Start in Akihabara “chabara” special sales “Shiga hometown discount’


~ Delicious specialties of Shiga Prefecture’s 3 percent off the regular price! ~
Start in Akihabara “chabara” special sales “Shiga hometown discount’
< For a limited time (until february next year), omi beef, “mizukagami” and about 70 items for >

Shiga hometown discount, you can buy in the Shiga Prefecture you know Shiga food and its appeal to many in regular, 30% off special sales 2/2016 the end, are deployed in Akihabara “chabara” “Japan department store restaurant operator” of conduct in Shiga, Japan corners.

“MUSUBU SHIGA’s food” special sales takes place as part of the activities in the project will target about 70 items in Akihabara “chabara”.
Major products from Lake fish found in the Lake Biwa “mizukagami”, OMI beef meat is well known nationally popular, as well as the Shiga Prefecture has developed new rice “bismuth smoke” and classic “FUNA-sushi”, Shiga, vegetables, dressing, hieiyuba, etc. also available.

Shiga hometown discount special sales summary
Sales period until the end of the 2/2016 * exits at discount budget limit is reached.

Sales locations “Japan department store restaurant operator” Shiga Prefectural Government corner
(1 min walk from JR Akihabara Hara station electric town mouth “chabara’ in)
Official website:

[Target product] about 70 items (that target, home of discount displays. )

[Main products]
«Rice» “mizukagami” and “organic rice cultivation.
[OMI beef] [OMI beef dumplings”,”OMI beef (Shabu Shabu)
«Lake fish» “FUNA-sushi”, such as “bismuth smoke”, “natural clam”
«Tea» Japanese tea (PET bottles), see hojicha mandokoro”,” morning tea shrine ”
«And other processed agricultural products: “Yuba”, “near”, “dressing (Hino Haruna, Ibuki daikon, Chinese cabbage)”,
Yahei pepper (Spice chilli) “increments North Shou vegetables”,
“Amazake sake brewery”, “every Shima rice crackers”, “roasted jam”

About QOL Shiga
In Shiga Prefecture, public relations Division, as this year’s PR keyword “QOL Shiga-Yoshi come! Good eating! Go live! -“Set.
Even leading to Lake Biwa, Shiga Prefecture has rich natural and tourism resources, such as history, OMI rice, OMI beef such high-quality ingredients and culinary culture, promotes public relations activities Shiga “livability” and appeal to everyone in the country can identify with.