[World’s No. 1 specialty beef cutlet shop “Kyoto Katsu beef”] Red meat? Sashi? Tan? New menu to raise the standard of beef cutlet that enjoys a particular piece of meat more carefully The industry’s first “selectable beef cutlet” birth!


Became a "Japanese food representative" who can pass "Kyu-katsu-GYUKATSU-" to the world.
Launched on April 23, 2019 (Tuesday)
Special site: https://gyukatsu-kyotokatsugyu.com

Golip Co., Ltd., which develops a number of restaurants in Japan and overseas such as “Aged beef steak Barrocchi beef” and “Meat is delicious Cafe NICK STOCK,” uses beef cutlet as a new Japanese food standard “Japanese food representative” at home and abroad. In order to re-acknowledge it, we will start offering ※ 2 from April 23, 2019 (Tuesday) on April 23, 2019.
“Kyoto Katsuyu” was founded in Kyoto in 2014, and now has 52 stores in Japan, 17 stores in Korea and 17 stores worldwide, with a total of 71 stores in total, with sales / number of stores in Japan. / The world's best beef cutlet specialty store. Since its establishment, in pursuit of high quality food and careful cooking, we have continued to stick to "real beef cutlet".
In recent years, with the increase in inbound demand and the booming Japanese food abroad, the recognition of beef cutlet has been improved at home and abroad, following “Sushi-SUSHI-”, “Tempura-TEMPURA-”, “ramen-RAMEN-” etc. We are expanding our recognition as a “Japanese beef representative“ Gyuukasu- ”.
Kyoto Katsu beef, which develops as Japan's No. 1 & World's No. 1 specialty beef cutlet, will further develop the beef cut and aim to create a new standard as a "full-scale beef cut" and is the first in the industry * 1 , We will start offering a new authentic menu "Selectable beef cutlet" that allows you to "select from the part" like beef grilled beef cutlet material. You can choose from 5 parts of "Ribloose", "Loss (Haneshita)", "Tan", "Hinre" and "Uchimomo (Kuroge Wagyu)", and more than 5 kinds of seasonings, including soy sauce, yam salt and Kyoto curry juice. You can combine the tastes you like and customize them to your own taste.
In addition, in order to respond to increasing inbound demand as well as Japanese customers, we will introduce an automatic translator to promote English-language response at 20 stores with a large number of inbound customers. In the future, we will develop services that flexibly respond to the needs of customers from overseas, with a view to halal support as well.
Kyoto Katsuyu will continue to develop and introduce new services that overturn the common sense of beef cutlet, expanding the recognition of “Gyukatsu-GYUKATSU-” at home and abroad as a “Japanese food representative”, and new to the beef cutlet industry In order to raise the standard, we will continue to develop thoroughly adhering to the taste and quality.

※ 1 In-house investigation ※ 2 Target stores: Shibuya Dogozaka Store / Shinjuku West Exit Store / Shinjuku Otakibashi Street Store / Ikebukuro East Entrance Store / Akihabara Store / Ekia Kitasenju Store / Harajuku Meiji Dori Store (not for some menus). The other stores will be released sequentially from May 8th.

■ "Heiji Last Special Event" held for the first year
We offer "rich white beef loin / original red, beef loin topped beef cutlet bowl" for "508 yen (+ tax)" of "GO! Reiwa" price!

In commemoration of the new menu offering start this time, as a special event on the last day of Heisei 20th April 2019 (Tuesday) which is the new menu offering start date limited, new menu “specialty white ・ beef rib loin in Shibuya Dougensaka store / A combination of original red and beef loin beef "cut-off beef" usually 1480 yen (+ tax) is limited to 100 meals. A campaign to provide "508 yen (+ tax)" for "GO!

