5/5 Cafe dining “mangocha-cha” of the first opened in Akihabara! Limited menu and Taiwan beer unlimited free campaign

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Headquartered in Taiwan mango sweets shop “mangocha-cha” (Japan store operations: Sedona global co., Ltd., location: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President & CEO: Michiko Miyashita) is opend to Akihabara 5/5/2016 fall “Mango ChaCha CAFE &DINING Akihabara” as first Cafe dining.

“Mangocha-cha” official Web site: http://mangochacha.jp/

“Mangocha-cha” is Taipei Michelin more of Taiwan’s popular mango sweets shop is you can eat throughout the year’s finest Apple mango has won the award. In Japan, we have lands in Harajuku in 2014.

Mango ChaCha CAFE &DINING akiha Hara store, to open this is Mango’s famous poker offers also original snacks ice and character as well as rich night wine and Beer cocktails, such as alignment, was drinking. In addition, Poker ice-cocktail sauce Takaki ice bar equipped.

♦ find a restaurant menu
○ home-made hand-made machine (350 yen w/tax)
This is a machine of three species of cinnamon wind of one by making top pastry chef, caramel and banana, sweet potato and the tomato and mozzarella.

○ Akihabara noted product ex-girlfriend (1280 Yen w/tax)
“As good as delicious to eat him and shaved ice” in Akihabara noted product matched the original property name of ex-boyfriend ex-girlfriend, “stirred memories and she broke up with fun and tasty converted ice” is.
Fluffy mango Poker ice and milk is caramelized sweetened condensed milk, cornflakes and nuts sprinkled cute.

○ lunch limited volume plenty of pork square sauce bowls (980 yen including tax)
I like eggs into the grill is pork square sauce bowls. Set includes soup and Japanese pickles.

♦ Open campaign
As an open campaign, drinking Taiwan beer and mango beer during the period of 8 days from the 5/5 (only * slaying more than order targets) offers one hour free unlimited.

♦ original song well showing off!
Desire to boost Japan’s future, have the courage to want to live how they sell on akiha Hara shop Limited Edition CD with the original song by mangocha-Cha staff (Miyashita representative lyricist / producer), made two songs.
Also will showcase the original song in “Mango ChaCha CAFE &DINING Akihabara” 16: from 5/5 (Thu & public holidays).
Is going to the mangocha-Cha staff during office hours for weekends and holidays once sing and dance (time change is. More shops).

* Original song CD track listings
-Cha Cha girl fall in love
It is a cheerful vibe drew girls songs.
And love is changed to
It is a song, such as appealing to the emotions the right song.

Outline of new
Store name: Mango ChaCha CAFE &DINING Akihabara branch
Location: 4-4-3 Kanda sotokanda Chiyoda, Tokyo Ogiso Bldg. 6f
Holiday: all year round
Opening hours: 11:00~23:00(LO.22:30)