minutes" event will be held at the following 29 TS stores.


    ◎Nankul Naisa
    Nukuru Naisa Kyobashi / Nakuru Naisa Morishita
    Nakuru Naisa Saitama Shintoshin Store
    Nukuru Naisa Kasumigaseki / Nakuru Naisa Jimbocho
    Nakuru Naisa Marunouchi OAZO Store
    ◎Marukami Fisheries
    Marukami Fisheries Shinjuku Store / Marukami Fisheries Yoyogi Uehara Store
    Markami Shokudo Dockyard
    ◎ Why
    Why, Odaiba store / popular bar, why, Toyosu store
    Why, Karasuyama store / Why, Sohon main store Kanda store
    Why, Shimotakaido store (until August 30)
    ◎Sushi bar tuna people
    Sushi Bar Tuna Kokubunji / Sushi Bar Tuna Soushigaya Okura
    Sushi bar Tunajin Sakurajosui store (until 9/6)
    ◎ Tuna people
    Tuna people Akihabara store / Tuna people Komae store / Tuna people Kichijoji store
    Tuna people Tachikawa store / Tuna people Betsuan Nihonbashi store / Tuna people Kichijoji north store
    Kitezushi Shimotakaido store (until August 30)
    ◎Other business formats
    Kite, Kite Mitaka store / neatly Seiseki Sakuragaoka store / Asian restaurant KUU Minatomirai store
    Ajino Department Store MARUKAMI Musashi-Kosugi Store / Dosanko Bar Morimachi Shigezo Yaesu Store

    Above, it will be held at 29 stores.
    * Of the directly managed stores, the “Nankuru Naisa Masaya Tachikawa” and “CONA Bubaigawara” stores have not been implemented.
    *Outsourced stores are not implemented.

    Please check the website below for store details.
    Home page: http://www.tksgroup.jp/

  • "Ikukake unlimited" recommended matching menu
  • In this "all you can do" event, you can enjoy matching your favorite menu as much as you like for 60 minutes.
    Below, we will show you how to match the recommended salmon roe in the "Sushi Bar Tunajin" menu.

    Salmon roe & seafood salad

    ■ Exciting! Fisherman-style seafood salad
    780 yen (excluding tax)
    The salmon roe salad goes well with any salad, but it goes well with seafood salad. Spend luxury and enjoy matching fresh seafood with vegetables.

    Salmon roe & soup stock

    ■ Sushi roll soup roll egg
    380 yen (excluding tax)
    Fish and chicken eggs! If you put the salmon roe on top of the fluffy soup stock egg, the reel will definitely look good. The combination of flavors matches the sweetness of egg and salty salmon roe to create an exquisite combination.

    Salmon roe & salmon

    ■Grilled salmon
    500 yen (excluding tax)
    This is a luxury parent and child sushi! 3 pieces of avocado salmon etc.
    A combination of a parent and child who actively spoils salmon on a salmon grip. Enjoy an unmistakable combination of salmon sushi and salmon roe.

    Salmon roe & rice

    ■ Rice (small size)
    100 yen (excluding tax)
    After all, the combination of rice and how much (Ikura bowl) is the best combination. You can have a large serving, of course, but be careful not to fill your stomach with rice.

    Salmon roe & melon sherbet

    ■ Melon sorbet
    200 yen (tax included)
    It's a combination of how much melon and melon sorbet, but when I put it in my mouth, the saltiness of salmon roe complemented the sweetness of melon sorbet, like the "ham melon", and the mashed texture of salmon roe was moisturized. It melts into the sherbet and has an exquisite taste.
    It is a matching that you definitely want to try.

    *All of the above menus are for the sushi bar Tunajin.
    Please note that the menus and prices of other stores are different.
    There are many menus that match "How much" in every business format, so
    Please enjoy the original combination.

  • Established "TKS" for 29 years, "Focus" unchanged
  • Under the concept of "Aiming to be a store loved by people in the city," we have continued to build stores that are close to the area for 29 years. KS's aim is to create a shop that is always comfortable and full of laughter. No matter how the times have changed, our thoughts since our founding: "Warm and relieved. We want to provide a safe and cozy place to gather".

    Another thing TKS is particular about is "cooking" and its "ingredients."
    Prefectures, cities and regions… We cooperate with people involved in production and the government to support regional development and revitalization through the food and drink business. From Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa in the south, we not only purchase ingredients from the producers, but we also ask for training. Accurately know the local environment in which the ingredients are produced, and experience fishing and farming to learn how hard and rewarding the producers are to work. Employees who practice will change the politeness of handling meat, fish, vegetables, and the quality of cooking explanations to customers.

  • Measures against the new coronavirus
  • We will take all possible measures to prevent new coronaviruses, put the customer's safety first, and avoid exhaustion of ventilation, etc., and thoroughly manage the physical condition of employees. I think.
    We hope that this event will trigger as many customers and families as possible to become fans of TKS, and to work together to enliven the food and beverage industry.
    Thank you for your cooperation.

  • An event to win a travel ticket of 100,000 yen will be held at the same time
  • We hold an event where you can win wonderful products by lottery from 24 members of shop subscribe at KS 24 stores.
    21 customers will be selected by lottery from the customers who are subscription members of 24 directly operated stores operated by TKS Co., Ltd. by September 30th.

    ■ Product
    ・Prize A: JTB travel ticket 100,000 yen (no time limit) per person
    ・Prize B: Free all-you-can-drink ticket for 1 year 10 people
    ・Prize C: Orion beer 1 case (24 bottles) 10 people
    *By September 30, if you are a "subscribing member" of one of the 24 stores, you will automatically get the lottery rights.
    * Rather than each store, we will draw lots from all members of the store.

  • We are also conducting crowdfunding
  • ​We are conducting crowdfunding at the campfire.

    Due to the effects of the new coronavirus infectious disease, it continues to be difficult for customers to go to an izakaya, but customers who have patronized us till now, employees who are sweating every day, everyday care We will carry out the project together with our trading partners who are smiling to celebrate the 30th anniversary with a smile.
    Below is the project URL.

  • KS Co., Ltd. Overview
  • ■Company profile
    Trade name: KS Co., Ltd.
    Representative: Representative Director Koji Saito
    Location: 3F, Marukami Building, 3-41-5 Matsubara, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 156-0043, Japan
    Established: October 1991
    Business : Operation of restaurants
    Capital: 10 million yen
    Home page: http://www.tksgroup.jp/