Date and time: April 23 (Tuesday) 12:30 start
* Limited to 100 meals, will end as soon as it is gone.
* Regular business will be open from 17:00 on April 23 (Tuesday).
Target store: Kyoto Katsushi Shibuya Shibuya Dougensaka

■ Kyoto Katsu beef cut beef is a "full size piece of meat", so it can be eaten as medium rare

Kyoto Katsu beef believes that the best condition to eat beef cutlet is "Medium Rare", and is thoroughly sticking to "Full-fleshed meat" cut out from chunks. In order to enjoy in medium rare, high quality and freshness, a thorough management system to realize it is necessary, but one of the most important elements in dealing with beef is "temperature management". By keeping the temperature constant until just before offering to customers in the distribution process and store to the store, from the stocking, we deliver to the customer while maintaining the original taste of beef without missing the meat juice. Because it is a high quality "full-scale meat" that retains its freshness, you can enjoy it deliciously even in medium rare.

■ In high temperature, short-time cooking which was particular about "the taste of beef", it is crispy, medium rare beef cutlet

While Kyoto Katsu beef pursued the best beef cutlet, the golden ratio of "bread crumb × flour × egg solution" came to mind. In order to realize the quality and perfect balance of these three elements, we use all our own original materials. Therefore, it is not heavy because it is easy to run out of oil, and it can be fried in a short time, and it will shut up the meat juice and make it a juicy cut with the best look and taste.

【New menu "Selectable beef cutlet" ※ How to enjoy 3 ※
※ 3 will be available sequentially from April 23, 2019 (Tuesday). The target stores are Shibuya Dogozaka Store / Shinjuku West Exit Store / Shinjuku Kotakibashi Dori Branch / Ikebukuro East Exit Store / Akihabara Store / Ekia Kitasenju Store / Harajuku Meiji Dori Store (not for some menus). The other stores will be released sequentially from May 8th.

"Select from Step 1 part"
The beef cutlet, which was one of the rare parts "Haneshita" selected so far, can now be selected from five parts. If you want to try one part of your choice, or more parts, you can also order "Haiku" which can be ordered in half & half.
Specialty white ・ Rib roi (Rib eye roll)

A soft and juicy part where the sweetness of fat spreads in the mouth.
Kyoto Katsu beef's staple beef cutlet which can taste the original taste of beef fully.
※ half & half matchmaking OK

Original red red loin (Chuck tail)

The umami of beef was condensed
Use the rare site "Haneshita".
The original beef cutlet of Kyoto beef cutlet which tastes the taste of redness to the full extent.
※ half & half matchmaking OK

Filet (Tenderloin)

Low fat and high protein,
Red meat characterized by moist meat quality.
You can enjoy the soft and elegant taste.
※ half & half matchmaking OK


The comfortable texture unique to beef tongue
I was particular about thick cut so that I could fully enjoy it.
It is a gem that won't go away if you like tongues.
※ half & half matchmaking OK

Japanese Black Beef (Uchimomo) (WAGYU)

It is characterized by fine texture with texture that contains appropriate sashi.
The sweetness of Japanese beef unique fat,
You can taste the rich taste of beef.

StepStep 2 How to eat variously, 5 kinds of sauce and flavor to be combined freely》
"Kyoto Katsu beef beef cutlet bowl" filled with a lot of attention to ingredients pursues satisfaction to one meal and prepares five kinds of variation rich flavor and pickled whole in all. From soy sauce and curry with a special Japanese-style soup stock, curry and eggs, beef cutlet sauce in which the taste of vegetables has been mixed in, yam salt, etc., enjoy the combination of your own taste from the prejudice and palatability that pulled over the compatibility with beef cutlet Please give me.

* Kyoto Katsu beef is free to use barley rice, red miso and cabbage. Please enjoy it until it is full.

StepStep 3 Make a twist on the kite. It is a victory cow style to stick to the last bite! 》

■ Half and half of "Samukui" Choose from parts and enjoy double
For those who want to enjoy eating at each part as well as enjoying only one kind of favorite part, we have also prepared “Saimori” * 4 that can combine two parts. For those who want to eat and compare more than 2 types, we also offer a luxurious “Rice with a beef cutlet glutinous rice bowl”, which is a combination of 4 types of specific parts.


Original red and beef loin cutlet bowl
Average 1380 yen (+ tax) large 1580 yen (+ tax)
If you enjoy the taste of red meat, the original "red" is recommended.
Using a rare part "Haneshita", it is a beef cutlet of Kyoto Katsu beef that has been sticking to ever since its establishment.

Famous white and beef Librous Skat
Normal 1280 yen (+ tax) large 1480 yen (+ tax)
If you enjoy the taste of fat, I definitely recommend "white".
Soft and juicy Kyoto Katsu beef staple beef cutlet.

Beef fillet cutlet Kyoto onion
1980 yen (+ tax)
Red meat characterized by low fat, high protein and moist meat.
You can enjoy the soft and elegant taste.

Beef cutlet green onion miso
1680 yen (+ tax)
I was careful about the thick cut so that I could enjoy the comfortable texture unique to beef tongue.
A must-have gift for tan lovers.

Kuroge Wagyu beef cutlet Kyoto onion
2480 yen (+ tax)
It is characterized by fine meat quality with appropriate sashi.
You can taste the sweetness of fat and the taste of thick beef.

[2 or more types of sour mochi * 4]

* 4 "Kuroge Wagyu beef katsudon onion" is not suitable.

■ In addition to cashless payment correspondence, we introduce automatic translator in inbound demand store 20 stores!
With the number of foreign visitors coming to Japan increasing day by day, the number of foreign tourists visiting Japan surpassed 30 million for the first time in December 2018, reaching a record high. Furthermore, the number of foreign tourists visiting Japan also reached 2,604,000 in February 2019, and the record high even in February single month has been recorded * 5. In addition, the government has set a goal of attracting 40 million people by 2020 and 60 million people by 2030, and is expected to increase further in the future.
In Kyoto Katsuyu, inbound customers from overseas are increasing every year, and in recent years, approximately 70% to 80% of foreigners are foreign tourists in some stores in Kyoto, Osaka, Tokyo and Fukuoka. Based on these backgrounds, Kyoto Katsuyu will introduce an automatic translator by the summer from April 23, 2019, starting with Shibuya, targeting 20 stores with large inbound demand. In the target stores, hall staff who are not confident in foreign languages will be able to respond to questions and inquiries from customers in English and other languages by providing automatic translators. By implementing this service, we will provide more detailed services to customers who do not understand Japanese, and will work to create an environment where you can enjoy your meals without stress.
※ 5 Source: Japan Tourism Board "visited foreign visitors (February 2019 estimate)" ※ 6 resolution at 2016 "sightseeing vision concept meeting to support Japan of tomorrow"

■ "Cook cutlet-GYUKATSU-" as "Japanese food representative".
  Accelerate overseas development as a leading company in the beef cutlet industry
In recent years, in response to the increase in inbound demand and the booming Japanese food abroad, the recognition of beef cutlet has been improved at home and abroad, and it has been considered as “Sushi-SUSHI-”, “Tempura-TEMPURA-”, “ramen-RAMEN-” etc. We are expanding our recognition as “Japanese beef representative – beef cutlet – GYUKATSU-”. The number of Japanese restaurants in overseas is approximately 117,000 in 2017, a 30% increase over two years ago (Source: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries) It has been pointed out that urban areas such as Singapore and Hong Kong have a tendency to become saturated, such as the decrease for two consecutive years (Source: JETRO). Under this environment, beef cutlet is popular not only in Japan but also in the background of rising inbound demand, especially from Asia, the US and Europe, and is widely popular among overseas customers as “Japanese food you want to eat in Japan” Is gaining
From now on, Kyoto Katsu beef will re-create "Gyukatsu-GYUKATSU-" as a new Japanese food standard "Japanese food representative" as "Sushi-SUSHI-", "Tempura-TEMPURA-" and "Ramen-RAMEN-". As a leading company in the beef cutlet industry, we will accelerate further overseas development, centering on Asia, in order to be recognized.
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